Cement -based penetration of crystal waterproof coatings

Execution standard:

GB 18445-2012

Product number:

C -type

Product Description:

Yulong Cement Base Infiltration Crystal Waterproof Coating is a classic rigid waterproof coating dedicated to the concrete grassroots. The active chemicals contained in them use water as a carrier. With the help of powerful osmotic effects, transmitted and filled the concrete pores and cracks. In the event of a materialized response, the wander -shaped crystals that were insoluble in water were formed, and the capillary channels were filled to make the crystal and concrete structures into a closed waterproof layer as a whole.

Product Features:


1. The scope of products is wide.

2. Non -toxic, environmentally friendly, and breathable.

3. High temperature resistance, freezing, no shrinkage, cracking.

4. In the case of water penetration crystals, it has a secondary resistance.


5. The coating is strong, and the subsequent project construction can be performed directly on it without a need for a protective layer.

6. Anti -chemical corrosion.

Scope of application:

Large concrete structures, such as basement, civil air defense engineering, floor, water tower, reservoir, etc. It can also be used for waterproof and moisture -proof, moisture -proof, toilets, kitchens and other walls and ground moisture -proof.

Construction steps:

(1) Base acceptance:

The base surface needs to be flat without structural defects, with high pressure resistance and folding strength, and there is no floating slurry, dust or pollutants.

(2) Base treatment:

Grass -roots drums, honeycomb holes, and cracks greater than 0.5 mm wide. It is necessary to use synthetic resin mortar or blocking royal pulp in advance. Detailed nodes such as yin and yang angles need to be processed in advance to arc or blunt angles, and then use flexible coatings to strengthen twice.

(3) Wet base surface:

Before construction, the base surface is fully moist (but there is no accumulated water).

(4) Stir in ingredients:

Slowly pour the powder into the supporting emulsion, stir with an electric mixer while pouring down, stir up for 3 to 5 minutes until it formed a uniform slurry of the powder -free ball. Essence Note: When stirring, the mixer should be placed at the bottom of the container. Do not do the improvement movement, so as not to wrap the slurry into the air.

(5) Paint a large area multiple times:


Cross -strokes are painted at least two layers. When one coating has been solidified, the next layer of construction can be performed after generating sufficient strength. After the slurry is adjusted within 1 hour, use it.

(6) Maintenance:

The coating of the outdoor construction in summer should be sprayed after 6 hours, and generally maintains 3 to 5 times per day. For conditions, it should be maintained with wet geo -in -the -gear or sacks, straw bags, etc. for maintenance. High -pressure spraying method can also be used.

(7) Water storage test:

After 72 hours of coating, water storage (rainstorm) test should be performed. Put the ground drain in the plastic bag full of sand, block dense or use professional blockage, and then inject 5 cm of water into the room to subdue the root and corner of the corner to ensure that the 24 -hour leakage is not leaked to the water storage. Observation of the tide seal on the lower floor of the room is qualified.


Clean up the debris and floating mud slurry on the base surface of the waterproof coating, and repair the base surface of severe uneven concrete. Eliminate the oil and debris on the waterproof surface of the cement base concrete structure, then wash it with water, and use the water to carry out the waterproof material on the wet surface. If the base surface is found to have a severe leakage, it should be constructed by the leakage material first, and then this material should be used to ensure the quality of the project. The dosage is 1.4-1.7kg/m2, and the thickness is 1.0mm (± 0.05mm) as the standard.



1. Add water strictly in accordance with the proportion specified in this manual. Do not add more, otherwise it will cause the consequences of coating powder and low strength.

2. It must be constructed on a humid base, but there must be no bright water.

3. Construction environment temperature: 5 ~ 35 ℃.

4. Summer construction should be avoided. In winter, anti -freezing measures are strictly prohibited when the construction and construction have been constructed.

5. After 24 hours of construction, sprinkler should be maintained for 2 to 3 days.

6. After tearing the packaging, it should be used in a short period of time. It should not be stored for a long time. The spray method must be used for the first maintenance.

7. Water storage test or tiles should be performed after the coating is dry for 72 hours. The low temperature period should be extended appropriately.

8. If you need to paste tiles on the waterproof coating, it is recommended to use tile glue or low label cement mortar.

Reference dosage:

Used for waterproof projects usually take about 1 ~ 1.7kg per square meter (paint twice).

Transportation and storage:

1. Non -dangerous goods in this product can be transported according to general items. On the way, it is necessary to prevent rain, strong freezing, and collision. Strict sun protection and freezing during storage. Put of powder should be saved to prevent moisture, and the liquid should be stored at the temperature above 5 ° C.


2. Under normal storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life of the product is one year from the date of production, and it should not be stored after packaging.

health and safety:

This product contains cement ingredients and has a stimulating effect on the skin. Dry dried powder should be avoided during construction. If necessary, please wear appropriate personal protective utensils, such as gloves, goggles, dust masks, etc. If this product is exposed to the skin and is washed with water purification; if you touch the eyes, rinse it with water immediately and seek medical care. Avoid eating by children by mistake.


Packaging specifications:

Net weight: 25kg/barrel.

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