Orange -yellow gemstone inventory, they are too beautiful, right?

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Recently, the cold wave strikes, and the whole country will have a different degree of cooling. The friends in the south of the world will call “I will be frozen and crying”! In such weather, the color of the color is like the sun, which seems to bring you warmth.

In nature, many gems have orange -yellow, which are filled with warm and youthful vitality.


Garnet & Fanta & Kitage Garway Attack

The warmth of Fanta Stone is from the inside and outside, because it is a garnet mineral. The refractive index of 1.810 makes it shining glass luster. In addition, the color of orange yellow makes Fenta show a bright and warm feeling.

Fanta Stone belongs to manganese aluminum g utensils in the garnet family. The common colors of manganese aluminum are red to orange-red, red to brown-red, rose red, light rose red. Garnet, “Fanta” garnet.


The simple understanding of Fanta is manganese -aluminum g utensils that reach the gem quality level; from the perspective of color, Fanta Stone is not brown, and the color level to the orange garnet of Vivid Orange.

Garnet family

The manganese aluminum was found in the 19880s, but due to the scarce production, it rarely appeared in jewelry at that time. Until the 1990s, people discovered a new large -scale mineral in Niba and Mozanbek. It tends to be popular, because of the bright orange, and is also loved by high -definition jewelry designers, it is the darling of the fashion industry.

When you have such a fenta, you can also refer to the designer’s work to create a “warm winter” accessory for yourself.


Cartier launched a new high -end jewelry product launched at the 2015 “Art Basel Miami” art exhibition, inspired by “beach at sunset” during the sunset “


Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Conquéêtes series


Harry Winston Herneston Winston Candy Advanced Jewelry Series 16.69 carat oval cutting garnet

Tiffany & CO Tiffany. 2017 Blue Book Advanced Jewelry Series “The Art of the Wild” Fanta Stone Studge

Cartier Cartier “étourdissant Cartier” advanced jewelry series Fanta Stone Ring

In addition to Fanta Stone, the orange gem in the garnet is also a type of cinnamon. It is a type of calcium aluminum. The color is usually brownish yellow and wine yellow. It is rumored that the color is also called “cinnamon stone” because it is like a cinnamon. Essence


Guiguang (Figure Source Network)


Emperor Topa Stone

Emperor Topa is a rare variety in Topa Stone. The mainstream view is that its color is between red and orange to orange -red, red pink and even Paparazon sapphire. Generally speaking, the more red the red, the higher the value.

The output of Emperor Topa Stone is very small, and it is insufficient to meet the needs of emerging markets. Ordinary consumers may know little about it. Despite this, because of high value, major luxury brands love the emperor Topa Stone. It is a jewelry made of the main stone. It comes with the aristocratic temperament and is not a “emperor” gemstone.

1810 embedded emperor Topa stone and diamond broom

Emperor Topa Diamond broom (Figure source network)

CHANEL Chanel Secrets-D’orients Advanced Jewelry Series by Chanel

Chaumet “Lueurs-D’-ORAGE” Emperor Topa Stone Ring by Chaumet



Sapphire is not all blue, it also has pink, green, purple, yellow and so on. Most of the yellow sapphire in the market go through heat treatment. Some yellow sapphires are colorful because they are colorful and unstable, and they will fade under natural conditions or artificial intervention.

Yellow sapphire fading experiment via: ssef

The natural sapphire before the fading experiment is golden yellow (above left). After a few days of placement in natural light conditions, it is light yellow (above). The color becomes a strong golden yellow (right above).

Among the yellow sapphires, the two special colors need to pay attention -golden silk pornographic, golden yellow, Guild Gem Lab will express the color gemstone that reaches the business name, and will be expressed in the report.


Tiffany color theory double stone ring main stone is a sapphire of different colors (Figure source network)

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Soleils yellow sapphire ring (Figure source network)

Chanel Les Blés de Chanel “Moisson d’ or “bracelet (Figure source network)


Golden Silk & “Golden Silk Yellow” sapphire (Tuyuan Network)

“Golden” sapphire & Chanel Moisson D ’or Platinum Earrings

The yellow sapphire has a glass luster. With a good cut, it is even more brilliant. In addition, it is mostly produced with large particles, so it is also an ideal high -definition main stone.



How can a yellow gemstone collection be less yellow diamond?

Yellow diamonds are one of the high yields in color diamonds, so the price of ordinary yellow diamonds in the market is not so expensive. The origin of yellow diamonds is widely distributed, and diamonds with dark yellow tones are mainly distributed in southern and central Africa.


Tiffany yellow diamond (Figure source network)

Yellow diamonds also contributed in film and television. In “Tiffany’s Breakfast”, a pillow -shaped Fancy Light Orange, VS1’s yellow diamonds participated with the goddess Audrey Hepburn.

The yellow diamond ring at the Expo (Figure source network)


Yellow diamonds can not only participate in film and television performances, but also are frequent guests of the auction and high -definition jewelry. Many rich yellow diamonds are made into luxurious and noble jewelry, which is even more beautiful.




The yellow varieties in the crystal are light yellow, positive yellow, orange yellow, golden, brownish yellow, etc., as a variety of gemstones with high cost performance, large -produced granules. possibility.

Yellow Crystal (Figure Source Network)

The main origin of the Yellow Book Sutra is Brazil, which is often accompanied by amethyst and crystal clusters. In addition, the yellow crystal can be made from heat treatment.


Golden emerald

Golden emerald is also one of the five gems in the world. Its color is usually light to medium yellow, yellow -green, yellow -green, gray -green, brown to yellow -brown, and very rare light blue.


Golden emeralds of various colors (picture source network)


In the GUILD color grading system, there is also a golden emerald, which refers to the part of the color level that reaches the “vivid Yellow*”.



Green pillar


Yellow green pillars are also called golden green pillars. The main colors are green, orange, yellow -brown, yellow -brown, golden, light lemon yellow

The English name HeliDor, derived from the Greek “sun”, indicates that the gem is dazzling as the sun.

Yellow green pillar stone

The color of the golden green stone is mainly caused by iron ions


Some golden green pillars also have cat eye effects.


Because of the golden color of the golden green, golden green stones are very popular with the jewelry brand. Chanel and Swiss Bernina have designed and produced jewelry with golden green pillar stone as the main stone.


Dazzling gold necklace, gold bracelet, by Chanel Chanel

The above two works come from Chanel, of which the necklace is inlaid with 32 oval -cut yellow green pillars, with a total weight of 111.18ct and embellished with round bright -cut diamonds.

The bracelet is inlaid with 15 oval -cut yellow green pillars, with a total weight of 31.65ct and embellished with a round bright -cut diamond.



The color range of tourmaline is very rich, so it is also called “rainbow gem”. Tourmaline also has a yellow variety. Among them, the bright yellow tourmaline is called golden silk yellow. This is a very rare tourmaline color.


The color of the golden bird yellow tourmaline can be from pale yellow to golden yellow. At present, the Guild Gem Lab can produce golden bird yellow tourmaline business terms. In addition, other tourmaline business names mainly include: (as shown in the table below, shown in the table below )



There are also yellow varieties of pearls. One is Nanyang Golden Pearl, and the other is Meilezhu.

On the evening of December 11th, Jacques Christophe Branellec, the executive vice president and CEO of the global Nanyang Golden Pearl Pioneer brand Jewelmer, is a guest of the Guild of the Guild of the Guild of Nanyang Golden Pearls. A full set of business logic.

Nanyang Jinzhu (picture source Jewelmer)


He mentioned that the color of pearls is related to the mother and shellfish. Silver lip shells produce white beads and golden lip shells produce gold beads. Because the golden lip shellfish is relatively rare, only one among 1,000 pearls at that time can produce The mother of the golden beads. This is a major discovery and turning point. In order to get more golden beads, Jewelmer started breeding more golden lip shells that can produce golden beads at the mother shell farm.

The color of Nanyang Jinzhu (picture source Jewelmer)


According to the statistics of Jewelmer in the past 40 years, golden lip shellfish only has a probability of only 30%-40%, producing thick gold pearls, a 10%-20%chance of producing white beads, a 50%chance of producing champagne, milk white and other colors Pearl.


Meilezhu is produced in Meile Conch. It does not have no pearl layer, with ceramic -like luster, and common clouds or flames on the surface. Colors are more yellow, orange, orange -red, beige, etc. In the collection market, orange tones similar to mature papaya are the most precious.


Meilezhu (Tuyuan Network)



Sai Huangjing


Sai Huangjing, English name Danburite, a calcium borosilicate gemstone discovered in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, has a charming yellow appearance. It is similar to Huang Yu or Huang Jing), so with the name “Sai Huangjing”.

Sai Huangjing (picture source IVY)


In addition to the more common color gems above are yellow, amber, vermiculite, sunstone, yellow emerald, Hetian yellow mouthmade, etc., do you like that yellow gem? Welcome to leave a message to discuss ~


Emperor Topa Stone


CHANEL Chanel Secrets-D’orients Advanced Jewelry Series by Chanel

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