Dig it to the treasure sanitary napkin, no silk sanitary napkin

Do you have such an experience: During my aunt, it is always bored; sometimes the sanitary napkin is slow, and the PP will take a rash ….. this is what we have chosen inappropriate sanitary napkins. At the time of my aunt, our skin is very fragile and sensitive. If the aunt’s towel is not easy, it will be uncomfortable. It may also cause allergies or even gynecological diseases. I have been trying to try all brands, I finally, I dug into this treasure sanitary napkin!

Since I started using MODAL BABY SKIN silk sanitary napkins, it seems to open the new world’s door, let’s feel it together ~


Makaron’s color, stamp the girl’s heart. The high-end minimalist style is designed, using gradient and convex brush technology, is good in hand, stylish single product!


This sanitary napkin is patented. The material of the pure natural mulberry silk and MODAL material innovation combination is not small. The surface looks very delicate, and it is very soft to soft. After reading the details, it is found that it is a very mild material, and everyone is familiar with silk mask, these silk products. The Modal material is a plant fiber, which is a special material for importing high-end underwear than hair. You can imagine the luxurious experience of high-end underwear, right, this sanitary napkin is that feeling.


The sanitary napkin is thin and comfortable. We continue to see the softness of this sanitary napkin, each is ultra-thin, each of which is integrally formed, not easy to deform curly and agglomeration, both soft and no deformation, so even Rest assured.


Because the material is used is high-grade silk and modal material, it has a good moisture absorbing heat dissipation performance, plus super breathable bottom film, double breathable can be perfectly discharged to the moisture and hot air, even in summer The skin is also very refreshing.


Not easily deformed

There is a little time to use this sanitary napkin, give me the biggest feeling is super soft, it is really no sense, I will forget that my aunt will come! There will be no feeling every time it is used, and there is no chicken acne on the PP. This assessment is the daily use, and the daily use has a three-dimensional suspension structure, which is very fit, not easy to leak. Everyone really can try MODAL BABY SKIN sanitary napkins, believe me, use it again and again.


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