Sweet and handsome, super free men’s shoes

Summer shoes are comfortable to wear, and you must wear a handsome sense of personality, so that you can go wherever you go. A pair of shoes can show my tide man look, such shoes are comfortable to wear.


1. British style Brock carved flowers

¥ 478.00

Langen 2016 new product Brock spring carved men’s shoes Yinglunfeng casual leather shoes black sole retro single shoes

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It can be business or casual. Brock carved is not only gorgeous and beautiful, but also reflects the practicality of breathable. Wherever you go, it is a gentleman’s temperament.


2. Vulgar British shoes


¥ 699.00

Lang Nai men’s shoes 2016 new spring and summer men’s Brock business casual leather shoes

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Fracked shoes are more elegant in British, wearing a leisurely summer style, and it is also a convenient lazy person to kick. It is free to wear.

3. Magic post Korean shoes

¥ 368.00

2016 summer new men’s and women’s casual shoes, Japanese and Korean comfort, canvas low -top shoes magic transparent airboard shoes

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The Korean version of the fashion style, with the convenient and beautiful magic stickers, reflects the trendy fashion style, and street campuses are suitable for playing tide.

4. Cool Roman slippers


¥ 158.00

Summer new Japanese fashion trend male personality cool drag fedes with woven and breathable Roman shoe beach sandals slippers

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Roman sandals with a personality, wearing unique fashion attitude, seemingly messy lines, is my unruly style. This is a fashion of young people.

5. breathable sneakers

¥ 328.00

Playboy Shoes Running Men’s Shoes Men’s Sports Casual Shoes Breath Men’s Net Shoes Summer Net Shoes Tide Shoes


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The overall is simple and concise, giving people the most comfortable generous sense, a large area of ​​breathable design, wearing particularly refreshing, ultra -light water, making both feet lighter.

6. Fashion network breathable shoes

¥ 298.00

Huahua Gongzi Summer White Shoes Brand Men’s Shoes Breathe Net Eye Sports Shoes Men’s Running Shoes YD Lightweight

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With the stripe design and pure background, the youthful and beautiful shape makes people vibrant, and the breathable mesh also allows the feet to breathe, a pair of practical and handsome shoes.

7. Lazy people step by step

¥ 366.00

Japanese classic couple tide brand Lefu Shoes Lazy Cotton Cotton and Maisha casual shoes, a kick of a kick, the autumn and winter bottom single shoe men


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The use of high -grade cotton and linen fabrics only give the most refreshing foot feeling. Although there is no too much decoration, the shape of itself reflects the fashion atmosphere, which is suitable for the campus to pull the wind.

8. Personalized thick -soled sandals

¥ 128.00

Korea IT Hong Kong Tsai Wind Korean Personal Student Student Student casual sandals men and women couples thick bottom anti -slip Roman beach shoes summer


宝 128.00 Taobao View details

The shape of reborn in Roman shoes is simple and atmospheric, but the feeling of street tide is also incorporated into it. It uses grain skin leather craftsmanship, which is durable and durable.

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