Rockway Titanium tactical outdoor waistband evaluation experience

The packaging style is a cylindrical gift box. This packaging can effectively avoid the damage and wear of the belt during transportation. At the same time, the packaging tube is printed with exquisite patterns and brand logo. The idle box when the belt is used can also be used as a pen holder and storage of some small items, which is really super practical.


Product introduction: This belt along the way was listed on the summer of 2015, mainly suitable for middle -aged and youth. The main body is woven with soft surface canvas, and the integrated buckle is made of luminous titanium titanium. The length of the belt is divided into four sizes of 105cm, 115cm, 125cm, and 135cm. The width is equal 3.8cm. You can choose the corresponding size according to your own waist circumference, each with four colors [military green] [wolf brown] [khaki] and [black]. You can choose a tailor -made feeling according to your waist circumference and preferences.

The belt I have experienced is the green of the L code army, and the military green gives a sense of solidity created by the military industry. The fresh colors are more eye -catching.

Let ’s take a look at the details of this belt. The belt buckle is made of integrated formation for titanium gold. The design is beautiful and the size is just right. The main material titanium has a stable chemical properties and excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that does not affect human plant nerves and taste, and does not respond to human blood and secretions. That is to say In the human body, allergies will never occur. This belt is undoubtedly not the gospel of people with allergies! Moreover, titanium is stronger and lighter than other metals, which greatly meets the requirements of lightweight outdoor equipment today. For metal, everyone must pay attention to its corrosion resistance, so please rest assured that it also has super corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can easily melt metal “Wang Shui” such as gold and silver. As high as 500 ° C. It can be said that it can withstand the wind and the sun, bubbles and baked, and it will perform very well in the outdoor trip.


The flat and rounding of the holes through the positive and negative sides can be seen, which greatly reduces the wear of the main material of the belt during the wearable process.


The main body of the belt is made of nylon material. The nylon material has high intensity, and the high -density and neat knitting method makes the belt’s subject more smooth and beautiful. The lock edge is better to achieve the wear -resistant effect of the waistband side. The lack of the tail angle design makes the belt easier and simple when the belt holes and belts are buckled through the pants.

When you see the black tail clip on the belt, not only the buckle can adjust the belt in both directions, but the last part of the growing part can be better combed with the tail clip. Not only is it convenient for the aesthetic guarantee of wearing, obsessive -compulsive disorder like me is absolutely not to stay outside!


After receiving it, I was curious to remove the belt to remove it. If I did n’t have the ability to do it, I can wear it by myself according to the instructions of the card. It is really scientific and simple. Essence A few buckle steps are below!


I can’t wait to put it on my experience. The biggest experience after wearing is that the wide and flat belt is really comfortable, and the versatile type looks streamlined and fashionable.

Now I do n’t let go of it, and let ’s take a look at the effect of the end buckle. The storage is neatly neat, and it seems that the whole person is standing!


A perfect experience, thanks to the opportunity of the equipment and the brand along the way to give me the fortune to meet such a great equipment. The cost -effective outdoor belt is worth starting!

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