Dubai Future Museum, take you “see the future”

Source: Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Recently, the Future Museum in the center of Dubai unveiled the mysterious veil, allowing people to look at the future from a realistic perspective.

The appearance of the museum has a unique sense of future. The hollow ring -shaped design is like an insight to understand the future eyes, and it is like a huge earrings that God forgotten on the earth. According to the museum designer, the entity ring of the building represents the known knowledge of human beings, and the blank in the middle represents the unknown field, so human beings can continue to look forward to the future and discover new possibilities. The museum is 77 meters high and covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters. On the surface, Arabic calligraphy is presented in a hollow way. These beautiful texts are based on the local leaders’ praise poems for Dubai’s future, and also implying the expectations of the Arab civilization revival. One of them is: “In the future, those who can imagine, design, and execute it.” These hollow texts are achieved by 1024 stainless steel panels through splicing and white. Each piece has a unique shape and arc. It is reported that only installation is installed only installation It took 18 months. On the opening day, the museum added a science fiction color to the gorgeous light show with a sense of science fiction.

Entering the museum lobby, it is also full of future sense of future. The museum is divided into 7 floors. It is not supported by a pillar. The wall surface echoes the outer wall. It is also decorated with a hollowed Arabic calligraphy. The machine dolphin, jellyfish and catfish flew around in the hall, making people mistakenly think that they came to the underwater world. In fact, these are bionic robots. The audience can take the sightseeing elevator like time and space shuttle to shuttle between various floors, and there are spiral steps next to the elevator. The entire museum’s visit takes about two to three hours, and the museum brings together innovative technologies such as energy, transportation, aerospace, and biology from various countries around the world. In the outer space exploration area, people can experience the simulation scene launched by spacecraft, and come to the “Cosmic Space Station” to experience the living astronaut’s life in space. In the ecosystem and the theme of biological engineering, through virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technology -driven interactive devices and multimedia technologies, the audience can “step into” the Yamam Sun Yulin, or you can watch the 2,400 kinds of animation and plant digital specimens in the museum …


Some of the technologies displayed in the museum have a sense of futuristic. For example, there are chips that can be implanted in the brain to read consciousness, and how to transform the moon into the earth into the earth’s renewable energy by 2071 … 2071 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Dubai. The museum also has a whole layer of specialized for children. Children can experience the future life scenes similar to video games here, and learn various popular science knowledge and scientific experiments. The purpose is to make these future leaders have innovative thinking and cope with the future Challenge. There are two halls in the museum, where various forums and seminars will be held here to discuss important scientific discoveries and development trends, and provide a global platform that can communicate ideas.

The external environment where the museum is located also contains Dubai’s understanding and expectations of the future. The museum is located on a green hill. The mountains are planted with trees and green plants, representing the green future of the green earth, which means the green future of the sustainable development of the earth. Correspondingly, the museum is powered by a solar power plant that can generate 4,000 MW power energy, which also makes it the first museum in Arabic to obtain the highest rating of global green buildings, that is, environmental energy and design leadership Platinum certification. There is a three -finger sculpture standing next to the museum. This is a gesture holding the thumb, index finger and middle finger, representing victory, love and success.

In the future, the museum connects two gallery bridges. Visitors can avoid the heat and enter the museum directly from the corridor. One of the 69 -meter -long bridges is directly connected to the famous landmark building -Dubai Twin Tower Hotel; the other 212 -meter gallery bridge can lead to the nearest subway station. The local government also called for visitors to choose the subway as the transportation of the future museum. Dubai’s self -driving subway also completed the dressing early, and the subway’s body sprayed the beautiful figure and welcome words of the future museum. In order to celebrate the opening of the museum, foreigners who arrived in Dubai on February 22, 2022 also stamped a seal with the ring -shaped logo of the Future Museum on their passports. The most beautiful building. (Wang Xiaoyan)

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