The 8 most famous food in the world, 2 truly derived from China, the fritters have become Spain’s favorite

We all like food, but do you know the real source of the well -known world food? For the source of food, we usually have a general concept, but you may be surprised that the source of those foods is not the same as you think. The following are the 8 most popular foods and sources in the world, they may make you question everything!


We think the source of donuts is: the United States (New York), but Greece is the birthplace of donuts

Essence Glum is also considered the oldest dessert, which can be traced back to the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. At that time, it presented the winner in the form of “token”. And American donuts brought them from Europe to New York by the Dutch settlers.

ice cream

We think the source of ice cream is: Italy.


Real ice cream origin: Mongolia.

The Italians are well -known worldwide with the quality of their ice cream and ice cream. You will think that they are indeed the inventor of this delicious dessert, but they will never think that the real origin of ice cream is Mongolia.

It is said that the Mongolian cavalry packed milk into a container and traveled through the Gobi Desert to fight, but in a very low temperature environment, the milk would become the earliest ice cream. With the expansion of the Mongolian Empire in the 19200, the popularity of this new ice milk/cream products has also increased. It is said that Marco Polo brought primitive ice cream back to Italy at the end of the 13th century.


We believe that the source of beef horn bread is: France.

But the real horn bread comes from: Austria.


Whether you eat the horn bread is salty or sweet, this delicious breakfast is actually created in Vienna, Austria. Many historians believe that this crescent snacks can be traced back to the bakery of the monastery, and baked as part of a pagan custom to celebrate the Easter.



Many foreigners think that the source of pasta is Italy. But sorry to say that you can’t snatch this title in Italy, and pasta comes from China.

It is said that noodles have become popular in Italy in the 13th century, and it is likely to be brought by European travelers. The earliest pasta was nomadic Arabs who brought those early pasta to Asia. However, the difference between Italian pasta and other pasta is that it uses hard wheat. Wheat has always been the main component of Chinese diet, and its history can be traced back to the 1st century BC. So it can be inferred that Italian pasta comes from China.

Swedish meatballs

We think the source of Swedish meatballs is: Sweden.

Swedish meatballs really come from: Turkey. (China’s meatballs have a history of hundreds of years)


Without the Swedish meatballs, will the trip to IKEA be the same? It is said that the Turkish recipe was brought to Scandinavia from the 18th century King Charles 12. Turkish meatballs are called Köfte. They are made of common ingredients such as beef and lamb and onion, eggs, bread dandruff and salt. Today, Swedish meatballs are usually based on pork.

Fried fish steak and fries


We think that the source of fish and fries is: Britain.

Real sources of fish and fries: Portugal.

If the British coastline is famous for one thing, it is fried fish and fries. It will be difficult for you to find a small town without this dish. Fish and fries have actually become a staple food for the British, so that during the Second World War, Winston Churchill only ate these, rarely eating side dishes. But hearing that fish and fries are not British at all, but what do you think of Portuguese.

Scottish egg


We believe that the source of Scottish eggs is: Britain (Scotland).

The real source of Scottish eggs is: India.

It is believed that this picnic’s favorite is inspiration from the dishes of Nargisi Kofta. But the dish was first mentioned in Indian culture in 500 BC. Nargisi KOFTA is made of cooked eggs, wrapped the eggs in the flesh of Wuxiang, and fried. A century later, the British brought it back to Britain when traveling through India and carried forward in the UK.



Many people abroad believe that the source of fritters is: Spain.

But the fritters really originate from: China.

Today, this Spanish churros has become the main food on the streets of Spain around the world, but they are actually not Spain but China.


The fritters, originally called “Fried Mo”. According to legend, in the Southern Song Dynasty, Qin Yue, who was traveled by the enemy, killed Yue Fei. The people were angry and designed this kind of fried cricket food. This “指” refers to Qin Yue.

By the 17th century, this kind of food was brought to Spain through Portugal, and the Spanish version of the fritters have now become Spain’s signs. But they are not the same as Chinese eating. Spain is eaten with chocolate sauce. Do you have no appetite when you listen?

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