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Capital has not given up the next “bubble mart” of the playing industry, and completed the “52toys” of the largest amount of financing this year in the near future. However, under the problem of falling in the body of the blind box, the exchange of IP agriculture and other industries, the capital and the market clearly hope that “52toys” tells a story different from the bubble Mart.

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Bubble Mart fell in the secondary market and did not affect the lively play of the game.

More and more “cross-border players” struggle into the game, named “TOP TOY”, in the second quarter of this year, reached 24 in the second quarter of this year; KK Group’s tide Play Shop X11 Opened China’s largest multi-game collection store, and also accelerated in the north.

And the new players’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm and VC investment have not rested. Recently, the virtual hand has completed millions of yuan angel round financing; the game brand Toycity also completed nearly 100 million yuan A + round financing in August this year.

Under the boom, the “old player” 52TOYS in the same period is also “the Buddha”. In recent, it completed the largest financing in this year, with a scale of 400 million yuan. Subsequently, “52TOYS opened 100 stores at the end of next year”, “Doing the first collection of toys”, “two years to list” news is followed.

According to 52TOYS, in the domestic tide market, the market sales share they accounted for second only to the bubble mart, and the industry is second. Its product is not well-known, exclusive agent IP canned pig Lulu series is a lot of young white-collarted office ornaments, with more than 72,600 payments on its Tmall flagship store. The number of crayons in the famous IP of the second creation of the four-creative IP is also loved by many players.

There is a unique “super living” series, combining bronzes with the tide, the market can be identified is not low.

However, due to the use of cooperative terminals in the future, there is no direct brand store, and the 52toys own brand is not known. The listing of the same level of the bubble mart is clearly given 52toys. At the end of 2020, 52TOYS opened the first brand direct door store.

The founder of 52TOYS is no longer low-key, and it is beginning to active before the stage, increase the frequency of AC with the media.

In Chen Wei’s office, a hundred pieces of toys, hand, model, and huge avatar models have been filled with his desk. On the showcase, there is a toy designer for a year. Works, also organic armor design of iron arm A Tongmu, and the world’s limited 500 Doraemon …

For the toy, for 52toys, Chen Wei has its own thinking.

“Every business has its own DNA”, “Let’s play toys, you have to make this thing.” Chen Wei told all-weather technology.

However, in the face of strong cross-border players, ambitious new and old players, market and capital can’t allow 52toys to slow down. And the industry’s test of 52toys has more, and the flip-driven fashion industry is in a fatime period. The freshness of consumers is being subjected to retreat, and IP aging is fast, and it is urgent to seek breakthroughs. All parties want 52toys to give better answers.

Founder of 52Toys Chen Wei

The following is a total of all-weather technology and 52toys founder Chen Wei’s conversation content:

01 “Slow half shot”, how do you catch up with your own?

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

All-weather technology: What kind of opportunity makes you created 52toys?

Chen Wei:

I used to be the agent and general sales of some of the Japanese toy brand. In 2003, I got the Chinese distributor of the Japan Wanges Toy Division, like the Saint Seiya, the One Piece, Naruto, Qi Longzhu and so on. IP.

After doing ten years, I feel that the agent, the distribution toy is a business that can make money, but it is not a business. Everything I have done is done for other brands, which is equivalent to helping them agents to go to China, then go to sales. Once my agent is canceled, then I have no interest in any value.

I have accumulated a lot of experience from them, know what the toy manufacturers around the world do, and know how to produce, operate, sell toys, so I want to use these experiences on their own brand, anyway, I have to do this morning and evening.

I started in 2012, I sold the company before sold. By 2015, I found 52toys today with the Three Kingdoms. We used two years to explore the direction, clarify the company’s positioning: 52TOYS should be a product brand, it has its own creative, product line, has its own product matrix, developers, interesting, competitive Product, this is our core competitiveness and our first goal.

All-weather technology: Your canned pig lulu, crayon Xiaoxin, etc. IP is more famous than 52toys, why? Many consumers may not know 52toys.

This has many reasons.

For consumers, they may have to buy products produced by the same brand, will gradually stay in my heart. This requires a process on the so-called consumer mind.

Second, we have to do our own original IP, such as a proxy machine cat, everyone remembers must be the machine cat itself, not 52toys. But our Box Transforming Mail series, or super living series products, you can think of 52toys this subject.

Box Transforming Machine Series

In addition, the most important thing is to do direct channels, which is why we have to open our own brand store. When consumers see our brand direct store in several ShoppingMall, they will have a deep impression of 52toys.

In the previous five or six years, we have been grinding your own products.

In terms of channels, we are divided into the following steps. Online part, we have been doing it, operate a platform called “Master”; in the lower part, we pass the cooperation terminal to the user. Because this is the fastest and lightest mode, you can see it in the partner’s brand shop, buy our products. We have more than 10,000 cooperation terminals at home and abroad, such as trend boutique, composite bookstore, theater, convenience store, etc.

Until the end of last year, we started to do brand direct stores, because I think some quality IP is to form a relatively rich product matrix, and there is a new speed on the high-frequency product, every month, weekly, Even every two days, some new products can go to the shelves, which has the strength of the store.

All-weather technology: How much is your SKU current? What level can I reach the new speed?

Chen Wei: 52toys

In the existing IP matrix, independent research and development IP accounts for 33%, and the copyright IP is 38%, and the artist cooperation IP accounts for 29%. The direct store also agents some of the products we feel good. You can form complementarity with our current products, but more than 80% are our own products.

I think most of the products in the direct store must be my own, this can call it a brand store, or it will become a brand collection store, becoming a channel brand, not product brand.

At least there are at least a few new products per week, and when we call the company name as “52toys”, it is also hopeful for 52 weeks a year, and there is a new product on the new product every week. It is now possible.

All-weather technology: Some of the stores in the game industry are very fast, and your direct store has just started, will this become your short board?

We have no direct brand stores before, so now it is on the short board. We have no non-retail machine before, and now it is still laid. Strengthening yourself too weak, is constant progress.

I don’t think there is no pressure, because this is not a supermarket, cinema, the products they sell, and the movies are almost. And our products are different, the most important thing is to be the same content. So others open the store slow, in fact, it is not too direct relationship with us.

The core competitiveness of this industry is the product, because in the end, it can reach the C-terminal user or the product, your product is not good, the store will open again, big, the decoration is beautiful, there is no actual value, just lively.

Our industry does not belong to the “channel as the king” industry, we have to win.

All-weather technology: The cost of investment in KCD is very high.


What is the current operating situation?

When there is a good product, the cost can actually live in COVER. Because you have developed in your own products, enough selling, it is still OK. Our current business stores can basically do over 10,000 per square meter.

02 products are king, but also IP is king

All-weather technology: The basis of the product is IP, it is the key to success?

First of all, there are two IPs: roles IP and content IP in the clear market.

The role IP is a designer has made an image. This image has no content. It uses the image directly to consumers, such as our cans Lulu, Panda Roll, Kimmy & Miki, and Bubble mart molly belong to the role IP. At present, the most typical, the most successful role IP representative is Hello Kitty, which has not taken an animation, and there is no comic, there is no movie, but everyone likes it.

This role IP has its advantages, and there is also a difficulty of hatching. The hardest place is to make an image from zero, how to let everyone know it, accept it, generate the idea of ​​buying it, it requires IP’s hatching and operation.

However, once this IP is incubated, all its values ​​belong to you, this is your own original IP. All walks of life are willing to cooperate with you. By working with your IP, you can help it sell more products. Your IP can bring added values ​​for it, this is the value of IP.

Disney princess, rice mouse, crayon short, machine cat these belong to content IP. They have comics, animations, all kinds of content to support IP. Their image has formed a wide range of cognitions within the world, no need to educate the market, this is its advantage.

But the difficulty is that it is well known for many years. Many of the world have made a variety of products according to its image. How can you use your creativity to make different products with others, but also let everyone accept This is the test of your creativity.

All-weather technology: How far is a classic well-known two-creative IP distance to explosive?

Our industry is not simple, not you draw a small man, do a three-dimensional, then you can sell it.

First we have to conduct secondary creation of this collaborative IP image. Before making a classic well-known IP, I must first understand which brands have been done in the world. How do they designed, before, now, what are you selling in the market, there may be Which is available. Because we have just been in its design phase, it is actually 6 ~ 9 months from the last product, so I have to be competitive after 6 to 9 months.

The second is the user portrait of IP, the Star Wars, Doraemon, Ottman, etc., their user portraits are different. We want to make a user portrait, think about what price, what form, what materials.

The third is that the design is approved by the copyright party;

The fourth should be combined with market, users, competition analysis, and pre-registration of the market sales of this product;

The fifth is to account for its cost, profit margin, which channels can be paved, where there is to reach the user;

How to do it, how to let consumers know this thing.

I have said it is already very thick, everything I have to do everything.

This is by no means to make an image, and it will be so beautiful in the north of the Yangtze River overnight.

All-weather technology: Can I get a classic content IP limited to the copyright owner?

It has a supervisory right to us within a certain range.

First of all, I can’t design the image of the personality, such as a princess, sitting in the nightclub, drinking the wine, drinking big, this is certainly not.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

We originally designed a toy of the Avengers, and the intentions are all peace. They have nothing to do, they are fat, and several people sit on the eaves of the headquarters building, the meats above the butt are sitting on the side, and there is a bit It is very fun to do it.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

But the west is not allowed to violate the image of their heroes, the hero can be cute, but it can’t be laugh.

The second is that our creativity needs to be different from others, or he will not approve it. Two brands are almost something, there are many troubles in the market, and finally become a fight price, grab customers, and the copyright party, there is no benefit of this image.

All-weather technology: How long can I have a long life cycle?

Chen Wei: Every generation has its own most popular IP, and some IP can pass several generations, like seven dragon balls, A Tongmu, Star Wars, machine cat this classic IP is more than one generation, Mount It was 80 years old, and the rice mice were 100 years old. There are a lot of content IP, consumers are still very high.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

Why is their life cycle so long? The first IP does create a classic, the second copyright party has been output through the continuous operation of IP through various contents, movies, movies, and comics. Another is that it uses many different product forms, such as toys, clothing, etc., with many different product forms, such as toys, clothing, etc. to help it carry the IP, which is still a continuous influence and maintains temperature.

All-weather technology: Take a big hot content IP, is the cost of spending is also very high?

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Big IP is of course high, it is basically a few points of retail prices, and the copyright is divided, and there will be a guarantee.

But the copyright fee is also good for our stage. We consider more or the product can not be hot.

But for some start-up companies, if they want to take the top flow IP, the copyright party will first let him pay for 300,000, allowing them to do this product, is indeed a big challenge. Even if you pay 3 million, he is not necessarily developed, because there is no experience.

Is it good to sell it? This is 6 ~ 9 months later, I know,

This is not a matter of capital involving money, he is not creative if he is finally not creative, giving a hundred million to start a business.

03 The game will appear “100 years”

All-weather technology: You have just completed the financing of 400 million yuan, which is also the largest financing this year, what is going to do?

Mainly three.

The first piece is definitely the core product, whether it is product development, research and development, or more good IP acquisition, we will have more investment.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

The second block is the creation of the channel, we will optimize the existing cooperation terminals, so that more than half of the terminals of cooperation have upgraded the product exhibition, so that consumers can have more beautiful feelings. There is also the laying of direct camps, but also to open the store, plan to open 100 shops at the end of next year.

There is also some of the funds, we will support some nice designers, artists, and some good projects, with more cooperation.

We have not yet to invest other projects other than toys, we are also doing content, but more is to work in cooperation.

I think it will continue to deepen the core things, this has a lot of things to do. Every business has its own DNA, what do you do, what you should do well, this still has your own measure.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

Let’s play toys, you have to make this thing.

We have a “721” strategy, we ask the design team 70% of production capacity to meet the market to develop products. For example, most people in the market like trend toys, then we will put the production capacity of the trend toys.

But we ask the team to take at least 20% of the energy and capacity, and explore what products may I like in the next two years. It may go to that time point, 20% will become 70%. And now we will go to the education market and lead the market.

There is also 10% of the different materials, craftsmanship, and style, the so-called designer. Constantly do experiment, constantly go to Tiangong, then put some interesting ideas in “2” or put it in “7”.

It must be a way to meet market things and lead the market.

All-weather technology: If 70% is supported by trend toys, but from the consumer market, the trend toys seem to have begun to grow weak, this will limit the development of the industry?

I feel like collecting toys, trend toys, the bubble Mart has played a good educational capital market, and even the role of education C-terminal users, it passed the blind box form in trend toys.

The blind box is actually an entry-level category in our industry. It is very cheap, very small, the pressure and threshold are the lowest, nor does it have to make a big place at home to put it, but also can’t move Buy. It brings a sustained collection, so it is a very important category in favorite toys.

The newbie players are willing to start from this small and cheap thing, and then have fun, the appetite will get more and more, he may need to buy greater, more refined, more complicated, to be moved, to deform To buy a limited amount … This time this toy market is more than a blind box.

However, most consumers will not buy too often, because there is not so much space at home, but the blind box can be found for you from time to time, so many people will play the blind box while buying big collection toys.

This is like a torsion of Japan for decades. It is very important to have a very important department of each toy company now, its business sector, and the income is particularly large.

All-weather technology: Nowadays, there are many forms of criticism of the blind box, I feel that it is a representative of consumerism. What do you think?

In this industry, there is a lot of negative, bringing a lot of negative energy to the industry.

The form of a blind box, consumers buy it must be attracted by the product, I put the bricks, put a cooked, you will definitely not buy. A set of products have seven or eight, I will buy one, it will bring me a certain small and have a chance to get a very scarce hidden, add a certain purchase, this is its essence.

52TOYS陈威:盲盒被一只“苍蝇”坏了一锅粥 | 创新者Innovator

In addition, the blind box is nothing to do with gambling. Gambling and gambling are in probability or have not, everyone is in a very cheap price, gambling a particular expensive benefit.

But the blind box is a 50 dollars, just a random in 8 toys, in fact it is 50 yuan. If you want to buy it, you will have a whole box to go home.

However, in the past few years, after the form of a hot, many people began the so-called “all things of all blind boxes”, and all things were rest here, and even put small animals gave the blind box, increased everyone’s disgusions.

I think that the word blind box is taken by a fly.

It is two things that are two things that are two things that are two things that are doing speculation.

In fact, I still stick to the blind box must be one of our industries, a number of product forms. No one will use the blind box as a representative of this industry, or a collective, its product is very diverse, can have a lot of carriers to play everyone’s idea. 52TOYS will not die on a series of blind boxes.

I think consumers are not because of the products of the blind box. For example, there is no blind box in the future. In the box, you can see products with quality and quality, because it is not a blind box, don’t you buy it?

It’s just that the fun of the blind box may not have, but this product you have no disappearance, it can bring you the happiness.

All-weather technology: What kind of situation do you think of playing and collecting toys this industry will present?

In China, I think this industry may have several large brands.

But as I said, the collection of toys is very diverse, and there will be a lot of subdivided companies in the future.

For example, some companies only do deformed toys, some companies only do blind boxes, some companies only do moving models, some companies only make assembled models, some companies are just like music … will be separated later. A lot of brands and companies in the segment vertical field. I think that because the entire business environment of China is too large, the population dividends are sufficient to support some generally enterprises.

At present, the industry is still in the early days, and the road behind the future will be very long.

It is an industry that can have a hundred years of business in the future.

It is a thing that can continue to do.

I hope that everyone can put their minds in creative, rather than putting this industry as a hotspot, a brain to consume. As long as there is a good idea, this industry can continue to develop forward.

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

Chen Wei:

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