Can we wear them in winter and be beautiful and not “freezing”?

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The winter has arrived. Many beautiful ladies refused to be bloated and sacrificed various artifacts. There are bodybuilding clothes with firming and shaping, highlighting the body, and a heating underwear with severe cold and three pieces of heating underwear. There are also milk skin jackets that can keep warm and can combat dryness and moisturize the skin. Does it sound full of black technology? But are the functions of these clothes really as magical as the merchant say? Can they make us have both the garage and temperature?

Don’t look at the gimmick with milk skin jackets, the skin beauty effect is really hard to say

A close -fitting clothes can whiten, moisturize, and keep warm at the same time. Is there such a three -way thing in the world? However, the merchants of milk skin jackets say that this can be available.

According to reports, the surface layer of the special fabric for milk skin is extremely soft and soft fiber. After rubbing with the skin, the heat can be locked. A large amount of polyester fiber (polyester) containing gibic acid is added to the fabric. When the skin is evaporated by the skin or sweat secreted, the fiber reacts with the water and forms a cosmetic ingredient to nourish the skin. Of course, the so -called “milk skin” focuses on milk. The merchant said that the product is about to survive milk and get milk protein, plus soft agent, textile into milk protein fiber, and add clothes fabric. In addition, it can promote the metabolism of human cells, prevent skin aging, itching, and nourish the skin. Its natural bacteriostatic function can reach more than 99%, and the antibacterial rate is more than 80%.

Milk protein contains 17 kinds of nutritional amino acids and has natural moisturizing and white effects. But does milk protein fiber have the same effect? Zhang Tianjiao, an associate professor at the Academy of Clothing Science and Technology of Beijing Institute of Clothing, told a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily that the milk protein itself cannot be spinked into fibers. Generally, it is necessary to take the branches to the surface of acrylic or polyvinol fiber that can be spun into fiber, that is, covering the surface of chemical fibers The first layer of milk protein is connected by the chemical bond between the two. It is very strong and is not easily washed off by water.

In Zhang Tianjiao’s opinion, free -state milk is soluble and can penetrate the skin to nourish, but this kind of milk protein fixed on the fiber by chemical keys can only be freely penetrated through ordinary contact. Very doubt.

“Apple acid itself is a kind of acidic white powder solid, which is soluble in water. If it is simply coated and added to the clothing fabric, it is easy to wash off; In the case of water, the hydrogen ions can be used to show acidity. “Zhang Tianjiao introduced that the pH value of the skin is between 5.5 and 6.5. When the environment pH value is too large to the skin, it will feel uncomfortable. According to my country’s clothing -related ecological safety standards, the pH value of close -fitting clothing is between 4.0 and 8.5, which is speculated that there will be not too much apple acid added to this “milk skin” fabric.

Zhang Tianjiao felt naive about “after rubbing with the skin”. “Keeping heating is not to lock the heat, but the overall clothing contains more static air to form an effective warmth. If it is a very fine fiber, theoretically it can form a lot of small gaps, that is, the space exist in static air is large. Then the warm -keeping performance will be better. “Zhang Tianjiao pointed out how the warm -keeping performance depends on the data, and the merchant should directly provide the warmth rate value. In 2018, a new method of measurement method of thermal blocking resistance was released. These two data can more effectively reflect the warmth effect.

In addition, Zhang Tianjiao pointed out that 80%of the antibacterial rate is not high, and the antibacterial rate of antibacterial products is more than 90%. Knitwear should meet the relevant provisions of industry standards “FZ/T73023 Antibacterial Kidney” in order to claim that they are antibacterial products.

The body is just tightening the fat, not burning your calories

The attractiveness of lazy slimming is eternal. In TV shopping more than 20 years ago, there are various body -shaping pants sold under the technology signboards of developed countries in developed countries. There are usually two key points of slimming principle promoted by merchants: shaping and fat burning.比如,某塑身衣的介绍是:93%的记忆纤维棉+7%的莱卡棉,穿1小时可燃烧大约399卡路里,并可将身体的各部位,如腋下的副乳、胃、腹、 Excess fat and other fats such as waist and back are transferred to the front chest.

For body -shaping fabrics, there are currently no standards for textiles or recognized laws in terms of product. “Leica is the product name of the spandex produced by DuPont, that is, elastic fibers, which generally add 3%-5%to the clothing. Add 7%here, and the elasticity is relatively large, indicating that it is very tight to wear.” Stress pressure can only make people uncomfortable to wear, and it does not play fat -burning.

Zhang Tianjiao introduced that shape memory fiber is a smart polymer material with clear definition and connotation. For example, a hat was processed at a higher temperature with this material. After cooling, the hat was flattened. When the temperature reached the temperature of the processing hat, the hat would bulge itself into the original shape. “Memory fiber is often used as materials for polyurethane now. I see some body -shaping products introduced with bamboo fiber, which may be sorted out after the polyurethane material; it may only borrow the concept of shape memory, and it has not really made in our industry In the professional sense, the shape of the memory fiber. “Zhang Tianjiao said.

Others claim that wearing a body can not only shape a beautiful body curve, but also allow the muscles and fat to “memory” to live this shape. After a long time, it can really lose weight.

Wang Anli, former director of the Department of Sports Rehabilitation of Beijing Sports University, said that wearing a shadow clothes is just to cover up obese and change the form of sensory. It is just a mental and psychological comfort. Because fat is an energy material, the human body does not cause “merit” and does not burn, it will be in place. It is impossible to lie down at all. “And long -term wearing body clothes will also bring side effects to physical health.” Wang Anli said that people who wearing body -shaped clothes for a long time are not just the meat is tightened. A series of changes occur, just like “wrapped feet”, which allows some muscles to be abolished and atrophied. After taking off the shape of the body, the body will not only look good, but also become very loose. Long -term wear will affect blood circulation. Local metabolism becomes slow, the nutritional supply varies, the strength of the muscles will further decrease, and the stability of the joints will decrease. Over time, the disadvantages will be greater than profit. If you are used to it, you do n’t wear it suddenly, and your physical injury will be more likely.

The heat of the heating underwear will not take the air, the difference is not much different from ordinary underwear

The main ingredients of heating underwear fabrics are not special, and all brands are similar. It is nothing more than polyester fiber, adhesive fiber, Modal fiber, acrylic, spandex, nylon, etc. However, the “fever” technologies identified by different brands of thermal underwear are different, such as “far -infrared fibers”, “Siram”, “Ics”, “Outlast material” and so on. In short, the merchant’s statement is that adding these high -tech into underwear fabrics can spontaneously heat up.

But the concept of spontaneous fever does not meet the law of conservation of energy at all. Zhang Tianjiao pointed out that there is a source of energy for fever. Taking the fever of far -infrared fibers as an example, it first sucks heat and then heats up. Zhang Tianjiao said that there are two types of energy it absorbed: one is the energy in the environment, such as visible light, infrared, far -infrared rays in the sun; the other is the heat of the environment and the heat of the human body itself.

Regardless of the material, hygroscopic heat can be heated. The principle is that when the fiber absorbs moisture, the hydrophilic group in the fiber molecule is combined with the water molecules. Different fibers have different moisture absorption and heat performance. For example, wool and Modal fibers have good effects, and ordinary acrylics and polyester wetting and fever are poor.

“The difference between the heat of the heating underwear and ordinary underwear will not be too large. There are some additives inside the heating function, because the fabric itself must be a general textile fiber fabric. Easy to break, so the amount of added in is very small, and the effect will not be particularly obvious. “Zhang Tianjiao said.

Moreover, if a large amount of thermal fiber material is added, the price will rise accordingly, which is very expensive. For example, the United States uses a large number of Outlast fibers in the moon landing clothing designed for astronauts. Compared with the price of the hot underwear on the market, how much thermal fiber content is, and how the effect can be imagined. Reporter Yang Xue

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