“Cross-border E-commerce Operation Management-Global Search” Series is officially published and issued

In the context of economic globalization, cross -border export trade uses emerging Internet technology and platforms to play the advantages of my country’s manufacturing power, driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional trade in my country. At the moment of the epidemic, while traditional foreign trade is impacted, it is even more

Highlighting the unique advantages of cross -border exports, helping enterprises to develop a new model of international markets, and fully show the leading role of foreign trade innovation and development.

To help people from all walks of life in the cross -border field (

Business student

As well as

Traditional foreign trade enterprise personnel

Personal entrepreneur


,as well as

Want to transform as a cross -border e -commerce

Reader) Adapt to the complexity of cross -border e -commerce companies in the new era, and further improve the comprehensive ability of cross -border foreign trade talents.

Tsinghua University Press and Global Search

, Facing the nation’s public release “Cross-border E-commerce Operation Management-Global Search” series series series

“Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” Planning Higher Education Talent Training Planning Series

Cross -border E -commerce Industry College of Talent Training Series Series

In the new era, cross -border e -commerce innovation and practice series textbooks

Adhering to the original intention and resolving the dilemma

The “14th Five -Year Plan” clearly states that planning higher education talents should be strengthened

Innovation, application type, skill type

Wuling in composite talent training “. Due to cross -border export sales and operations involving complexity of product types and diversified marketing models, higher requirements for e -commerce talents are put forward. Talents of the realm need to have a variety of comprehensive capabilities in the figure below,

Improve the ability to improve the original innovation, break through and solve a series of “card neck” problems

According to the China Cross -border e -commerce talent report, cross -border e -commerce companies tend to compound talents (65%) higher than professional talents (35%). This book also starts from the perspective of industry needs. It takes two years of planning and compilation. A total of 13 chapters are compiled.

The content is closely focusing on the operation of the independent station seller, and systematically explained the account registration, background settings, independent stations, essential tools, selection, drainage, purchase and delivery, order processing, independent station optimization, etc. of independent stations

The global search has emerged in cross -border education. It not only adheres to the original intention of cross -border services, further expands the innovation awareness of cross -border talents, strengthens theory and practice, and enhances comprehensive professional quality capabilities. Its passive customer acquisition brand

Global search


And active customer acquisition brand

Black growth


It is also continuing to add sufficient code to promoting Chinese brands from overseas.

Stimulate potential · Go to the wave

中国跨境电商在新冠疫情的影响下爆发出了史无前例的潜力,众多跨境人士都在争相共享这种线上营销模式红利,在独立站崛起和亚马逊封店事件的双重刺激下,许多Enterprise is also gradually

Layout independent websites and overseas social media platforms.

The scope of application of this book:

As a textbook for related majors such as e -commerce and international trade in colleges and universities;


Self -study books for cross -border e -commerce entries;

From easy to difficult, from simple to complex, and the content is gradual, it can help new sellers of independent stations

Quickly learn the knowledge of independent stations and familiarize with the operating skills of independent stations, and carry out websites to build websites.

As a new force for cross -border education, the global search has worked hard to gather the greater joint efforts of schools, enterprises, and society, and to cultivate a force to promote the talent of cross -border e -commerce backbone talents and help people from all walks of life in the field of foreign trade come up with greater courage. With more solid skills, grasp the opportunity of the wave.

*Because the book source is tight, the first batch of books has been snapped up. If necessary, please contact the operating centers of various places. This book is about to launch platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall, Dangdang, Suning.

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As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

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