ROG all upgrades dual -display three -mode technology, and releases performance two -in -one lightbook ROG fantasy X

On January 5th, at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ROG officially released the new product of the 2022 series in 2022, and the first two -in -one light -thin cantile A series of products have been upgraded, while the ROG Citadel XV game has also been upgraded.


ROG Fantasy X: The two -in -one light and thin book with full performance

Among the new products released this time, ROG Fantasy X is the most noticeable new product. It is ROG’s first two -in -one and thin text, and ROG has added a very strong hardware performance for it.

It is reported that ROG Fantasy X pre-installed Windows 11 operating system, up to the highest i9-12900h processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 TI graphics card and LPDDR5 5200MHz memory, which is currently the first time that the specifications have appeared in this specification.

In addition, ROG Fantasy X also has a 1TB PCIe SSD, supports dual -display three -mode technology, has customized vacuum cavity hot plates and PD fast charging designs.

In terms of screen, ROG Fantasy X also brings two display schemes to users: a 4K 60Hz display with 116% SRGB color gamut, and a 1200PP 120Hz display with 100% SRGB coverage.


Both are 16:10 golden ratio. The touch screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. It supports ADAPTIVE SYNC technology. It has 500 Nit brightness. It supports Dolby Vision HDR and passes Pantone color certification.

Thanks to the two -in -one form design, ROG Fantasy X can also unlock multi -form use, from traditional key mouse to touch screen operations and even external gamepads. Due to the use of a tablet -type design, all components are located behind the screen, and the laptop can get more sufficient heat dissipation airflow in the vertical state.

In terms of design, ROG Fantasy X combines retro futuristic style. This new design is inspired by the 20th century space competition. The CNC milling window at the back of the back cover can directly look at the internal component of the machine, with the adjustable RGB light effect, the overall appearance is full of technology futuristic. The built -in bracket can open up to 170 degrees, which can bring the best angle of use in any case.

In addition to Fantasy X, ROG also upgraded Fantasy 13. The 2022 new ROG Fantasy 13 upgraded to the AMD Ryzen 9 6000 series processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card. It is a performance small steel cannon in 13 -inch notebooks.

In 2022, the exclusive XG Mobile graphics card extension of ROG Fantasy X and ROG Fantasy 13 was available in two graphics cards, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and AMD Radeon RX 6850M XT GPU. Extend the additional USB interface, DisplayPort and HDMI and Ethernet interfaces on the dock.

ROG Ice Blade 6 dual -screen: equipped with ROG Nebula Original drawing screen


ROG Ice Blade 6 dual -screen. As the ROG flagship emperor, this upgrade is naturally not absent. This time, the dual -screen design of the ROG Ice Blade 6 dual -screen upgrade is upgraded again. Thanks to the newly upgraded four -way hinge design, the ScreenPad Plus will rise and slide to the main screen when the notebook is opened. This new hinge solution can be further reduced further The gap between the two displays brings almost borderless immersive experience.


The ROG Ice Blade 6 dual-screen provides two panel options for the main screen. The first is the ROG Nebula’s original painting screen. It uses the MINI-LED backlight panel. It has 512 partitions and can reach the brightness of 1100 Nit peak. It has 5400Hz high -frequency PWM lighting, and at the same time built -in exclusive nebula original painting screen special chips. Through AI algorithms, a large number of video and image training can be reduced by 25%of the halo effect. At the same time, ADAPTIVE SYNC is supported to eliminate the tear of the screen. This 2560×1600 resolution panel has a 165Hz refresh rate. At the same time, it passed the VESA Displayhdr 1000 certification, with a contrast of 100000: 1, supporting Dolby Vision HDR.

The second screen is the exclusive ROG display developed by ROG and BOE, called Dual Spec Panel, can be freely switched between 4K 120Hz and 1080P 240Hz. Exclusive pixel acceleration technology can allow the screen to magnify quickly. Keep the high refresh rate display while maintaining the delicate and clearness of the picture.

The 2022 ROG Ice Blade 6 dual -screen adds a 16 -inch display to a 15 -inch notebook body. At the same time as the thin and light fuselage, the hardware configuration and heat dissipation scheme are not compromised. The ROG Ice Blade 6 dual -screen uses a shadow blade keyboard with 1.5 mm key and single -key RGB light effects, with dual -force 6 speakers, supporting Dolby panorama, high -fidelity audio and two -way AI noise reduction technology.

The Ice Blade 6 dual -screen pre -installed Windows 11 operating system, equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 6980HX overclocking processor and 165W NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 TI graphics card, supports Dynamic Boost2.0. Compared with the traditional thermal conductivity, the upgraded version of the liquid metal heating agent can reduce the temperature of the processor by 15 degrees to ensure the stable performance of continuous use.

The AAS Plus 2.0 air intake brought by the secondary screen increases the airflow above the fan by 30%, which can keep these top components cool at all times. Essence

Gunshen 6 Magic 6 fully upgraded, supporting the needs of 2K high brush games

In response to increasingly improved game needs, ROG has also upgraded its two series of Gunshen and Magic Battle, supporting up to 2K high brush games. Among them, the ROG Guns 6 series pre-installed the latest Windows 11 operating system with a maximum of i9-12900h processor and 150W NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 TI graphics card, supporting Dynamic Boost.


The dual-display three-mode can fully release the entire performance of the top GPU. At the same time, the storage scheme of the PCIE 4.0 X4 can bring players a fast loading speed. The DDR5-4800MHz memory is multi-tasking to ensure abundant firepower. In terms of heat dissipation, with ROG exclusive glacier heat dissipation 2.0, Gunshen 6 took the lead in introducing the latest generation of violent bear liquid metal metal compounds, and the heating coefficient was increased from the original 73 to 85.4.

ROG Guns 6 has two models: 15 -inch and 17 -inch models. The 15 -inch gun god 6 and 17 -inch gun god 6 Plus are equipped with 2.5K 240Hz P3 wide color gamut screen. All display screen supports Dolby’s HDR and Adaptive Sync technology. It has a 3 millisecond rapid response, which can effectively prevent the screen from stuck and tear.

The new ROG Magic 6 series and ROG Magic 6 Plus are equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX and 150W NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI graphics card, which also supports Dynamic Boost.


The ROG Magic 6 series brings the QHD 165Hz screen panel to the player. The ROG Magic 6 Plus creates the QHD 240Hz high brush panel for high frame rate competitive games to fully meet the needs of player. All display screens have a 3 millisecond response time, supporting Dolby’s HDR and Adaptive Sync technology.


In terms of appearance design, the ROG Magic 6 series also provides Magic 6 -day gray color and two colors -the emerging Magic Green and Magic Battle 6 sports version of e -sports powder.

ROG 2022 All new products are equipped with a new dual -display three -mode technology

At the ROG Ochovaidon Control Center, it provides users with three display output modes: independent display mode, hybrid mode and set display mode, which allows users to find the most suitable use solution in performance and battery life.

In the environment that requires high frame rates and high -performance applications, users can choose the independent display mode and turn on the enhanced mode, so that the core hardware has the strongest performance release; in the scenario of higher demand for battery life, you can choose to choose from The set display mode completely close the independent graphics card, cooperate with the product’s large -capacity battery and fast charge design, extend the battery life, and the hybrid mode is automatically switched by dual graphics cards.


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