Shangpin’s original wooden door Red Star Store reinstalled the four flowers and went to the journey again

On the morning of December 11th, Jinan Shangpin’s original wooden door Red Star Macalline flagship store was grandly opened. Those who witnessed this moment together.

尚品本色木门红星店重装开业 四花并蒂再上征程

Shangpin’s original wooden door Red Star Macalline flagship store lasted more than 2 months. After careful design and decoration, it was presented to consumers with a new look. The Red Star Store Exhibition Hall is more than 300 square meters. It guides consumers with an experience -like model, combines products with scenes to allow consumers to experience different lifestyles. The exhibition hall is divided into Nordic, American, European, European, modern, and new Chinese -style areas according to styles and patterns. It also develops the most popular Morandi frontiers. The fashion sense of design has a strong taste of life. It really experiences the meaning of Shangpin’s original wooden door “art wooden door for space”, so that consumers can experience unlimited possibilities in a limited space.

尚品本色木门红星店重装开业 四花并蒂再上征程

After more than 10 years of development in Jinan Shangpin, the wooden door has opened four stores in Ginza Home Furnishing, Red Star Macalline, Actual Home, Xingyi Jiajia Furnishing and other home stores. The land presented the product types, styles and production chains of Shangpin’s original wooden door, which brings consumers with high -quality product experience and services.

尚品本色木门红星店重装开业 四花并蒂再上征程

In order to thank Quancheng Consumers for more than ten years of support and love, Shangpin’s original wooden door was launched at the red star flagship store. A VIP invitation letter can be reached 1888 yuan with VIP VIP cards. You can also enjoy free design guidance, measurement, installation and other services, and have beautiful gifts. Consumers in need can make inquiries in major stores!

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