Precise monitoring microsecond -grade temperature sensor! This work won the first prize in the country

“Except for the unbelievable instant, the rest is the excitement of seeing your efforts to bloom.” Recently, the project of Yang Hongbo, a graduate student of the instrument science and technology of the 20th level of the university in China- “Wei Wei The second -level temperature sensor dynamic calibration system “won the first prize of the 17th” Challenge Cup “national college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition.

Increased innovation inspiration in accident

The temperature sensor plays an important role in the field of precise measurement and automatic control. In order to meet real -time and online measurement, it is very critical to perform dynamic calibration of temperature sensors. In some high -precision fields, the temperature changes when the border of the hypersonic speed aircraft is turned into a microsecond -level, and the masterpiece is directly related to how to design its thermal protection layer. In addition, the same needs are also demanded in the design of air engine blades and laser weapons.

Traditional measurement technology, such as the water bath method, flame method, and hot air hole method, only the dynamic calibration of the temperature sensor with time constant at milliseconds, the repetitive and stability of the streaming tube method and the single pulse laser method cannot be Really meet the requirements of dynamic calibration. There is still no mature microsct -grade temperature sensor dynamic calibration technology in my country so far, thereby restricting the progress of dynamic temperature measurement technology.

How to break through? Occasionally, an accidental teaching experience made Yang Hongbo accidentally gain the creative inspiration of the entry.

In May 2020, under the leadership of Graduate mentor Tu Xunxu, Yang Hongbo came to Shanghai China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. for listening and exchanges. After learning that the huge value of micro -temperature sensor, he had a strong interest in research in related fields. After consulting relevant literature and communicating with the teacher, they determined the preliminary plan.

“This project is mainly used to stimulate the two -pulse laser with a leather second digital pulse tactile, so that the time interval accuracy between the two pulse laser reaches the sub -microsecond and even nanoseconds, and then the peak value of the response signal of the standard double -pulse signal and the temperature sensor Time interval, determine the more accurate sensor dynamic response characteristics. “Yang Hongbo introduced that this method effectively avoids the effects of pulse quality of laser power, distribution, and multi -frequency mode in the single pulse laser method on the results of the calibration. It has strong innovation and feasibility, which can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the microsecond temperature sensor measurement.

“I hope it can be promoted to the national and provincial and municipal measurement institutes, as well as the aerospace measurement departments such as the Shanghai COMAC and the Aerospace Science and Technology 304, which effectively improves the technical level of my country’s dynamic temperature calibration, thereby forming the standards of industry, the country, and the international standards “Yang Hongbo is full of confidence in the prospect of the project.

“Time will give the struggler answer”

The road to success is not a frank road. The first problem faced by Yang Hongbo’s team is the obstacles in the experiment. “The entire experiment lasted more than a year, and the biggest difficulty was the construction of the entire system.” Yang Hongbo said that in order to find the best solution, they tried thousands of experiments. Repeated defeats, repeated defeats, they firmly believe that failure is a normal state. We must continue to try and maintain a good mentality to face the results of the experiment. ” The data records of the pen, struggling until late at night, unremitting efforts finally made them find the best solution for experiments.

The repeated epidemic has also brought some difficulties to the preparation. He said: “Originally, everyone was fully prepared, but the competition time was repeatedly delayed, giving us an uncertainty that was originally planned to be disrupted, which had a certain impact on our mentality.”

The clear division of labor, good cooperation, and mutual trust between teams have successfully overcome these difficulties and unfavorable factors. During that time, basically everyone went around every night to modify the text until two or three in the morning. “Everyone gathered together when submitting. When the submission button was pressed together, the movement and emotions were gushing up in a moment.” Countless day and night, everyone struggled together in the battle of the game. score.

“When I first participated in the school competition, I never thought of entering the provincial competition, let alone the national competition.” Yang Hongbo said his voice, “But diligence will eventually pour out the flowers of success and enjoy the process of hard work. The struggle answer. “

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