Shenzhen Kerry’s characteristics of high -frequency switching power supply

High -frequency switching power supply is an upgraded alternative product of traditional rectifier (silicon rectifier, thyristor rectifier). The absolute advantages of high -frequency switching power supply, small volume, high efficiency, stable work, meticulous plating layer, etc. The market quickly occupied the market. Widely used in the surface treatment industry such as electroplating, electrolytic, oxidation, etc., and received unanimous praise from new and old customers. Features:

1 The high -frequency switching power supply adopts the precision processing of imported components and the international advanced full bridge inverter replacement technology, which stabilizes the performance of the whole machine and the quality is more reliable.

2 The whole machine has overwhelming, overcurrent, ultra -temperature, short -circuit, short -term automatic protection alarm function and soft startup function. And time controller and computer interface can be installed.

3 DC output waveforms are high -frequency square waves. The ripple coefficient “1%, pulse output frequency, duty occupation ratio, opening time, and periodic period can be set separately to speed up the deposition speed of the plating, increase plating, refuse passivation, enhance the enhancement The luster of the coating surface and the core of the coating of the coating. And can reduce the loss of raw materials and meet the special requirements of the plating industry.

Cold design, convenient installation. It is equipped with a remote control device, which is simple to operate. You can bring a load switch 4 high -frequency switch power supply to use water

Machine, reduce the tedious procedures for adjustment.


5. Small volume and light weight. The whole machine uses a full range of anti -corrosion technology to enhance the anti -corrosion capacity of the product and extend the service life.

6 Efficient, energy -saving, work efficiency of more than 90%, any voltage current ratio is always linear matching. The loss of the pressure regulator and the main change of the traditional rectifier, the energy conservation is more than 35%, which greatly reduces the cost of electroplating, which is the surface processing industry*rational choice.

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