“Beiguang Shopping” is more foreign than a down jacket and warmer than coats. The “Velvet” jacket that bursts out this winter, fashionable and warm

Double -sided worship velvet jacket

Beiguang special price:

129.9 yuan/piece

There are more styles of men and women to choose from

Hurry up and enter Beiguang to buy it! Intersection

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It can be tested and matched in winter! If you want to keep warm and want to be thin, you have to have a certain sense of fashion!


It’s really difficult! Obviously ordinary down jackets and coats can no longer be satisfied ~

To say this winter

The most fashionable heating item



Shake pill jacket

It is! The beauty photos of celebrities and net red bloggers are inseparable from its blessing ~

As a new generation of “cold artifacts”,

Not only is it thin and warm, but also fashionable and versatile

Essence It can be said that the velvet is on the stage, all kinds of velvet sweaters, down jackets can be offline …

It can be casual and handsome, very powerful, and the concave shape is not allowed, even

Male stars also love to wear it out of the street ~

Why is it so hot?

Velvet is a new type of cold fabric,


The coldness is twice that of Meru Nu wool and 4 times that of cotton!

Light and warm, and completely avoiding the shortcomings of wool absorbing water!

Still by “Time”

(Times Weekly) and “Forbes” were selected as one of the top 100 inventions of the 20th century



It was selected by Time Weekly as one of the top 100 inventions of the 20th century

For a while, the scenery is unlimited,

Quickly become a fragrant citron in the eyes of all kinds of big names

Essence However, with the one -channel transformation of major brands, a new post


The price is also rising

The office workers expressed their hope …


But don’t worry, after comparing many versions, materials, and warmth, Xiaobian will give you a cheap “sharp product” in the velvet in velvet

Research Family Story Shake the Plel Couple Jacket

Loose velvet+coral velvet strong together

Double warmth

3D cutting,

Positive and negative wearing

, Comfortable and neat


Classic stand -up collar+fashion hooded 2 designs


Select 7 colors, high quality,

Cost -effective hanging big name




Both sides of fleece, cold and warm, can be worn outside and can be worn outside

I know through it, I can have this

Good -looking, thin, warmth, keep warm


Crab up with a velvet. Different from the single -sided velvet jacket on the market, the research taboos jacket

Use double -layer fleece

Double -sided and velvet material can maximize

Prevent the cold wind from drilling into the body

, Can warm the winter below zero!

The jacket A side is a shock pill

, Not only the weight is lighter, but also


The performance of cold cold is twice the wool, 4 times that of cotton

Essence The B side is soft and comfortable coral velvet!


A “shake pill” material

There is texture, compared to some woolen coats

Life is longer


It is not as delicate as wool and down jackets.

Good care and cold windproof

, Driving the fan to the maximum, as long as the fleece jacket is not removed, the candlelight will not move ~

The B side is light and soft coral velvet

, The dense double -layer velvet material structure, not only


Touching soft and waxy

It can also

Layers the human body to emit calories

The warmth is also strong, after the upper body

The warmth is doubled, and the warmth is a whole day

I feel in my hand and feel

Light and thick

In fact, I can’t help it!

A -faced velvet and coral velvet on the B side of the B side,

The warmth is also stronger!

While keeping warm and light, it can still

Wear both inside and outside!

A face velvet and B side coral velvet energy

With different fashion styles

It is equivalent to

Spend money, get it

Two pieces




, Early!

Late autumn and early winter seasons

Wearing a single

In deep winter


Can also be used inward

The whole body is like a warm baby,

Comfortable and comfortable ~

Same paragraph


Oh, the code is complete, and the maximum can be worn to 200 pounds,

When you wear one clothes and two, you can earn it when you buy it!

Buy home and boyfriend/husband wearing couple outfits ~


The high -end design of the high -end version is thin and bloated

There are so many velvet jackets on the market. Why do I recommend this?

Because of the study of the family


The version is so good, too thin!


As well as well,

Plush jackets have their own thickness


, Its biggest disadvantage is


The version is not good, “Fat and strong”!

And our double -sided velvet jacket

Using loose but not hypertrophic H version

Just right

Hidden meat

Let you still be elegant and beautiful in the winter.

Classic stand -up model, fashion hood

Design, more intimate. The hat -shaped thin neck, the windproof performance is upgraded, warm and foreign!

Half -neck design

, Strong practicality, you can fit the neck 360 °,

Neck and cold

There are inside and outside of the coat

Two large double insert pockets

It is very convenient to install small things such as mobile phones.

The wiring is neat and dense

It won’t be bad when wearing it for three or five years,




, Comfortable and not stuck, knock on your heart ~



, Can prevent the cold wind from drilling into the cuffs, not to scramble, 24H continues


Although the fluff is dense, it is also at all

No hair loss

, Get rid of winter travel embarrassment!

The length of three or four fingers below the navel,

Whether men and women wear, they are fashionable and thin!



7 color optional versatile wear method activation wardrobe

The simpler the design, the more versatile and the higher the level. Re -Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story of the Story abandon the messy decoration,


Select 7 colors.

Do not pick age, do not pick gender, who wears who look good.

Goose yellow

Gentle goose yellow meets wild jeans,

Laren and bloated, more casual and gentle

, Clean and simple winter look.


Light blue

It belongs to a relatively light and soft tone, with a half -body plaid skirt,

Just like a warm sun in winter, warm and dazzling.

Retro dark red:


Mature and elegant, highlighting temperament. With a short skirt, warm and fashionable, right, properly

Beauty does not “freeze” people.

pea green color:

Very temperamental color,


Full the warm and warm atmosphere

Intersection Fairy who is slightly fat in the lower body can pick the loose loose and loose can cover the meat

casual pants

Elegant temperament is black, Tibetan green:

Of the ten boys and nine wardrobes, these 2 can be missing.


Classic color

No matter how you match it, it’s all

No outdated or rotten street ~


New Year’s Dog Food

, Couples must not miss it. Different colors, the same color different models … details everywhere

Express the CP sensation ~

Bigger than down jackets, warmer than coats


Spending a piece of clothes, which is equivalent to earning 2 pieces

Double -sided worship velvet jacket


Beiguang special price:

129.9 yuan/piece

There are more styles of men and women to choose from

Hurry up and enter Beiguang to buy it! Intersection












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