How to use the benefits of pure cotton diaper

There is a treasure at home, and I changed a lot. The diaper is a cloth that wraps the lower part of the baby’s body or paved on the crib to connect the urine. From birth to being able to take care of themselves, diapers have been accompanied by the baby, almost his second layer of skin. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, there are more and more diapers on the market. Cotton is a material for diaper. What are the benefits of pure cotton diaper? How to use cotton diaper?

纯棉尿布的好处 纯棉尿布怎么用

The benefits of pure cotton diaper

1. Pure cotton diaper is safe and non -irritating. Pure cotton diaper is made of cotton cloth. For the baby, it is absolutely safe and not exciting.

2. Use pure cotton diaper to find your baby urinating in time. Give your baby with pure cotton diaper, and parents will regularly urinate the baby, so that the baby is easy to develop the habit of urination.

3. Cotton diaper economy is economical. Cotton diaper can be reused. Compared with diapers, it is much more expensive.

How to use cotton diaper

1. How to change

When changing the diapers, the movement should be gentle. If it is rough, it may cause joint dislocation.

The correct way to change the diapers is: Gently grab the child’s two feet with your left hand, mainly to grab the ankles, lift your legs gently, leave your hips away from the diapers, remove the diaper with your left hand, and put the clean diapers on the pad. , Then tie it.

Pay attention to putting the diaper in the middle of the butt. If you stool, you should wipe the skin and soft wipes. When rubbing, pay attention that girls should wipe back from back to back, because this is easy to pollute the vulva and cause the urinary system infection. When rubbing the boy, see if you have a stool on the scrotum.

Change the diapers in advance and quickly replace it. In winter, the careful mother should first put the diaper on the heating and cover the heat. After the mother’s hands are warm, the diapers are changed.

2. Size

The size of the diaper is generally 36cm × 36cm. It can also be rectangular of 36cm × 12cm, and it can also be made into a triangle. It is worth noting that the size of the diaper should be widened and lengthened with the increase in age.

3. Quantity

The number of diapers should be sufficient, and a baby takes about 20-30 yuan a day and night. The diaper should be ready before the baby is born, clean and disinfection before use, and dry in the sun.

4. Change

For changing, we must be “diligent”. Once the parents find that the diaper has feces, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the bacteria in the feces decomposed the urea in the urine to cause ammonia to stimulate the skin and cause diaper dermatitis.

Steps to wash diapers:

1) Rinse after soaking with soapy water;

2) Rinse with flowing water;

3) Boil with boiling water for 5-10 minutes;

4) Dry in the sun. If it is rainy days, dry it with a dryer;

5) Fold it up and put it in a clean cabinet.

5. Wipe

It is worth noting that when changing the diapers, you must pay attention to the direction of wiping. Baby girls are basically sterile because of short urethra, urethra and vagina, and the anus and feces are bacteria. When changing the diaper for the baby girl, wipe it from the back to the back. To the urethra and vaginal mouth, causing urethral and vaginal infections.

6. Do not matte plastic, rubber cloth

In order to prevent the baby’s urine soaking the papplert, some people are accustomed to putting a layer of plastic or rubber cloth outside the diaper. However, because these items are not breathable or water absorption, urine is not easy to seep, resulting in the small environment of the baby’s hip, rising temperatures, and prone to diaper dermatitis and mold infection. In order to prevent the urine from wetting the mattress, it may be used to make a thick pad with cotton and cotton fabrics at night, and the interval between replacement should not be too long.

7. Be alert to abnormalities

At the same time as changing diapers, you should carefully observe the symptoms of redness, rash, blisters, erosion, or exudate in the skin of the baby’s hips and perineum. Once found, you should wash it in time, and then apply it with 3 % tannic acid cream hepatic oil or egg butter. Essence When the symptoms are severe, you should go to the medical department of the hospital in time. In addition, the thread gauze that falls off by diaper or other clothing, the hair that adults fall down may occasionally wrapped around the baby’s hand (feet) and on the penis. Local swelling or even necrosis occur, and you should be vigilant.

8. Pay attention to seasonal changes

The summer climate is hot and the air humidity is large. Do not take the diapers just exposed to the sun when you change the diapers. It should be used after it is cool. From the purpose of preventing the rash of the rash, the baby’s “light ass” time should be increased. In winter, the climate is cold. When changing the diaper, the hot water bag is used to warm the diaper first. It can also be placed in the cotton coat of the adults and then used it to make the baby feel comfortable when changing the diapers.

How to use the benefits of pure cotton diaper

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