Macron just broke out in a blink of an eye. Another French woman was cut by her former partner

Picture source: Parisian Newspaper

马克龙刚就家暴发声 转眼又一法国女性遭前伴侣割喉

Overseas Network, July 9th. On the 7th, the Vazh Valley Province, Paris, France, had a malignant incident in Malla for West in the West of the Valley Province of Paris. A woman was cut by her predecessor and had serious injuries. Earlier, French President Macron and State Secretary of the State Secretary in charge of equal rights, Xi Ya Pa just spoke to France’s current severe domestic violence.

According to the “Parisian” reported on the 8th, that night, a 5 -year -old girl cried on the street and called for help, saying “Mother is about to die! I’m afraid!” The neighbors opened the window and saw the 25 -year -old woman Amartina fell to In the blood pool, her children were around, and a man hurried away. At around 19:30, multiple people called the alarm. Firefighters, first -aid personnel and police officers rushed to Roger Salel Road in the city center, and found that the wounded had a serious neck and blood flow.

Preliminary information shows that Adina’s neck wound has touched the carotid artery, and she was taken to the hospital in Pomitz, Valley, Valley Valley, and immediately performed surgery. Doctors believe that a neighbor plays a key role in emergency treatment of wounds when waiting for rescue workers.

Witnesses said that the murderer wore a blood -stained shirt and fled to the city hall. A few minutes later, the police found the 38 -year -old suspect Jamal in the city hall of the city house where the injured residence was 100 meters away. When the person was arrested, he hid in a big tree. The alcohol content in the blood was about 2 grams. Police found a blood -stained bread knife during the searches of the wounded, and detained Jamalle in the name of “intentional murder”.

According to a number of neighbors and wounded sisters, Amartina is the head of a company, and Jamal is his former partner. The two have three men and one woman and are 3 to 8 years old. A neighbor was deeply shocked by the tragedy. “I have never seen such a scene and can’t calm down. The picture is engraved in my mind. Ametina is a very kind woman. The most worrying thing is that these are these. A child saw the blood case at the scene, and the soul was created. “

A neighbor who lived across the injured home introduced that when the incident, I heard someone screamed. At first, I thought it was noisy, but I started 10 minutes later. When she couldn’t afford it, she found “blood flowing into a river” after going downstairs, and the wounded motionless, and she also witnessed a man with blood on his body left. The neighbors said that Amenina moved to this community about a year ago, “she said she would leave Mal Jean West soon.”

French recent frequent domestic violence has aroused widespread concern. From early 2019 to the present, 74 women have died in the hands of their partners or their predecessors. French President Macron stated on the 6th, saying that the Republic of France’s Republic was responsible for protecting all women away from danger, and the state will take measures. He also called on violent victims to stand up bravely, “You have the right to save your life.”

Just a few hours before the throat cutting case, Xi Ya, the state secretary responsible for equality affairs, just announced that on September 3rd, the Prime Minister Martinion Palace will be held in the Martinion Palace. (Overseas Network-Paris-Lu Jia)

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