Produced by Lianlihua: Brooyal Air Purifier, Home -sucking Two -hand tobacco to remove dust removal of formaldehyde

Brooyal air purifier, home -sucking second -hand smoke dust removal and aldehyde net artifact,

Style design: Blueair (BlueAir) removing formaldehyde intelligent air purifiers. The appearance design is simple and generous, with bright lines, noble and luxurious.

The brand of Lianlihua originated from Sweden, professional purification, sterilization, aldehyde removal, haze removal, cost -effective choice, long -term guardianship is more at ease ~

Purification effect: Smart air purifier has fast purification speed and good effect. It becomes blue with a PM2.5 of about 10 minutes, and the indoor air quality index is significantly better. And it can be automatically induced.

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Blueair (Blueair) air purifier removal dextering star 550E+F large space quickly divides the formaldehyde except second -hand smoke odor and smog

¥ 4599





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