3 models of community group purchase

Community group purchases are fully integrated with the community economic and e -commerce model, under the promotion of the Internet+wave, thereby extending a new business model -community group purchase. Now this model is already the hottest

The mainstream model community group purchase (the next day | pre -sale+self -mention, solve cost -effective issues)

At present, the most common and easiest community group purchase model is the next day, through pre -sale+self -mentioned operation solutions. The first platform issued a wave of commodity links to pre -sale through the head of the regiment. After the customer placed the order, the products they were delivered the next day. The advantage of this model is to meet the cost -effective requirements of users and solve the cost of merchants.

The pre -order model can get a certain cash flow. After the platform gets funds, order to the supplier. A large number of orders can get a very low procurement price. Merchants can give consumers profit. After the user gets afford, users are more willing to order the community group purchase platform. Because the platform is large -selling orders, it has continuously harvested profits and has formed a benign business cycle.

Ten Ge Group of the Head Enterprise, Xing Sheng is preferred to adopt this model. This model is the most common and the lowest cost.

The service model of expanding the service of the surrounding commercial store (exotic alliance, the realization of traffic)

The community group purchase platform is easy to gather fans and traffic through the operation of community business, which means that it has great development potential. It can expand business and surrounding store services. It is a new scalable operating model. Community group purchase can be combined with other business, such as food shops, milk tea shops, housekeeping services, tourism services, etc., combining life services in different industries.


Users can enjoy a variety of living services through the community group purchase platform, which is conducive to merchants to realize traffic monetization.

The front warehouse and dialing of the asset model (timely arrive, solve the time problem)


The preset warehouse refers to the establishment of a warehouse near the community. In the community group purchase model, in addition to the self -built warehouse, the cooperative store and the cooperation self -lifting point can be set to the preset warehouse to bypass third parties and organize delivery by themselves. The front warehouse+riding is characterized by fast speed. Users are online orders on the community group purchase platform, and the riders will pick up the goods nearby. The fastest can be delivered within half an hour to solve the time of time.

Daily fresh, Ding Dong buying food is the representative of the front warehouse, known for its efficiency and fast. However, the cost of the front warehouse model is high, which is a heavy asset model. It lacks sufficient funds and is easily attracted by the high investment in the front warehouse.

Is it difficult for community group buying to make money?

From the perspective of the overall market, in the e -commerce industry, the time of delivery has always been the most headache for merchants and buyers, and community group purchases are not only cheap, but also do not have to worry about the time for delivery. Due to the continuous expansion of the community, the community group purchase will naturally have a wealth of markets. The community group purchase in 2020 will not lose the market due to the departure of the first brand troops.

Leading troops will only separate their cakes, but instead allows many small community groups to buy the market. In 2020, the community group purchase market is very large, and various new differential games are mature. Players can find their own foothold in the market!

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