Recalling the teacher Yi Lijun: She has not let go of Polish literature translation pen throughout her life

Li Yinan (Director of Polish Teaching and Research Office of Beijing Foreign Studies University)


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Yi Lijun, a Polish literary translator, Polish educator, and professor of Beijing University of Foreign Languages, died at the age of 87 at 4:35 pm on February 7, 2022 at the age of 87. Professor Yi Lijun translated the poem “Ancestor Festival”, the epic “Mr. Tadu Shi” (symbol), “Fire and Sword” (symbol), “Cross -Army Knight” , Translation), Veganbrovich “Fernudukai” (symbol), Olga Takarqik “Taikoo and other time” and other dozens of Polish literature works, and have been engaged in Poland for many years Teaching work has cultivated a group of young Polish literature translation and researchers. She has been awarded a honorary doctorate degree in Honor, Polish Presidential Medal, and Lifetime Achievement Award for Translation Culture for his outstanding contributions.

From left to right: the author of this article, Li Yinan, director of the Polish teaching and research office of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor Yi Lijun, Zhao Gang, vice president of Beijing Foreign Language University

On February 7, 2022, on the seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar, I translated the Polish Nobel Nobel Prize winner Olga Takarchuk’s novel “The Last Story” in the Northern Foreign Building Office all day. At 6 o’clock in the evening, as soon as I entered the house, I saw that Teacher Zhao Gang had not received a call, and it was a little uneasy. Retreating the phone, smelling bad news, crying and crying …

At the New Year’s Eve, Mr. Yi Lijun’s complexion was not too good. Knowing that I was translating the second Tuo’s work, she still smiled happily. I promised Teacher Yi to send it to her as soon as possible when the summer translation was published. Toccaluk was the first time that Yi Lijun and Yuan Hanyu were introduced to Chinese readers. Their translation of “Taikoo and Other Times”, “House of the Day, House of Night” caused a huge response among Chinese readers. At that time, I hadn’t graduated, and I knew about the translation of literature. I only felt that the text was exquisite and timeless, and I read my lips and teeth. I can’t help but think about when I can turn these wonderful Latin alphabets into square characters and string of stringing and moving sentences. Later, under the encouragement, carrying, and guidance of Mr., I started to study Toccalchk’s work, wrote several special articles, and translated the “Strange Story Collection”.

Professor Yi Lijun is at home.

Totacchuk’s work in Professor Yi Lijun’s home

After the death of my gentleman, I couldn’t control it, and repeatedly recalled the scene of Mr. I first met. It was the winter of 2000. I went to Beijing University of Foreign Languages ​​to study Poland. On that day, we took a car to the Polish Embassy in China to participate in a movie enrollment. At the 40 -minute journey, Teacher Yi told me a lot about Polish literature and culture. Many of the contents can be remembered, but there is a saying: “Learn Polish well and translate Polish literature. So many good is good It’s a pity not to translate it! “Today I thought about it, my husband really practiced this sentence with her life and indifferent fame and fortune.

In 1954, Professor Yi Lijun was selected by the country to study from the Chinese Department of Wuhan University to the Department of Language and Literature, Warsaw, Poland. Later, she often told us that difficult and fulfilling learning experience: “It is not easy for the state to send us out. Many farmers grow land every year in order to cultivate a college student to study abroad, so we must work hard. After studying the pre -courses of the language for a year, I learned Polish literature with Polish students. In the first two years, I couldn’t understand or remember it. I borrowed notes from Polish students after class. Later, from the third year, from the third year At the beginning, it was Polish students in charge of borrowing notes! Without a place to study, I ran to the church in Poland and sat in the last row. Many classic masterpieces of Polish literature were by me. “The gentleman of your youth was in the ocean of Polish literature, completed his studies with amazing perseverance, achieved excellent results, and laid a solid foundation for future teaching, translation and study of Polish literature.

After returning from the master’s degree in 1960, Professor Yi Lijun first served as an editor and reporter in the Soviet Eastern European Ministry of the Central Broadcasting Bureau. retire. She loves teaching and devoted her wholeheartedly. She has opened more than ten courses for undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students. She has written a large number of lesson plans in the age of publishing conditions. She said that she was tutoring and tirelessly trained a large number of outstanding Polish talents for the country. Students were active in various fields such as diplomacy, economy, trade, culture, propaganda, and education in my country. Professor Yi won the title of Beijing teaching teacher twice in 1995 and 2007.

The gentleman learns to be a teacher and behavior. He has always taught us that we must “learn to be a person first, and then learn to learn”. She is indifferent to fame and fortune, she is a ladder, and educate people with broad learning and learning, and influence her younger generation with noble character. In 2007, the University of Poland was awarded Professor Yi Lijun’s honorary doctorate degree in honor of “outstanding translation achievements, hard teaching work and a model of cooperation with Polish research institutions.” As the youngest teacher in the Polish teaching and research room, I accompanied Teacher Yi to Poland to receive awards. For the first time, Teacher Yi was so loved by students. Polish alumni who worked at the Consulate General of China and the Consul Museum of China and the Zhongbo Shipping Corporation rushed to worship the meeting, a teacher and student affection. At that time, I became more firmly determined to stand up to three -foot podium. Later, I accompanied my husband to Poland to receive awards and attend the seminar almost every year. Everyone laughed and followed Teacher Yi and would not be hungry.

The gentleman’s heart is broad -minded and cares about the development of Polish education. In 2009, Harbin Normal University built a new Polish major. Teacher Yi made a special trip to the opening ceremony and gave many guidance. In 2014, Mr. Mao Yinhui, a student of Mr. Mao Yinhui, founded the Polish major in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and received special attention from her. She often laughed that Guangwai Poland was inherited by Lingnan in her own mantle. In the conferences and activities that were unable to remember, her funny, well -known, and leisurely words, I always let me pour the top and like the spring breeze, impress the Polish students from all over the country.

The editor -in -chief of “World Literature” said, “If we pay attention to the path of Yi Lijun’s translation, it is basically as she browsed the history of Polish literature as she browsed.” This kind of comment is not too much. From ethnic poet Mitz Kevic to Dawen Haoxiakovic, from the poet Movos, Himbolska to the contemporary novelist Toccalch, from romanticism, empiricalism to absurdity, postmodernism Mr. translated dozens of Polish literary works, and poetry, novels, prose, and drama are all involved. The Polish prose “Strawberry” translated by her translation was reprinted by dozens of newspapers and magazines. She was selected as a reference for Chinese language teaching. Many students in Beijing and other languages ​​were stunning before entering the school. In the school, many young people couldn’t help but sigh, “Master Fang Zhi is around, how lucky!”


In addition to translating literary works, Professor Yi Lijun also wrote monographs such as “Polish Literature”, “History of Poland’s post -War Literature” and “Poland 20th Century Poetry”. Essence In 2008, Professor Yi was nominated by the Polish Speaker and was nominated by the Polish Speaker and was awarded the title of “Poland Language Culture Ambassador” awarded by the Polish Language Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. I was fortunate to go to Poland to receive awards with Mr.. During this period, Polish friends invited us to visit the Museum of Polish Cavaliers Clothing. Before an exhibits, the two old people discussed excitedly, and Teacher Yi suddenly laughed and said to her husband Yuan Hanyu, “Old man, what do you think, I said this weapon was like this, I turned over, I turned over That’s right! “Seeing that the accompanying Polish friends were a little confused, Teacher Yi explained that when translating the Crusader Cavaliers, the two often argued for the translation of a certain weapon or some clothes. This kind of dispute will be available in many works such as the second old translation “Fern Dukai”. It is also this kind of “baht must be compared”, which makes a translation of a signature “Yi Lijun, Yuan Hanyu”. do.

In 2018, Professor Yi Lijun was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Translation Culture from the Chinese Translator Association. This is the highest award in the Chinese translation industry and a high affirmation of the contribution to his life. People can’t help but think of the “Pioneer Festival” known as the “Embrase”. After the “Cultural Revolution”, the first foreign literature translated in China was completed by Professor Yi Lijun during the period when he moved to the Shatang Office of Hubei. In a small shed often in the night, Teacher Yi translated the original protagonist’s chanting into Chinese in Chinese. There are too many mosquitoes in summer, and the interpreter room becomes a bed with mosquito nets hanging in the dormitory … It is under this condition that the gentleman intermittently translated the first draft of the third part of the “Pioneer Festival”. After returning to Beijing, she used the gap time and various opportunities to find information, solve difficult problems, and supplemented the first draft. In 2009, when I followed Professor Yi Lijun to the University of Westricia, Polish to participate in the Academic Symposium on Polish Literature International Communication, she mentioned the translation of the past in her keynote speech. Silence, what should I do everywhere? What should I do? “Then she said with a humorous manner,” Silence everywhere, dark everywhere, but I know, the light will always come! “In a moment, the applause was thunderous. The gentleman went on to say, “My time will end. Next, I hope that in Wulan and Li Yinan (member of the Chinese scholars at the time), I hope they will take my pen and continue to engage in Polish literature translation.” Today I remember it. And, tears are like rain.

Mr. is the banner of the Polish literature translation industry forever. He never puts down the translated pen in his life. “Static Paintings with Horse Chew” and “Elephant” (translated with Mao Yinhui). Until the last time of life, she was still discussing the translation of Miwash’s masterpiece “Isa Valley” with Professor Zhao Gang.

Mr. Zhao Gang, Ulan, and Mao Yinhui, who have trained in Polish literature translation, have a strong sense of mission in the salary inheritance of Polish literature translation. The backbone of the world. And I remembered it clearly that my husband asked me to attend the reader sharing meeting on behalf of her, urging me to share my understanding of Polish literature with readers, and encouraged me to tell the reader to readers. Teacher Yi, I will also work hard for “the last story”. No matter if you can’t see it, I will tell you.

In February, the air in Beijing was extraordinarily clear, reminding me of the old man who was sitting in the history of Polish literature sitting in the north west courtyard tower. In 2004, after graduating from undergraduate, I officially became a master’s degree in Teacher Yi. After the school does not want to start school, the main building of the East Academy used for teaching has not yet been completed, so the study of Teacher Yi’s house has become our training room. Mr. Poland and her Putonghua with Hubei accent in pure Polish to give us Kakhovsky’s moving “Lye”, Small Titzkovic’s romantic and mysterious “Pioneer Festival”, or in the class When sharing with us to study in Poland, I saw the strange experience of Lake Baikal Lake Baikal for a few days and nights … In that study, except for an outdated computer and a simple computer and a simple one. The sofa is a book full of walls. Occasionally sitting in the living room, you can see a small TV surrounded by various award trophies on the TV wall. The gentleman is a pure, transparent, and true temperament, and his life is extremely simple in life. She never knew any brand -name clothing. Only when she put on the clothes or shoes brought back from the United States, she would happily ask me if it looks good. The gentleman is bold again, and he likes to laugh the most. Now that I want to come, for more than two decades, every time I was hesitant, distressed, and hesitant, in this “bad room”, the scene inspired by the three words and dialing me was like yesterday.


Yi Lijun, Yuan Hanyu 俪


In the two days when the gentleman left, institutions and people from the education, diplomacy, culture, and publishing of the two countries in China have sent electricity. His old friends and younger generations of old friends around the world are mournful, and they pin their sorrows in various forms. As a self -witnesses of all this, he has deepened that Professor Yi Lijun is our true Mr..


Professor Yi Lijun, who has made outstanding contributions to Polish Education Education and China -Bobo Cultural Exchange, left. In her life, she was poverty and did not ask for a smell; she was tireless, Tao Li World; diligent study, writing, etc.

The outstanding achievements of Mr. Yue have been a valuable wealth for the exchange of cultural exchanges between China Bo. After my generation, it was difficult to look back. Only the road that was developing along the gentleman moved forward. Every time there is an inch, chatting with the grace.

Editor in charge: Peng Shanshan

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