There is no pair of “knight boots” this year, it is a pity.

It is no exaggeration to say that autumn and winter is the ocean of boots. In the dazzling boots, the knight boots seem to radiate a dazzling light this year. The unique sense of advanced and fashionable can kill a lot of boots. The focus can also modify the leg shape. It is a pity not to have a pair of knight boots this year!

Knight boots were initially to protect the cavalry’s ankle to avoid injuries, mainly for strap design. With the awakening of feminist consciousness, this male -exclusive boots gradually entered the field of women’s wear, and the design gradually enriched. The style is neutral and refreshing, making it extremely popular.


Knight boots are almost knee, but it does not have the disadvantages of long legs. It can modify the leg lines of the legs, cover up the insufficiency of the calf thickness, and lined the more curved legs. It has fashion and practical effects.

I walked through the bland Chelsea boots, tired of Martin boots on bad streets, and sexy high boots. I think you should try the knight boots that these fashionable people are wearing. The design of British Qi makes it extraordinary, and the tolerance of leg problems is also very prominent among many boots.

<1> Cavaliers boots selection solution

The prominent design of the knight boots and the iconic temperament are always daunting. How to choose the knight boots? For you, you will let me answer the confusion of choosing the knight boots for you!

| Loose vs Paste leg


The loose knight boots will leave a certain gap in the calf position, making the legs more loose and comfortable. Such Knight boots are very high -level. The design of the legs is not so prominent. The width of the two fingers is more appropriate. The material of the wide kark boots requires relatively stiff materials, or it is easy to slip down.


Tip: The wide -tube knight boots are easy to produce folds, which is very destructive. Choosing a hard material can help improve this situation.


The boots that fit the legs are the most traditional knight boots, and the overall temperament is more neat. Thunder area.

| Fine heel vs thick heel vs flat bottom


The heel Knight boots are a big transformation of the knight boots. It integrates more feminine elements to the knight boots. The girl who is not enough to control the knight boots.

The thick heels are more mature and stable, and there are moderate softness. The rough Knight boots are not so high in the feet, and it is not easy to tired after wearing it for a long time. It is the best choice for showing high legs.

The temperament of the flat knight boots is the most neutral, and each age group is suitable for wearing, but the style is mainly fixed in handsome and accumulated.

| Pure color vs pattern

The difficulty coefficient of plain color matching is low. If you want to be more fashionable, it is recommended to adjust the effect through the material. From the perspective of eye -catching and styling, the matte material> matte material, if it is “unswerving”, can use this method to increase the shape of the shape.


Various colors seem to be limited in autumn and winter. Animal patterns and plaids will not have a decreased feeling in autumn and winter. Animal pattern knight boots still have a certain difficulty in control. Women with not slim figures, animal patterns will enlarge and expand, preferably best Don’t try, if you are white and slim, wear bold!




The circular smooth boots have no special modification effect on the leg shape, and the V -shaped boots extend the legs, which is thinner to show long legs! The lines of the boots are completely perpendicular to the soles of the feet, and the leg shape is relatively high, and the boots with a certain tilt can be worn!

<2> Proper wear and break the trend

The cool style of the knight boots seems to be tightly tightly tied, but you can find more possibilities from its wear, realize the style jumping, and the fairy with different personality can use the Cavaliers boots to satisfy yourself. Demand.

(1) Delite skin method

Proper dew skin can add femininity and contrast with the “heroic” of the knight boots. You can use skirts or shorts to match Knight boots, which have both sexy and unique handsomeness. But be careful to avoid wearing the dust, short skirts and shorts at least 50cm, do not expose the thickest position of the thighs to be thin.


Demonstration: knee dress+denim jacket+knight boots

The sweetness of the dress and the handsomeness of the denim jacket seemed to be opposite the two armies. The temperament of the knight boots is not so aggressive. The sweet and cool style is more personalized!

Demonstration: knit sweater+leather shorts+windbreaker+knight boots


The tattoo of knitwear and leather shorts allows the dew to avoid the dust, and the high -level atmosphere of the trench coat enhances the style of wearing. Instead in the waist of the trousers, opening the trench coat to wear is the essence of thin and high. The color of the color is warm, which is very high.


(2) Elegant and dignified method

The leg shape is not so good -looking or afraid of cold fairy may refuse the short skirt on the knee. It is also possible to use the skirt with the knee to try dignified. But if the dress is covered with the knight boots, the effect of showing high legs is not so ideal. It is best to leave a little space between the skirt and the knight boots, or use an asymmetric skirt design to increase the stretch effect.


Or choose a straight skirt with such a large skirt, and the neat elegance will not be pressed. There is a little slit not only affect elegant temperament, but also shows long legs.


Demonstration: knitted bottoming shirt+suit jacket+straight suit skirt+knight boots

The sweater is soft, the dignified suit skirt is dignified, the big gentleness, the sharpness of the knight boots is softened a lot, and the work of the work can also wear knight boots without abruptness.

(3) One cool to the end


Combined with neutral items, it can have a cool effect with Cavaliers boots. However, it is easy to produce a mechanical sense that is too hard to use. It can become more relaxed and casual when matching.

Demonstration: shirt+leather jacket+tight pants+knight boots

The short leather jacket of the metal zipper does not press the height, the white shirt is neutralized and the turbidity, the slim -fitting of the tights is a slightly wider knight -wide knight boots? Is there a full locomotive wind? The leather jackets are scattered and wearing this set of stereotypes.

You can also use some temperament to match it with a slightly soft temperament. For example, graffiti shirts, the fabric is slightly soft, the style is more lively, and the knight boots make people feel cool and vibrant.

Be careful: The buttons can only increase sexy and fashionable.

It is easy to “teach the director” temperament with a suit jacket? Knight boots and jeans can definitely get the suit jacket from this temperament. The suit is slightly loose, but it is not too large, otherwise the overall temperament is very strong.

Knight boots are not only suitable for cool girls. Girls in each style can exert their imagination and wear beautiful. In the ocean of the boots, there is no need to find it anymore. It is the pair of high legs and fashionable treasure shoes. Just take advantage of it and arrange it!

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