I am a “male aunt” in kindergarten

The implementation of male and kindergarten cultivation and caring projects, increasing the proportion of male and preschool teachers, can effectively change the phenomenon of yin and yang and decline in kindergartens, which is conducive to cultivating the masculinity of boys from an early age.

——The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Lei Mingqiang’s proposal “” masculinity education “calls for high care to be highly caring for strong cultivation of male and preschool teachers”

At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Education’s reinstatement of improving students’ “masculinity” caused many controversy on gender discussion. In fact, the statement of “masculinity education” has been mentioned for many years. Specific to the kindergarten is to increase the number of men and young teachers and strengthen the proportion of sports education.

In reality, although there are policy encouragement, kindergarten recruitment tilt, and students’ parents to support the three parties, the male and kindergarten have always been the “rare species” of giant pandas in kindergartens, and have not changed significantly over the years.

Why did these “rare species” choose this profession? What are the advantages and disadvantages of gender in work? Do they recommend that other boys enter this industry? With these questions, we found three male and kindergarten teachers to talk about their stories.


From veterans to “Child King”


The location of the kindergarten: Liaoning


Being a male teacher time: 5 years

Current position: online class research teacher

Because of the failure of the college entrance examination, Li Ying (a pseudonym) was forced to choose a childhood education major, and there were only seven boys in the entire major.


At that time, he had never seen or heard that a man did this profession.

In his hometown in Northeast China, men rarely participate in the care of their children. In memory, his “eating and drinking Lazar” was completed under the care of his mother.

For several years in college, Li You failed to go through this psychological barrier. He chose to join the army with some confused future when he graduated. After experiencing the troops, Li You felt that he had grown a lot when he was retiring, and he began to think seriously about his future.

“The biggest growth in the army for several years is that they will not care about those meaningless face and no longer drill the horns. From my own conditions, you learn kindergaining. If you change your career to start again, everything It is unknown, and I may not like that job. From the external environment, boys are still very popular in this industry. “

Li You still remembered the job search experience of the first job. After he entered a resume of a private kindergarten in Beijing, he received an interview invitation in less than two hours. The other party was very enthusiastic during the interview. After asking some business issues, he clearly invited him to work. One of his male classmates is more smooth. Just updating the resume will receive invitations from many kindergartens to quickly join the job by expected treatment.

Li Yong got a rocket -like rocket in the kindergarten. He was promoted to the assistant to the dean for only one year and assisted the dean to complete some external communication and enrollment. “I finally had a male teacher. It was too wasteful to put it in the class in the class. It must be made into a signboard for more parents to see it, which is convenient for enrollment.” Li Yu understood his rapid promotion.

Half a year later, Li You started to get tired of the role of this “mascot”. He chose to leave Beijing and return to his hometown kindergarten to recapture the class teacher from the assistant dean. In his plan, it is necessary to have a better development in this industry in the future. It is necessary to have sufficient front -line experience. The high -ranking high -ranking position is not good for growth.

In kindergarten, a class is generally composed of three teachers, the main class teachers, deputy class teachers, and caregivers.

After returning to the kindergarten in his hometown, Li You started a child of small classes, middle class, and large classes from the deputy class. From the morning to class, lunch break and sports activities, Li You must be responsible. Children in the small middle class occasionally peeing their pants and “stinking stinks”. After really taking over, he discovered that the difficulty of preschool education was much more difficult than expected. “Classes are not a big problem. The troubles of trouble lies in all kinds of emergencies in a day. Although they have learned in school, they are still very uncomfortable in actual operation. There are many children in this age. Slowly get used to experience, accumulate experience, and then gradually get started. “

Affected by the epidemic last year, Li You’s work was once again out of the line. At that time, due to the unable to teach offline, the kindergarten arranged several backbone teachers to study online lectures. As the only male teacher in the garden, Li You was named to join the team. During the epidemic, Li You’s online course was the only source of income from kindergarten to help the garden spend difficulties in the garden. After the epidemic was stable, Li Yu’s team continued to study online courses and worked hard to promote and sell the course to other kindergartens.

“In the future, it is to continue to accumulate experience to enrich yourself. You will consider more upper layers such as the operation of park operations and teacher training courses to strive for better development. In recent years, I feel that as long as you get off the shelves, don’t care about those those who don’t care about those. Boring vision, male and kindergarten is a very promising job. “



I let my child move chair and be criticized by the female teacher

Zhang Yan

The location of kindergarten: Shanghai

Being a male teacher time: 3 years

Current position: Big class head teacher

On Monday morning, Zhang Yan (a pseudonym) took a exercise class to the children in the big class.

Zhang Yan asked each child to move the four stools to the opposite playground at the same time. In his opinion, children of this age have power and endurance to move the stool over.

After a few children observed, they stunned a few stools together and moved forward and moved forward.

This scene let the passing female teacher see that she went straight to Zhang Yan. “How can you let the child move the stool? Didn’t you find that he was walking? What if you fell and stabbed? Who is responsible?”


Some questioned to Zhang Yan like a bead artillery. He did not insist on letting the child put down the stool to change other activities.

After graduating from college, Zhang Yan successfully joined a public first -class kindergarten in Shanghai. When he chose a childhood education major, he just saw the employment advantage of boys in this industry. After graduation, he successfully took office and verified his judgment. But for several years, he felt that the industry was not friendly to male and young teachers.

Zhang Yan’s kindergarten is one of the largest kindergartens in Shanghai, but only Zhang Yan has only one boy Zhang Yan.

Such a working environment makes Zhang Yan a bit lonely, and it is alone outside the class. Most of the female teachers in the school are post -80s, more than ten years older than Zhang Yan. Gender differences and age gaps make them have almost no common language outside of work. When a group of female teachers were together, when they talked about makeup, variety shows, and children, Zhang Yan couldn’t intervene at all and was unwilling to talk.


For Zhang Yan, communication is not a big problem. After all, it is just a colleague, and it is enough to complete the necessary work exchanges. But at work, the frequent views made him very uncomfortable. Moving the stool incident was just the epitome of it.

In the process of daily classes and care for children, male and female teachers are a bit simple division of labor. Generally speaking, male teachers will be more responsible for sports courses, and female teachers will be more responsible for language and art courses. In life, taking care of children’s nap, small class children’s hygiene, etc. are generally done by female teachers, and male teachers will not arrange such work in order to avoid suspicion.


However, this division of labor is not clearly separated. In the lectures, the two parties often meet, and many conceptual differences will collide. In Zhang Yan’s view, male teachers are generally aggressive, like to arrange students to make some challenging games, and they will diverge in class; Habits to work step by step. There are often disputes between the two sides. Each other female teacher will stand on the opposite side of Zhang Yan. In order to avoid greater disputes, he can only compromise.

“Actually, female teachers are worried about safety issues, but I have taken students for three years without a student injury, so I think this question cannot be standing.

Children must also prefer me more. Children of this age like to be in trouble and do not like to sit and sitness steadily. Many parents of students will also ask why their children cannot match the male teacher. “


After the end of this semester, Zhang Yan intends to leave from the current kindergarten and join the kindergarten that is closer to home. In the future plan,

He intends to go to the first -level teachers before the age of 30, and then develop to the administrative department.

“If you go to the management post in the future, you hope to better coordinate the difference between male and female teachers and bring children better education.”


“Brother” teacher in the special education kindergarten

Han Xuan

Being a male teacher time: 4 years

Current position: Teacher of the Central Class of Rehabilitation Center

Some kindergartens men’s teachers will be called “male aunt” by the child, but Han Xuan (pseudonym) is different. Many children he brings like to call him “brother”.

One day when playing the game, Han Xuan asked a child’s birthday, and the child told him it was February 10. Han Xuan said, “My birthday is October 9th, shouldn’t that be your brother?”

The children remembered this title, and then they called Han Xuan “brother” collectively when they played the game.

However, this male teacher who can accept the child’s “brother” is the “discipline responsibility” of the entire kindergarten. He yelled to make all children quiet instantly. Almost every child is afraid of serious Teacher Han. There was a late child who stood at the door of the classroom and did not dare to enter because he was afraid of being criticized by Teacher Han.

Strictly speaking, Han Xuan’s work is not a kindergarten, but a special child rehabilitation center. Children in the garden have hearing impairment.

After the children are implanted with cochlear implants, they will complete preschool education here. After passing the rehabilitation assessment exams, they can enter elementary school to study.

Han Xuan University studied fine arts. When he was in school, he took the qualification certificate for elementary school art teacher. When he planned to graduate into a elementary school as an art teacher, the instructor put his internship materials into the center of rehabilitation.

“I almost don’t know how to speak a group of hearing impaired children.

Han Xuan came to Shanghai with a scalp and planned to go back for a few days. He didn’t expect that this “cope” was five years.


Children with cochlear cochlea. Although both pronunciation and hearing have some obstacles, they did not affect normal communication. Han Xuan’s first worry was completely superfluous. After some contact, Han Xuan was soon “hooked away” by the children. He fell in love with the job and told the instructor that he had to stay.

The biggest resistance of this decision comes from their parents. They cannot understand that after spending a lot of money and energy, their son wants to give up a relaxed and high -paying job like elementary school art teacher to show others children, and these children are still a group of “fools”.

The parents’ opinions with discrimination made Han Xuan feel more distressed by these children. He knew that many hearing impaired children in his hometown could not accept education and treatment. When he grew up, he could not communicate and express normally. It was no different from the “fool”. Han Xuan even insisted on making this decision. He likes to be with these children, hoping to change their lives by his own efforts. “”

I think any job is the first to like it.

Any occupation is the best, and salary will not be bad. “

Here, Han Xuan took the middle and large classes, responsible for the daily teaching and life of the children, and also responsible for the art courses of all children. As the only male teacher, he is also responsible for all kinds of physical labor and deterrent children.

In the eyes of others, many of them are genius in Han Xuan. A child has never taken a training course, but the addition and subtraction of less than 500 can blurt out. There is also a child’s singing sound and rhythm is very accurate, which is extremely difficult for the child’s hearing impaired children. A child told Han Xuan that her wish was to be a painter. When her parents and younger brother were happy, she drew it down, so that every time she was unhappy, she would be happy to take out her painting. “Isn’t the essence of art recorded the moment of beauty? This child said the essence in a word.” Han Xuan was very excited after hearing.

“Most of the friends around you are the education industry, and it is easy to understand my work. If you find an object, the first requirement is to accept this job. If the other party does not accept it, I do not continue to interest with her, so there will What influence. The only impact is my parents. Their relatives and friends don’t understand, but I don’t care. “

In the future, Han Xuan wants to stay in Shanghai. He plans to formally prepare in the rehabilitation center, get a stable guarantee, and then use the weekend to teach art in training institutions, earn some out -of -the -ware expressions, and strive to buy a house in Shanghai as soon as possible.

Author 丨 Zhou Zhou

Cover design 丨 Feifei

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The location of kindergarten: Shanghai

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