Zhao Liying is comparable to a blockbuster! Wearing a puffy skirt girl feels a lot, Tu Fan’s red lips are too beautiful

On March 1st, Zhao Liying’s studio showed Zhao Liying’s beautiful photos on the social platform. I have to say that Zhao Liying’s state is maintained very well today, and the shooting of the shooting is not inferior. In the camera, Zhao Liying chose a suspender fairy skirt to show a sense of exquisiteness and girly, interpreting the playful and modern fashion atmosphere, making the overall look simple and atmospheric, and outline the beautiful temperament goddess in minutes.


Zhao Liying suspender fairy skirt style wearing guide


Fashion keywords: sling elements; fashion elements; puff skirts; wavy curly hair; flames red lips

01 Highlight 1: Combined with the suspender element to create a skin -exposed area


The skirts have always been matched with many little fairy’s heart. When matching the skirt, the overall style is mainly divided into suspenders, tube top skirts, off -shoulder long skirts, etc. same. General choice

As embellishment, the suspender skirt can not only create Xiaoxiang shoulder and delicate and beautiful collarbone, but also make the overall look to create aesthetics and age -reducing models, and interpret the atmospheric fashion model.

Zhao Liying’s shape chose a suspender skirt as a outline. Generally, she chose a suspender skirt to add a skin -dew area. The slender swan neck and delicate and beautiful collarbone, creating a perfect shoulder and neck line, which explains femininity very well And beautiful temperament, interpret sexy beauty.

02 Highlight two: Low V -shaped collar to avoid styling


Although Zhao Liying’s overall look is relatively simple, she shows a good sense of beauty and fashion in detail. Especially under the design of the neckline, it combines low V -shaped collar matching.

It can avoid the style of glowing or creating the aura of urban beauty, but also can well reflect the temperament of the playful little fairy, and interpret the beauty and high -level sense.

Zhao Liying’s shape combines low V -collar, showing V -line elements, which can stretch the swan neck well, and then create a small V face. , Avoid the styling, interpret the modern playful style.

03 Highlight three: Puff skirt with a sweet age reduction model

In this group of styles, Zhao Liying’s overall look is a combination of “one complexity and one simplification”. Using a tips for dressing is a good way to set a beauty and fashion atmosphere. The key is to use it.


The effects of one -end and simple clothes can not only achieve the transition, but also make the overall look more colorful, and it is still beautiful.

Zhao Liying’s shape is combined with a simple match, using the slimming matching to create a clean effect, but the lower body shape combines the puffy skirt element. Make the styling shape a beautiful temperament, and interpret the elegant and dignified fan


04 Model Highlight 4: Combined with fashion elements to enrich the overall look

Secondly, it will be found that the fashion elements are well outlined and beautiful. Zhao Liying’s choice of fashion elements can not only enrich the shape, but also shape the beauty.

The atmosphere of creating a playful little fairy makes the overall look simple and atmospheric, and it is still to interpret the modern fashion atmosphere.

Zhao Liying’s body is combined with pattern logo embellishment to create playful and little fairy models, making the overall look exquisite and playful, showing an elegant and intellectual style in minutes.

05 Highlights 5: Big wave curls+flames red lips to create sexy and beautiful samples

In addition to making a big breakthrough in the shape, on makeup and makeup

I have made a lot of changes. Choose a big wave curly hair combined with the flame red lips to interpret the sexy and beautiful fan.

, Can also add a beautiful temperament, showing elegance and dignity in minutes.


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