Trend analysis 2016-2017 autumn and winter new business casual shirt

Classic white shirt
The ubiquitous white shirt has evolved through different sizes to create leisure-formal sense.The softer -shoulder design and loose sleeves are combined with a lengthened silhouette, and then with pleated trousers to create a romantic beauty.Maintain the elegance of sophisticated tailoring through exquisite short -collar silhouettes.

Strong solid color
The rich and saturated color adds a sense of maturity to the luxury format. The autumn color tone of wine red, naval blue, and olive green military green appear extra brightness on full -dyed cotton. At the same time, warm gray and neutral colors presentIt is also important.The consistent colors of the whole body create a modern and high -end shape.

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款商务休闲衬衫

Abstract tribe style pattern
The black and white monochrome full of graphics is re -interpreted through the tribal style pattern and developed towards abstract trends.A variety of patterns include symbols in the diagonal grid, full -style V -type pattern and smooth hand -drawn effect. Whether it is dark or light background, this pattern design can bring visual impact.Very commercial selling point.

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款商务休闲衬衫

Micro -pattern
The miniature pattern or pouring down, or combine the dots with the stars, wave dots and grids to create a refreshing effect.The enhanced pattern density is used to create a rich texture effect, and the wave point effect of Christian Dior is made through a cycle of miniature patterns.

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款商务休闲衬衫

Dark flower
The rich full -ground flower shows the national atmosphere, suitable for autumn and winter, saturated color and dark background complementarity with the air force blue and black.The size of the pattern is different from miniature to large, as shown in Marni, the surface of the full -ground water washing shows the novel effect of fading.

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款商务休闲衬衫

Embroidered white shirt
Craft embroidery and mixing processing to raise classic white shirts into versatile personalized items.Using a striking layout design, it is applied to the front film to show the sense of luxury and interest. It can also use subtle small decorations, or the design in the rear, so that it still maintains a refreshing white shirt beauty from the front or when it is matched with a jacket.Essence

Comprehensive analysis (the pictures are from the public official website of the brand’s official website)

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