Is it so good? Good fishing rod is actually not light! why?

In general, it is easy to break the fish, usually there is a common point, which is too light!

The weight and strength of the fish

Many fishing rods manufacturers, willing to promote their light, what is the reason behind? Do the fishing rods both catering to the fisherman’s preferences, manufacturers also saved the carbon cloth, manufacturers of course is willing! The fish is light, and many times is not equal to use high-grade carbon cloth, or the manufacturer uses fewer carbon cloth materials. Material less means that the manufacturer cost is reduced, the manufacturer is of course willing! The consumers are suffering, and this fishing rod is extremely easy to break.

The amount of fish of fish is proportional to the intensity of fish, and the weight of the material is greater, which means the strength of the fish. A fish must reach a certain strength, you must use enough material (carbon cloth), so a good fish, its weight is actually not light! If the fish is too light, its strength cannot be guaranteed, it is very easy to break. How much is used, directly determines the mechanical properties of the product!


Good fishing rod is not light, and the wall is thick

What is the normal weight of the fish?

What should I do if the weight of a fish is normal? Personally think that Japanese fish rods can be referred to. Let’s take a look at their details, different sized fish rods, weight is different. For example, a 3.9-meter fish rod of 10.7mm is 10.7mm, and the individual feels that its normal weight should be between 85 to 89 grams (can be coated). When comparing the weight of the fish, the same length, the same taper (element / length), the same thick fishing rod is more meaningful, so it is necessary to combine the length of the fish, the acence, and the element parameters.


For example, the same is 3.9 meters (first diameter 1.1, element diameter 10.7) squid rod, Dai Yiwa’s hits have reached 89 grams, and the strike is completely painted, remove the weight and paint painting Weight, the weight of the fish is also about 75 grams. And the Han Ding’s quarter is more, according to the reason, the weight should be larger, and the quarter is the weight of the bastard, but only 68.5 grams, the actual material weight is lower than this value, obviously light .

Han Ding’s quadrant specifications

When comparing the weight of the fish, it should be significant in the same size, the same taper (element / length), the same kind of fishing rod. For example, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length, the same length.

Why did you say that the good fish is not light? Let’s take a look at the weight of the Huiwa Red Tiger. The 3.6-meter via only 13 red tiger, with a weight of 88 grams. Everyone can compare many Japanese fishing rods and Taiwan fish rods, they can find that their fishing rods are generally biased. (The domestic fishing rod is generally scattered, the material is less weight, the wall is insufficient)

In recent years, some manufacturers have launched a lightweight version of the fish, such as Chemicals also have a lightweight dragon tattoo, but take a closer look at the comment area, it can find that there is no small number of burst. So buy lightweight, be cautious.

Dai Yahua Red Tiger Specifications

How to distinguish between high and low carbon fish under the same weight?

Buy the fish and look at the weight, it is not. Manufacturers may be considered for cost, using low carbon materials, to reach the same weight. How to distinguish this situation? At this time, you have to look at the hardness of the fish, the feel and the sound, or watch the carbon cloth light. Usually, high carbon fish rod hardness will be higher, rebound is more rapid, will send a metal-like sound, and the carbon cloth is also better.

Many fishing tools believers believe that manufacturers labeled the weight of material, and they are smart. I personally think that the manufacturer marks the weight of the material of the fish, the premise is the weight of the finished product. In most cases, the weight of the fish rod is used as a reference, and the strength of a fish rod is feasible.

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