Girls who like to wear jeans, it is recommended to choose flared pants in summer to increase and thin

Although summer is the most suitable season for wearing skirts, this view also varies from person to person, not all girls like to wear skirts. If a girl who really likes to wear skirts, even in the cold winter, their daily wear will also be mainly skirts. Winter skirt fabrics are thick, and then use various warm artifacts, it will also be warm.


There are also some girls who do not seem to be interested in skirts. Instead, they have a soft spot for trousers, especially jeans, which are favored by them. Girls who like to wear jeans, it is recommended to choose flared pants in summer. Below below the knee is scattered, which not only increases the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation, but also has a very good sense of elegance. With a pair of high -heeled shoes, it is thin and thin.


How to choose denim flared pants in summer ‍

Idea ①: It is better to choose light blue cooling


Everyone knows that the colors of jeans are not complicated, that is, blue and black are mainly, nothing more than dark and shallow. Wear jeans in summer and try to choose lighter colors, which can reduce thermal absorption and increase reflective effects. It will naturally be cooler when wearing. For example, the nostalgic color that is more popular in recent years is a white light blue, which not only has good cooling effect, but also has a retro style.


Idea ②: Select according to the degree of magnification of the pants mouth

When choosing flared pants, you can choose according to the extent of the pants mouth enlargement. It is usually divided into three types: micro -flared pants, small flared pants and large flared pants. Micro -flared pants can just cover the upper. Small flared pants can cover the entire shoe. Big flared pants are more exaggerated. The width can reach 50 cm. It is like two walking “brooms”. Little flared pants are more practical, and big flared pants are usually the favorite of tide people. It is used to create a tide temperament and highlight the charm of personality.

Idea ③: Choose according to the level of the waist of the trousers

The trousers are roughly divided into three types of trousers in the pants waist, high waist, middle and low waist. Girls can choose the style that suits them according to their figure. The middle waist style is suitable for people with a variety of figures to wear, and the low waist style is more picky. Girls with long legs and long legs can more highlight the advantages of the figure. High -waist style can improve the waistline and achieve the effect of significant and thin. Therefore, if you want to create a good figure, you can choose high -waisted denim flared pants.


The matching skills of denim flared pants

TIPS①: The matching skills of the top

The versatile effect of jeans is very good, and almost all styles of tops can be matched. In the summer, you can consider choosing some styles with good light and breathability, such as the basic T -shirts, suspenders, shirts, and jeans to get good results. Girls with a slim figure can also choose a short top to expose the waistline, which not only highlights the grace of the body, but also increases the cooling effect.

TIPS ②: Skills of shoes


The best partner of flared pants is high heels, because only high heels can set off the elegant effect of flared pants. Therefore, wearing denim flared pants in summer can be paired with high -heeled sandals. This combination can wear a cool and figure. There are many styles of high -heeled sandals. The most classic and most popular sandals in the summer are one word sandals and crystal high -heeled sandals. These two shoes are known for its simple style, and the versatile effect is very good. I want to wear it. I want to wear it. I want to wear The effect of showing high and thin and foreign, choosing them will definitely not make mistakes.

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