The platform on the fifth floor of the community has built more than ten years privately, and the street office found that illegal construction is still “difficult to demolish”

Mr. Li, who lives in Huadiao Tao Jingwan District, Haizhu District, reported to Nantu’s “Reporter Gang” that the residents downstairs built two rangers in 2008 and accumulated garbage all year round. Mr. Li was initially reported to the property from the beginning of the establishment of the revolution, but he had not been dealt with for more than ten years. He even stopped paying the property fee to pressure it. It was not until 2019 that the property sent a letter to the streets to ask for assistance to dismantle. The streets defined two rangers as illegal construction. After the demolition was demolished at the end of 2019, it was reinstated, and the other has not been demolished so far.

Fragrance into garbage nests


There are similar construction in each building in the community

Mr. Li introduced that his house was on the sixth floor. Two covers on the fifth floor below were built in 2008. One place faces south and one north. It has been 12 years. The owner shall not install any extension or additional structure on the outer wall of each unit of the community, including the rain shed. “Mr. Li said that he had complained to the property dozens of times, and it has no fruit for many years.

On July 23, the reporter visited Huadao Tao Jingwan Community and observed that there were leisure platforms on each floor of the community and set up different types of rails. Most of the platform entrances were equipped with similar hollow iron doors. Mr. Li On one side of the entrance of the platform downstairs, there are monitoring and house cards displayed as private houses. Mr. Li suspected that the platform was a public space and presented the real estate certificate to reporters.

In Mr. Li’s house, the reporter saw that the two canal sheds were flat with the ground in the house. The tohistan in the north was a metal frame, and the balcony was the same as the balcony. There are no columns in the south of the south, and the upper cover is the inner glass of the metal architecture.

Mr. Li’s house on the north.


A lot of garbage piled up on the south of the south, such as paper tissue cotton swabs, cigarette butt, and underwear. Mr. Li showed the photos of the previous rain shed to reporters, covered with garbage, and accumulated a layer of black and gray dirt.

Mr. Li’s southern ribbon.

“In the past, there was no special person to clean up. Sometimes the neighbors on the other side couldn’t stand it. They would push the garbage with a self -made extended version. In the past two years, the property will come to the door to clean up every other time, but The cure is not cured. “Mr. Li said.

In July 2019, the streets appraised the two floors on the fifth floor, identified as illegal buildings and issued a notice of rectification to the owner of the household. In December 2019, the law enforcement team demolished the north of the ribbon and did not deal with the south of the south. Mr. Li said that in January 2020, the resident was demolished at the north to build a new rhizon. Mr. Li complained to 12345 for this time, and received the same reply: The newlywed cannan is an illegal area for the telescopic canvas, and it does not belong to the illegal building.

Binjiang Street Office:

Strive for the shortest time to complete the case

On August 14, the Binjiang Street Office of Haizhu District, which belongs to the community, responded to Nandu reporter that after receiving the report from the property management company in 2019, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Guangzhou Municipal Rong Environment Health Management Regulations”, on July 24, 10, 2019 On the 8th, the “Notice of Order Correction” was issued on the 8th, and the parties were ordered to demolish illegal construction by themselves. Because the parties were unwilling to cooperate with their own demolition within the prescribed time, the street law enforcement team implemented forced demolition on the balcony rhizon on the north side on December 18, 2019. During the demolition process It was removed by itself before the New Year of the Lunar New Year in 2020.

On July 29 this year, Mr. Li went to the street law enforcement team to complain about the suspected random construction. On August 5th, the street law enforcement officer meeting with Taojingwan property personnel came to the door again and found that the parties did not demolish the south side of the ribbon and on the north side on the north side. The balcony has been re -settled. The two places are suspected of illegal construction. They have been dealt with in accordance with the law in accordance with the law, and strive to complete them in the shortest time.

The Sub -district Office stated that after the on -site inspection, the street interviewed the relevant person in charge of the property company to carry out the publicity of the rule of law, informing the property as the first responsible person in the management of the community, the property should strengthen management and effectively perform their duties.

Regarding the problem of locking and installation of monitoring on the 5 -story platform and the construction of the 5 -story platform of other buildings, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Regulations on the Management of the Guangdong Provincial Property Management”, the common parts of the property management area are prohibited from damage or unauthorized occupation and the reconstruction of the property. When such behavior occurs in the property management area, the owner and the property users have the right to complain and report. The owner committee shall report the relevant administrative department in a timely manner, and the relevant departments shall handle it in accordance with the law, and the relevant owners and property users shall actively cooperate. Therefore, without the establishment of a valid building area on the platform, the street has notified the relevant situation to inform the relevant situation of the relevant situation of the Haizhu real estate administrative department to follow up in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

As of the press release, the community Huayuan Property did not respond to the interview with reporters, and Mr. Li said that the two rangers have not been demolished.

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Yuying intern Zhang Guowei

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