Commemorate the 25th anniversary of Wang Xiaobo’s death: warm and pure life, reluctant love and freedom

Today is April 11, 2022.

On this day 25 years ago, a writer named Wang Xiaobo left the world forever.

Hearing the news of his death, Liu Xinwu said:

“There is a interesting person in the world.”

In the entire Chinese literary world, Wang Xiaobo is a maverick and unique existence.

Writer Feng Tang said he was “a miracle” and “a good start that was so good”;

The translator Lin Shaohua calls him “the person who really dares to tell the truth”;

In the eyes of his wife Li Yinhe, Wang Xiaobo is “the best, most interesting and best -looking book in the world.”

Li Jing, who had interviewed him, said:

“I dare to play a million gambling, his work will be an immortal work that has been repeatedly read by later generations.”

From “Golden Age” to “My Spiritual Homeland”, from “Wanshou Temple” to “Most of the Silence”, Wang Xiaobo has brought us too much interesting, too many thoughts, and awakening.

He said: “It is not enough to have only a person in this life, and he should also have a poetic world.”

He said: “All people’s pain is essentially angry with their own incompetence.”

He said: “I live in the world, I want to understand some truths, and meet something interesting. If I can be like my wish, my life is successful.”

Twenty years have passed and the Sri Lanka has passed.

Only the text that never fade is still impressed by a generation, such as you, such as me.

Today, let’s talk about Wang Xiaobo.


Good -looking skin, the same is the same

Interesting soul to pick one


Wang Xiaobo’s appearance seems to be a well -known “not beautiful”.

Garlic nose, wind ears, thick lips, wide forehead.

His wife Li Yinhe recalled the two who fell in love.

“Both of us are not beautiful. His looks … are really obstacles, and they almost broke up.”

Liu Xinwu said that Wang Xiaobo visited him for the first time.

Wang Xiaobo also teased himself, “Thinking of you, I smiled on my ugly face.”

Everyone knows the beauty of beauty.

Such an impression is indeed reasonable.

But in front of Wang Xiaobo’s interesting soul, the appearance is simply the most dispensable thing.

As Liu Xinwu said:

“At the beginning of the dialogue, I felt more and more colorful. After two cups of tea, I felt that he looked more and more pleasing to the eye. Maybe it was because he gradually showed his beautiful soul.”


According to Wang Xiaobo himself, he is a silent person. He said nothing in public, and in private, he was in a wonderful language.

Primary school teachers have a evaluation of Wang Xiaobo’s character: bad.

Wang Xiaobo was unhappy, and said, 蔫 I admit it, because the teacher asked me to stand up and answer the question. I only rolled a series of white eyes, but I never admit it.

“I’m not a good person at a glance, it’s still a good person when I approach.”

Wang Xiaobo wrote an article called “A Maverick Pig”.

Seemingly funny and humorous words, there is actually a flash of wisdom.

The pig was encountered when he was cut in. Not only was he agile, he also learned the whistle.

Wang Xiaobo loved this pig very much, saying that it was “maverick” and called it “Pig Brother”.

“I am forty years old. Except for this pig, I haven’t seen anyone who dares to ignore the settings of life. On the contrary, I have seen many people who want to set up others’ lives, as well as those who have been set up to be set up. People. Because of this, I have always missed this unique pig. “

Wang Xiaobo’s interesting is not only in his words of the wonderful words.

Few people know that Wang Xiaobo is not only a writer, not only does it drive a truck, but also China’s first generation of programmers.

As early as 1993, when the computer was still a rare thing in China, Wang Xiaobo could not only be proficient in using the computer, but also compiled a set of Chinese input methods to develop a software similar to Word.

“Golden Age” and “Red Buns Ben” are knocked down like this.

There was even such a saying that Wang Xiaobo’s programming ability was absolutely inferior to Lei Jun and Ma Huateng in the same period.


Many Zhongguancun owners invited Wang Xiaobo to join the company as programmers. After thinking about it, Wang Xiaobo refused. He still felt that writing things was more interesting than making money.

Wang Xiaobo once had a famous saying, “Everything is irreparable to vulgar.”


But he himself is not good, and he regards “interesting” as the highest idea of ​​life.


“My requirements for myself are very low: I live in the world. I have nothing to understand some of the truth and encounter some interesting things. If I can do it, my life is successful.”

In this way, his life is indeed very successful.


Hello wow, Li Yinhe

Speaking of Wang Xiaobo, Li Yinhe must be mentioned.

At that time, Wang Xiaobo returned from Yunnan and returned to Beijing almost embarrassedly.

Beijing does not accept him or accepts his files.

Wang Xiaobo, who had to be a last resort, had to go to the street factory as a worker, and quickly learned a mantra surnamed Liu worker:

Zi said, finishing egg exercises too.

At this time, Li Yinhe looked good, went to college, edited in the “Guangming Daily” after graduation, and later went to work in Zhongnanhai.

Two people who seemed to be unable to beat eight poles have intersecting.

The intersection is a novel “Green Mao Water Monster” written by Wang Xiaobo.

Wang Xiaobo’s early short stories “Green Mao Water Monster” handwritten manuscript illustration illustration illustration

Li Yinhe saw it, which evoked strong curiosity about the author.

When the two met, Li Yinhe was quite disappointed, and Wang Xiaobo fell in love at first sight.

When he opened the door to see the mountain, he asked:

“Have you talked about friends?”

Li Yinhe shook his head.

Wang Xiaobo pursuing pursuit:

“Then do you think I can?”

The two were confused.

But it didn’t take long for Li Yinhe to give Wang Xiaobo two movie tickets and said: We can still be good friends in the future.


This means to break up.

It turned out that the two were too improper, and Li Yinhe’s parents really looked down on this a little silly, a little ugly, and a bit of Wang Xiaobo.

Wang Xiaobo disagreed, and his girlfriend was finally chased.


He retreated the movie ticket and said:

“You should smell the taste of many wines such as bamboo leaves and Erguotou from the letter paper, because why is it worried, only Du Kang.

You should go to the zoo’s crawlery museum to see if I am more ugly than them.

Also, you are not so beautiful. “

Such a frankness, sincerity, sincerity, and a little bit of cheapness, it is really a little tempted and difficult to refuse.

In this way, the two were together soon, not long after receiving a certificate, and their own small families.

Wang Xiaobo, who was just married in 1980, and Li Yinhe took a group photo downstairs in the dormitory

For us readers, the most unforgettable is the moving love letters written by Wang Xiaobo to Li Yinhe.

They were included in a book, named “Love You Like Love”.

The beginning of each chapter is like this:

Like a lover’s murmur, they called each other’s name over and over.

He said, “No matter how mediocre I am, I always feel beautiful for you. I will give you the whole soul, along with its quirk, playing with a small temper, sudden and dark, 1,800 kinds of bad problems, 1,800 bad problems . It is really annoying, there is only a little good, love you. “

He said, “Do you want to know what my love for you? Just like you from the bottom of your heart, I feel that your every move is very kind. If you are unhappy, you like me more than I like me. If you like others, I will cry , But I still like you. “

He said: “I can’t think of writing the letter on the five -line spectrum, right? The five -line spectrum comes by chance, and you come by accident. But the letter I give you is worth writing in the five -line spectrum. Endless song. “


Wang Xiaobo wrote to Li Yinhe on the five -line score

Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe, let me believe:

Love is still one of the best things in the world.

It has nothing to do with foreign objects such as all status, age, money, etc. It is only related to each other’s souls, and it is related to being unreasonable, innocent, and unhappy.

I hope that every dear reader can also find their own “Wang Xiaobo” and “Li Yinhe”.



Life is warm and pure, reluctant to love and freedom

On April 11, 1997, Wang Xiaobo died in an apartment in Beijing due to a heart attack at the age of 45.


When he died, his wife Li Yinhe was a visiting scholar in the UK. The only thing that accompanied him was the “Black Rail Age” that had not yet been completed in the computer.

At the memorial service, Wang Xiaobo’s favorite Beifen sogon during his lifetime.

In the corridor, there were about thirty or forty people standing in a group of men who were sad.

They were holding flowers in their hands, with solemn expression.

Someone asked them to go to the hall to send Wang Xiaobo together.


A man choked and said, “No, we can stand outside and send Mr. Xiaobo for a while, it is very satisfying.”

After a while, he suddenly shouted:

“Mr. Xiaobo is a good person, he treats us as a person.”

This group of men is a respondent in Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe for homosexual survey.

When most people can’t understand and refuse to accept them, it is Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe give them equality and respect, and give them the opportunity to speak.

He said:

“Whether it is homosexual or heterosexual, the loyalty to love is always respectful.”

He speaks for women and speaks for girls:

“I admit that men and women are very different, but this difference does not mean something else:

It does not mean that a person of a certain gender is superior to another gender, nor does it mean that a person of a gender is clever than another gender.

When a girl comes to the world, she should have the right to seek everything she wants like a boy. If she gets what she wants, it is the best

——If I am her parents, I have nothing to do. “

He taught people what is independent, what is sober, and what is conscience:

“Talk to us a lot, but good and evil can still be self -explanatory. If you want to teach us, people and life are unequal.

In the world, the order of respect is eternal truth, but you can not listen. “

There is such a paragraph in the book “Golden Age”:

“The person who loves is like a cricket. Those who are tired of shaking their heads.

Wang Er’s reader has no intermediate state. “

Those who like him, think he is fun, cute, sincere, sober, and pure;

Those who don’t like him, think he is a downright hooligan, is writing and shameless.

But whether you like it or don’t like it, Wang Xiaobo, he is unique.

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Hello wow, Li Yinhe

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