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Above: Shenlong Bay Village by Xiangyun Lake. Wang Chao (People’s Vision) Data Source: Ministry of Commerce, State Post Office

In the winter of Shenlong Bay Village, there is a kind of beauty.

After the snow, in the early morning, the mountains, the dense fog surrounded. The 7 -kilometer long groove, the mountains are accompanied by the deep valley, and the snow fog and the cliff are followed. The fog was dissipated, the sun came out, and Shenlong Bay Village jumped in front of it. In the snow -capped snow, on the top of the stone brick, the households raised cooked smoke, grinding tofu and steamed buns, and the taste of the year is getting stronger. At the door of the Shenlong Bay Scenic Area, a row of red lanterns had been hung early.

This is Pingshun County, Shanxi Province. Shenlong Bay Village, a village that is surrounded by Taihang. The unique landforms, long -term isolation, left a unique beauty in the village, and also brought the villagers that have difficulty in the pain -roads are difficult, the industry is difficult, and the days are tight.

In recent years, this quiet ancient village has laid the acceleration key for development.

The highway is through, the Internet is through, the express delivery and e -commerce have entered the village; the cities in the city have entered the village, the agricultural products are out of the mountain, the e -commerce live broadcast is hot, the digital industry is alive, the integration of one, two, and three industries, and the village is new.

The spring breeze of the times turned the mountains, blowing into the mountains, and blowing into the hearts of the villagers. The villagers also followed the times, caught up with the trend, did a new job, and lived a new life.

Unconsciously, everything in this small mountain village is leaping.

Building roads, three employment of “old driver”

When he was young, Liu Yichang always squatted on the mountainside while eating, looking up at the moon bridge in the northwest corner of the village.

This stone bridge with only a few meters wide is the way out of the village. In the morning, the sun hit the large yellow brown cliff on the bridge, and it was like a overexposed photo. Similarly, the sun also plated the Pingshun County town on the side of the mountain, making Liu Yuchang yearn for it.

At the age of 23, Liu Yuchang went to Pingshun County for the first time, walked, took 5 hours to the town, and then took a bus.

This section of walking must be used to climb the moon bridge from the village. It takes a few hours. On the way, there is a sheep intestine trail. The stone steps are cut out by the villagers on the stone cliffs. They are irregular and steep. When you walk up for dozens of minutes, people will easily breathe and make the sound of “haha”. This comes from the folk name.

From the village, you want to “go out of the mountain” to the county town -either go to the town in the “good ladder”; or follow the ditch to the east to the mountains of Shinyan Town, Henan Province, and then go back to the county seat by Dao Hebei.

There is a way to have hope. Several employment in Liu Yuchang’s life is related to the road.

37 years ago, Liu Yuchang resigned from the supply and marketing agency in the village, and took out his savings plus a loan to buy a six -wheeled agricultural car -soon, his car was “full load”, “running every day, lime, sand, and there is still there, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there are, and there is. The supply and marketing cooperatives around 3 provinces every day, 8 hours a way, pull back from the county seat back to the material. “

At that time, the village was doing a major event -repairing a wall -hanging road, also called the wall tunnel.

1.5 kilometers, 15 years! From 1985, to 2000, after thousands of hard work, the tunnel finally opened to traffic. Liu Yuchang remembers the old party member Hu Shulin with “stir -fry” to the work hours: “My legs are broken by the mountain road. Without the road, the dolls in the village have to fall.” The lively, “It’s like seeing the sun.”

Out of employment again, Liu Yuchang runs. Passing through the wall -like wall -like highway on the Taihang Mountain, Liu Yuchang’s car ran to the village to the county seat. It only took more than 40 minutes. It was around 2005, “I have to run twice a day.”

After a long time, he also worked part -time “dry express”. There are more than 260 villages where the village is located, like a pearl scattered in the depths of Taihang. “Slowly, there are more things sent from the county to the village. But things can only be sent to the town, and people get the town. I will bring back everything along the village. I want to control others for money. “

It is also because of the reputation that has accumulated for many years. Liu Yuchang, who has accumulated for many years, has been employed for the third time in Huajia. In October 2021, the high vote was elected as the secretary of the party branch of Shenlong Bay Village. “It’s a new journey this time.” He said with a smile.

In the evening, Liu Yuchang took the reporter to watch the wall road on the observation deck, which was a different feeling -the lights of the lamp were worn out of the 33 cliff caves on the wall of the wall, and the front and rear were connected, like a long time tunnel. Essence

A truck walked through the tunnel, pulled in the outside, and pulled the things in the village out. Shenlong Bay passed the road, and the road also changed Shenlong Bay.


Touch the net, the “three major sections” of e -commerce experts

Liu Yuchang didn’t know that he inadvertently became the earliest “courier” in the village.

More than 10 years ago, when he was still running the bus, there were two new changes in the village: one was that most people in the village bought the computer at home, and the other was the network optical cable followed the moon bridge.

In terms of generations, after the 90s, Zhou Ruifeng managed Liu Yuchang. Zhou Ruifeng’s father, Liu Yichang, was a village party secretary. In 2011, when Zhou Ruifeng University returned to the village during the summer vacation, he bought a pair of sneakers online, which was brought back by Liu Yuchang’s bus.

It was this online shopping that made Zhou Ruifeng see business opportunities and since then with the word “e -commerce”.

In the next 10 years, Zhou Ruifeng did three things: purchase, selling goods, express delivery. All this is closely connected to e -commerce.

After graduating in 2014, Zhou Ruifeng opened a few small shops in Shenlong Bay Village and surrounding villages. The purchase channels were well -known e -commerce platforms. “10 soybean oil, 10 drinks, 20 bags of flour …” Turn on the mobile phone, Zhou Ruifeng showed the purchase list in the past year, just click on one order, and the purchase is based on “10”. All aspects of daily necessities can basically be delivered to the door the next day.

In recent years, things in the city have become more and more frequent in the village, and there have been fewer and fewer fake and inferior goods. Nowadays, everyone buying a big piece is increasingly inclined to place orders online. After the operator Zhou’s inherited homestay “Cliff House” opened in the village, he bought 10 TVs on the Internet: “The price is appropriate, save trouble and worry!”

The e -commerce product downsned and inspired Zhou Ruifeng.

“Can we come in outside, why can’t our agricultural products go out?” Zhou Ruifeng’s mind was alive. When he was in college in Taiyuan, he missed the characteristic of his hometown “speculation”. After the family sent him, the surrounding classmates tasted deliciously, which is equivalent to the most simple market research experience. Therefore, since 2016, Zhou Ruifeng tried to open an online store to sell agricultural special products.

Coincidentally, from this year, the upward of Pingshun Agricultural Special Products ushered in the window period for development. “Xiaomi, Codonopsis, and Dahongpao pepper are the main agricultural special products of Pingshun County. It is also the best agricultural special product that sells online.” Lian Shubin, secretary of the Pingshun County Party Committee, introduced it. The traffic support of the e -commerce platform shopping festival, smooth primary agricultural products emerged in the public’s sight.

In those two years, “Open the circle of friends and sell Xiaomi and Cangshen on behalf of them.” Some villagers have also rushed the trend, which made Zhou Ruifeng clearly feel that the demand for sending goods in the countryside is growing. He was born in his mind.

In 2019, through the way he joined, he let the Rabbit Express land smoothly and aimed at rural logistics. He divided the express delivery of Pingshun County into several areas, 4 cars per day, from different lines, from the county seat, and ran to various administrative villages. This young man wants to open the express delivery to the “last mile” of the village through his own strength.

Cloth point, the third -level logistics system that supports the development of e -commerce

“It is difficult to start. The receiving fee is 4 cents and 5 cents, and the delivery fee is less than 1 yuan. The number of villages is small, the scale cannot be from the scale, and the cost of personnel and vehicles is high. It’s hard to settle. “At the beginning, Zhou Ruifeng worked hard.

If it wasn’t for Pingshun County’s overall power on e -commerce services, Zhou Ruifeng would not be the hardest time.

2019 is a year for the development of Pingshun E -commerce. Pingshun undertakes a comprehensive demonstration project of e -commerce in the country, and starts to build a three -level logistics system of county, townships, and villages around the e -commerce public service center.

The construction of the third -level logistics system helped Zhou Ruifeng solve the “pain point”. “It brings not only subsidies to express logistics companies, but also solves the last 100 meters problem of delivery.” Liu Peipei, director of Pingshun County Electronic Commerce Center, introduced that 13 courier companies were integrated in the county and set up a warehouse logistics distribution center at the county level. Create a logistics system covering 150 administrative villages. The reporter saw on the large screen of the county logistics center that the accessories of each township and the location of the delivery vehicles were clear.

Chunjiang Water Warm Duck Prophet. In early 2019, when Zhou Ruifeng returned to the village, he talked to his aunt Zhou Zhiping about the news that Shenlong Bay Village wanted to build a village -level logistics e -commerce service site. “Xunzi, don’t be in the county seat. Now the country is developing rural e -commerce, and it is not better than working outside the door of the house?”

Hearing this, Zhou Zhiping silently said, but secretly moved -this is a woman who is serious and delicate. At the age of 38, she had just participated in e -commerce training in the county seat and opened her own online store on her mobile phone. In fact, she had a calculation.

Occasionally two dogs barking, making Shenlong Bay Village at night more peaceful. The Yingxian is like a sky bow and a high hanging head, and Jupiter is struggling to climb out of the mountain on the west. The merchants on the street had closed their doors. With a squeak, Zhou Zhiping walked out of his store, holding a cricket information, and walked towards the express service outlet opposite. “I only have time to sort out today’s courier bills.” Now, she has devoted most of her energy to Shenlong Bay e -commerce service site.

A bowl of noodles on the table had been stunned, but she didn’t care about it. On the shelves on the side, the courier that had not had time to take away. Among them, there are tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, bananas, and daily foods such as lettuce and milk -online shopping life has become the habit of villagers.

Although Zhou Zhiping’s village -level e -commerce service station, although it is the end of the third -level logistics system of Pingshun County, it is indispensable -just like the village -level “hive” to do the final distribution work. Over time, Zhou Zhiping knew the rural e -commerce outlets deeply: “I did the last 100 meters.”

It is 100 meters and more than 100 meters. One summer, Taihang Mountain is heavy rain, and the wall of the wall is closed for maintenance. The express delivery can only be sent to the end of the wall of the wall. For a few days, she had to walk a few kilometers to pick up the courier, carry a large woven bag, and scarred her hands.

“Although it is hard, it can help the villagers. Express express delivery can earn more than 1,000 yuan a month. Villagers will buy things in the store when they pick up the courier, and they can also earn more than 1,000 yuan. Well, there are thousands of yuan.” Zhou Zhiping Say.

Not long ago, data released by the State Post Office showed that China’s express delivery business volume was 108.3 billion pieces in 2021. This year, Shenlongwan Village completed the uplink and downlink of 33,693 logistics express. When I heard the reporter introduced the data, Zhou Zhiping realized that he was also one of them, and his expression was quite proud.

Tongda, industrial integration helps to promote rural revitalization

“What about people?” Zhou Zhiping held the courier and stood at the door of a farm in the village, following a few people behind. Zhou Zhiping’s sudden visit made Fang Liang, the owner of the farm, a little unexpected: “I haven’t bought a big piece recently, why are you going to send the goods?”

Zhou Zhiping smiled: “Someone saw you live, and followed the phone to position the village.

The voice of “La La La” echoed in the valley, Fang Liang shouted, and a livestock ran quickly, running down from the hillside on both sides. Fang Liang moved off a frozen pumpkin from the tricycle and fell to the ground. He was immediately robbed, and the scene was very lively. The wife Liu Jing next to him held the live broadcast of his mobile phone, and explained in real time: “Everyone can see that my farm does not feed the feed, and all of them are pumpkin, wild Codonopsis and forsythia …”

In this ravine, Fang Liang and Liu Jing, who were not confused, had adhered to 8 years. Today, through the Internet live broadcast, the couple are already famous. “In the months of continuous broadcasting, more than 5,000 people watched every day, and the products were sold in many places.”

From the channel, through the network, to the smooth logistics, the remote Shenlong Bay Village connected and incorporated into the large market. The popular e -commerce live broadcast of the red fire further rippled, and it was circling around the village and county. The exploration of the road of rural revitalization also started here for the second time.

——The live broadcast drives the online sales of agricultural products. Lian Shubin introduced that the Pingshun County e -commerce team has gradually grown. There are more than 400 small and micro individuals. The “Live Live Master” support plan has incubated more than 100 anchors with goods and 5,548 e -commerce training. In 2021, Pingshun County’s network sales reached 276 million yuan.

——The sales to promote the upgrading of the processing industry, and promote product standardization and branding. “A two -year -old Codonopsis, which sells 50 yuan online. This small bottle of 5 ml of fine oral solution is 5 yuan.” Fan Xiaoyong, the person in charge of Zhenglai Pharmaceutical, joked, “Don’t look expensive, we sold it in 2020. We sold it in 2020 More than 30 million yuan. “In Pingshun County E -commerce Service Center, more than 30 products including Codonopsis noodles, Codonopsis biscuits, and Xiaomi fried Codonopsis were popular in the market.

——The e -commerce live broadcast of digital industry development. Sang Shuqing is a post -90s college student in the village. After graduating, he works at an e -commerce number label base in the e -commerce town of Pingshun County. “This job is very challenging. It needs to be marked from different dimensions such as character information, display items, environment, and events in thousands of live broadcast rooms.” In just 4 months, Sang Shuqing has Data labels have grown into group leaders.

——The e -commerce live broadcast makes the tourism industry. “In recent years, with the rise of short videos and live broadcasts, the Taihang Juefu scenery of Shenlong Bay Village has attracted more and more people.” Said Zhang Ye, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongsou Township, Pingshun County. Walking along Shenlong Bay, all the way to Qingtan Waterfall, Taihang Essence was sent to the Internet by tourists, and the village’s popularity continued to expand.

Today, Zhou Ruifeng had a brain. “I registered Shenlong Bay Tourism Product Development Co., Ltd., printed the scenery of the village on the packaging of characteristic agricultural products, attracting online shopping to travel to us, and also made more tourists a” backer “for special agricultural products.”

“After a while, sweep the QR code on the tickets on the Shenlong Bay Scenic Area, you can log in to the special agricultural product online mall! This road of development is too wide!” Zhou Ruifeng smiled, beautiful.

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“People’s Daily” (07, January 25, 2022)

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