Yamaha’s second-generation electric off-road vehicle TY-E 2.0 is coming

Yamaha’s second-generation electric off-road vehicle TY-E 2.0 is coming

Yamaha started investing in electricity very early. In addition to a variety of electric civilian models released this year, in 2018, Yamaha released a Ty-E electric motorcycle, entered the FIM test E-Cup with Heishanxian, and won the second place in the audience. champion.

Surprisingly, at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Yamaha brought Ty-E newly upgraded Ty-E 2.0.

It is reported that Yamaha has redesigned the TY-E 2.0. The new car adopts a hard-shell frame made of a new composite pressure plate. The electric device has also been improved. The developed lightweight battery is used. Compared with the previous generation battery capacity About 2.5 times.

The minimum ground clearance of the new car is 340mm, and the same product is the same as the first generation.

Including flywheels and mechanical wet multi -piece clutches, the power device is also adjusted to obtain better response and better traction.

Ty-E2.0 will also participate in the FIM World Championship with Heishan Xian. Yamaha hopes that the new model can be verified in the competition, and also shows that electric motorcycles are both environmentally friendly and have fun.

More model information:

Total length × width × height: 2003 × 830 × 1130mm

雅马哈第二代电动越野车TY-E 2.0要来了

Wheelbase: 1310mm

Minimum ground clearance: 340mm

雅马哈第二代电动越野车TY-E 2.0要来了

Repair weight: more than 70kg

Motor type: AC synchronous motor

Battery type: lithium ion

雅马哈第二代电动越野车TY-E 2.0要来了

Clutch: hydraulic, wet, multi -section

Frame type: CFRP hard shell type

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