Is it too expensive to import beef and mutton? In the future, Chinese people are expected to eat beef and mutton the same price as the country of origin reporter Cheng Qi reported on May 15: With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and health requirements, beef and mutton have become the main meat foods of Chinese consumer dining tables, and even more and more Chinese people are willing to choose to import imports. Catched and mutton is the main material of the table. In the context of consumption upgrades, recently, JD 7FRESH held 11 platform cooperation companies to set up imported beef and mutton procurement alliances to jointly strengthen the stability of imported beef and mutton prices, and improve the bargaining ability of Chinese importers to conduct business games with overseas exporters.

“Maybe many consumers do not understand the market of beef and mutton imported in China.” Gao Guan, vice president of the China Meat Association, said that in the first quarter of 2019, the national beef import was 31,300 tons, an increase of 47.1%year -on -year, but at the same time, imports, imports, imported, imported, imported The factors of beef prices have significantly impact. In 2018, the growth rate of beef and mutton in 2018 exceeded 100%, of which imported mutton accounted for the entire lamb category from 10%to 35%. Among them, the most popular imported beef mutton origin was Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Uruguay. ,Argentina.

However, in the face of the continuous expansion of market demand, the development of the domestic breeding industry seems to be unpredictable. Gao Gao frankly stated that due to the restrictions of various factors such as land resources and breeding costs, the yield that the domestic market can provide each year is almost “nine beef and one hair”, which has caused us to rely on the imported beef balance market for a long time. There is almost no bargaining power in the process of imported beef and mutton. Compared with other countries, my country’s import price is much higher than the average level.

It is understood that the “Imported beef and mutton procurement alliance” brings together Evergrande, Yuansheng, Chunhe Qiu Mu, Haoyue, Zhongrong, Paris, Binxi, Australian New Treasure, Xi Yan, Zhuo Yan, Yisai 11 domestic domestic domestic domestic Meat giants occupy the “half of the country” in the field of Chinese meat.


Gao Guan said that after the establishment of the imported alliance, when facing foreign beef exporters, it is no longer a single brander, but a purchasing power that can represent the right to speak on behalf of the Chinese market. The bargaining power of the commodity is to ensure the purchase volume of orders. “When domestic consumers’ beef demand can be uniform and constant supply, consumers can become as simple as eating pork.”

At this point, Shanghai Yuansheng Food Co., Ltd. has deeply realized that as a company specializing in meat slaughtering and processing, the game in imported beef and mutton procurement is not the strength of Yuansheng. Yuansheng improves procurement efficiency and stability. “In the future, we will continue to deepen the cooperation with the alliance to jointly create a new situation for the development of beef and mutton fresh e -commerce.” Said Lin Zibai, chairman of Yuansheng Food Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“It is foreseeable that the procurement alliance will have a huge impact on consumers and the entire beef and mutton industry.” Wang Zhiqiang, general manager of JD 7FRESH Fresh Fresh Business Meat and Poultry Frozen Procurement Department, said that the procurement process introduced by the alliance not only enables member companies to publicly supply and transparent supply in public and transparent supply Enjoy a high -level purchase mechanism in the chain, and allow domestic import companies to obtain equivalent dialogue in the business game with foreign “giants”. While changing the rules of the game, the import price of the beef and mutton industry is normalized.

Gao Guan believes that in the face of the growing demand, the enhancement of game capabilities between the alliance and overseas exporters will directly act on the amount and price of the import of beef and mutton in my country. Consumers do not need to worry about “meat without meat” and purchase purchases, but purchasing purchases and purchasing. The formal and transparent process will also hinder smuggling meat in the market to “charge good”. Chinese consumers are even expected to eat beef and mutton that is homogeneous or even the same price as the country of origin.


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