Want a capsule wardrobe, look at Julie, Dasao, and Dimei, who are self -contained in the style.




“This concept has a history of nearly 50 years.

It was first called in the United Kingdom in the 1970s.

Susie Faux


The boutique shop owner proposed. She found that people (especially women) bought too many “popular” fashion items, but these clothes might soon be outdated, and each piece of clothes were not worn many times, causing unnecessary waste.

The core of the capsule wardrobe is:

Use some fabrics and well -tailored classic items to repeatedly match, thereby reducing the number of items in the wardrobe.

Simply put, it is to spend the money to buy clothes on the blade. Don’t buy too much item that you can’t wear a few times.

Edit thinks “

“Simple to the Chinese”


Not waste

“The values ​​are quite coincident!


SUSIE FAUX said in an interview with the media in 2018:


A piece of clothes that can be worn repeatedly, you need to pay attention to “fabric” and “tailoring”. Well fabrics and tailored clothes can be worn for a long time.


Edit wants to add a little more from the perspective of fashion,

In addition to fabrics and tailoring, style (

Or “suitable for yourself”

) It is equally important.

Susie’s point of view is the mark of her era. For example, she advocates finding a tailor -made genre, thinking that “just fit clothes is the best.”

But in terms of common fashion concepts (especially women’s clothing), “fitting” is not equal to “appropriate”.

Because the current costumes are much more than before, I believe that the style is not as good as the style ~ For example, many office workers need a suit, but there are many types of suit. Is it easier for the selection? Do you want to put your shoulders? What color to choose? The differences in these details will make the final effect very different.


These small details may form a “dress style” with a little metaphysics.

Today, (still open poster) intends to set up a plate of three recognized “

Dressing is very stylish

“Female star:

Julie, ROISE, Da Mei.

Of course, frankly, the nature of female stars makes them unable to have a “capsule wardrobe”. These three cloakrooms must not be small.


Essence But their style is worthy of reference. After all, creating a “capsule wardrobe” needs to determine their own style. We don’t need to copy the same items as many items as them, but you can refer to the idea of ​​choosing clothes 👇


Left: Go out to dine in 2018 Right: 2021 Supermarket Shopping

Look at each time


Angelina Julie

On the street shooting, the editor will sigh: Is the US entertainment record technology so good? Intersection Intersection In recent years, there are few pictures taken by professional street photographers, which are basically captured by paparazzi.


Although there are not many street shooting, this does not affect everyone to understand Julie’s private server taste:

Not affected by trends, like basic models, black and white gray camels, coat control, etc.

Essence And even if you put the street shots in recent years, you will not feel outdated in the previous dress.

Julie’s recently photographed private clothes, and only black and gray colors. Figure 1 This gray waist coat is relatively rare in Julie’s private server. Her coat is basically a “bathrobe coat” with a soft fabric.

And Julie is also uniform in the matching of bathrobe coats.


If she is paired with skirts and high heels, she will generally tie her belt; if she is paired with pants, she will not be a belt.


When wearing a black coat, Julie is basically All Black to the end. When wearing a relatively soft color such as beige and camel, she is paired with the One Piece dress+high heels.

When we look at a group of dresses, we will find that no matter in summer, she likes soft and well -drooping materials.

This kind of fabric is easy to think of ancient Greek clothing,

In addition, Julie herself has a sense of sculpture, there is really a kind of

Greek goddess comes to earth

a feeling of.


Julie often gives people like it “


In fact, her two very circled shawl shapes were four years ago, and there was no outdated feeling today. It is also an ONE PIECE dress+pointed high -heeled shoes+a very good shawl. If you think the shawl utilization is low, choose a relatively large scarf is OK ~

Recently, this set of black and white gray looks similar to her shawl shape, mainly because the gray sweater has a certain sense of vertical feeling, and the style of the oblique shoulder makes the pendant feel more obvious. Gray completely set off the texture of the white skirt, and it was “expensive” at a glance.


It is a common gray top, but this time Julie paired with wide -leg pants. Her wide -leg pants are also relatively strong, so there will be some natural folds in the pants feet. If this wide -leg pants are stiff and difficult to deform, this shape is another feeling.


322workhosue cashmere knitted and lengthened warm scarf

Original price: 1,699

Poster special: 1,239cny

322 The versatile and texture of this scarf are quite good!


There are gray and black color options, 100 % cashmere material.

And this relatively large scarf can be dual -purpose of scarf/shawl, changing seasons or in insufficient heating rooms can also play a good warmth. You can also match the ONE PIECE dress like Julie, and stand up with a high -end sense.

We recommended the topic of scarf two days ago. Someone left a message saying: “All the push is a very low -end scarf. The production scarf indicates that these styles and materials are too low.”

Cashmere is low -end, I really don’t know what you want



322workhouseless cashmere coat

Original price: 4,998


Poster special: 3,549cny


This thickened cardigan is also 100%cashmere and has not been stained the day after tomorrow.


Not only is it very warm, but also has a sense of weight and a good sense.

The overall tailoring is very simple and classic, and there are some strange work with the upper body of Julie. BTW, the natural color can really stand the test!


(For the reasons for the New Year, the brand will be shipped one after another around 2.8. Friends who have taken the photographer, please wait patiently)

Here came to us


Dasao Rosie


In fact, the choice of Datao and Julie in terms of clothes are quite similar, both of which are [black and white gray camel enthusiasts]. But if you put them together, you will feel ~ 唔? How do you feel different?


We just said that Julie likes a more soft fabric, and

Dasao is a “combination of hard and hard fabrics”.


She particularly likes to add a little “hard” texture to her, which is the [Virginity] we said in the jewelry before.

For example, a suit with a very high shoulder (not necessarily a wide shoulder, but the shoulder is obvious right angle). This kind of clothes are basically a capable or neutral temperament. And Dasao will use a softer inside to balance it to balance the softness and hardness.

Rosie is pretty like wearing knitted dresses, because it is even more beautiful, and the overall is more feminine.

But she will not be feminine to the end, but she will neutralize some tough elements, such as the golden chain.

This dress has loved the two colors of black and white, and the dress brand is called


, Roise wore a lot of clothes from this brand. Friends who like “Roise Wind” can pay attention to it ~

Without jewelry, she will put a pair of high -row boots for knitted skirts.


When the three elements of pointed, narrow heels, and high boots appear at the same time on a pair of boots, these shoes are not only feminine, but also have some aggressiveness.

(This picture was taken when Rosie was pregnant with the second child last year, and now it has successfully “unloaded”)

If Julie’s autumn and winter wears the most, the most classic pointed high -heeled shoes (sigh: Julie is really not afraid of cold!), Then Rosie’s autumn and winter shoe cabinets are more high boots!


Although high boots do not have pointed high -heeled shoes versatile, it is easier to wear a sense of “gas field”. The nickname of “big sister” has become more and more popular over the years, not only because of the big brother Jason Standers, Rosie’s own gas The field has become stronger and stronger with the help of these items.

Rosie’s other four pregnancy periods are still her consistent black and white gray camel, plus a coat with excellent texture.

The editor also found a rule:

When wearing a coat with a relatively good fabric, the hair shape is softer curly hair. But wearing a soft coat, hair becomes a sharp hair.

I don’t know if this is her subconscious, or her fixed method of dressing, you can refer to it.

Junyang Japanese wool blending processing suit

Reference price: 2,680cny

A suit like a strong aura like Dadao will like it. The entire contour is very stylish from the shoulder line to the waist. This hourglass -type three -dimensional waist is very tested. And it is a 100%pure wool fabric, which ensures the texture of the fabric, and has a good warmth effect.

Cinnamon OFFICIAL lapel long sweater dress


Reference price: 1,225cny

The category often appears in the cupboard -knitted skirts! Intersection This dress editor has been pushed several times. Although there are a lot of chosen knitted dresses, the texture, version, and materials make me feel OK. Cinnamon must have the name.

The overall fabric is very elastic, and the anti -wrinkle resistance is great! The overall light and fit behind the upper body, the V -neck design can also lengthen the neck lines.


Annxu water pattern texture ring

Reference price: 680cny


Dasao especially likes to have [

Sense of quantity

The style of], this ring is in line with the style of the 嫂, the water texture texture makes the entire ring more curvy. It has two colors of gold/silver, and a rings with a sense of weight are no less than a pair of earrings ~


Annxu snake ear ring earrings

Reference price: 780cny

The same brand of snake earrings also belong to the kind of attitude to support the aura! The decoration of the broken diamond makes the overall more delicate, how to look beautiful! Intersection Intersection

(For the reasons for the New Year, the above brands will be shipped around 2.8, please wait patiently, please wait)


The suit is still very practical for office workers, but I am afraid of wearing work clothes like a company.


If you happen to be a relatively low -key and quiet personality, you can’t wear a suit like a big sister, you can refer to Da Mei’s wear.


Retro checked suit is the most common item in her private server

This kind of gray and brown color is more restrained. Her matching is generally very simple. T -shirts+a pair of wide -leg pants are comfortable.

If the plaid suit is ranked first in Da Mei’s private server, the second should be wide -leg pants.

This year, Da Mei’s wide -leg pants appeared on a few trousers that can cover the feet. Previously, jeans were mainly jeans. In fact, the overall style has not changed much, but the trousers are more mature.


In addition to private server, Da Mei also loves to wear suit when attending the event.

Generally, we wear a whole set!

Not only retains her consistent style, but also increases the aura of being a female star

~ It is worth noting that her suit is well selected. Da Mei’s own figure is very good (those who have seen “Fifty Degree Gray” should be known). Wearing this very feminine suspender is very sexy, but it is easy to over. this problem.

The editor thinks that Da Mei should be relatively small in female stars, and most of them are basic models, so her dressing ideas are relatively easy to learn for ordinary people ~

Wearing a locomotive jacket is also simply paired with brown tops and black wide -leg pants, which lacks the attacking of leather items, or the comfortable “Da Mei Feng”!


SIMPLERETRO retro plaid suit outer jacket girl

Reference price: 468cny

This plaid suit comes from Simple Retro. The fabric contains 50%wool, which strengthens the warmth effect ~ The brown checkered itself has its own literary retro temperament, and the H -shaped version is not very picky. A T -shirt and wide -leg pants like Dimei will look good! Intersection


Simple Retro can be shipped normally during the Chinese New Year! Everyone shoots with confidence!

SIMPLERETRO suit girl autumn and winter 2021 new loose wide -leg pants

Reference price: 268cny

Wide -leg trousers with good feelings. The color of the tobacco ash is very versatile and very durable. The high -waisted design is very friendly to the small girl, and the probability of daily work of office workers should be very high!

Finally, put two beautiful red carpets of the goddess of Julie as ending! You can leave a message to talk about the dressed style of the stars we like, we can continue to make a wave after the year!


Tomorrow will officially celebrate the New Year. Whether you go home or not, you hope to live a happy and healthy new year. We will see it next year! Intersection Bleak


Compared with them, the beauty of “Quan Zhixian” has even lost

Isn’t the “French” style we should learn, isn’t it “going to its big pleated” wind?


How does all black wear in winter look good? Have you forgotten that there was a “hacker empire” 20 years ago?


Image source: Visual China Network Invasion and deletion


Produced: Teresa zhao


Writing: Rose Lu

Design: Ala Lei

Commodity assistant: happy


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