Good headdress, never forget, embellish a soul beauty

Retro handmade hair buns shake


Retro handmade hair buns Step and shake the classical hair accessories Hanfu cheongsam plate head jewelry dancing dancing costume original handmade original, carefully made.

Bow hair jewelry


Bow hair pinching pearl hair card Korean version of the rhinestone top clip flower blooming springs hair jewelry head flowers fashion new products

Feilin’s top hair clip


Feilin’s top pinching clip Simple Fan Rabbit Bowl Bowl Bowla Bowla Ribbon Ponytail Spring Flow Hair

South Korea was the first country to wash hair.


How can long tails have a unique ring? Rose round, elegant, I make you more feminine.

“Ten Tao” is really the achievement of Yang Mi. Yang Mi’s elegant and quiet long skirt, the long earrings remind people of “Legend of Sword”, Xi Yao is really the pinnacle of China. The exquisite face with beautiful hair accessories is really beautiful.

Big bow, wide edge hair hoop


The elegant and generous Tibetan blue wide edge hair hoop is very versatile. The design of the bow is more playful and cute. The design of the teeth can be well fixed and the movement is not shifted.


Wave inlaid diamond rhinestone hair hoop

A very fresh and elegant pink wave hair hoop. The pink hair hoop has a fresh and sweet sense, and the embellishment of the rhinestone is more delicate and beautiful, and it is full of temperament.

2017 new hair accessories

Hair clips are a very common hair accessory in our lives, but the bottom tone of this light gray grid plus the bow design is very fresh and elegant without losing the heart of the girl.

Handing wide edge hair hoop

Retro but not losing a novel and fashionable floral hair hoop, the pattern design of floral broken flowers, very sweet and beautiful, and the knot design is full of personality.

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