Men who love cars should have one! Green Union small koi vacuum cleaner evaluation

Since I bought a car, I found that I am also a person who is particular. Even if the rental house is dirty and messy, it is just a little cleaning and organizing it. It will not keep the car clean as new as it is now.


In addition to driving the car to the car wash shop once a month, I also drove into my own yard every three times, picked up a faucet and washed the body with a mop. Although this is to save a lot of car washing and money, it is always cleaned in the car as clean as the store, especially at the corner gap that is easy to hide.

This did not catch up with the La Lian to launch a small koi vacuum cleaner, and started one when there was a discount for the start.


Some people may ask why they do n’t buy conventional vacuum cleaners, mainly because the conventional vacuum cleaners are too large, and it is inconvenient to use in the car. In addition, considering that it is necessary to take the keyboard to the company, it is not appropriate to be mistaken for cleaning, so comparison is the right comparison.

Appearance: small and flexible

Different from the common vacuum cleaners in the past, the volume of the Green Union small koi vacuum cleaner is quite small. The entire size is similar to a bottle of 500ml pure water, but the weight is a little lighter than the pure water of 500ml, so it will not feel sour after the vacuum is more than 20 minutes.


Of course, this is also related to the flexibility of the small koi vacuum cleaner. After all, it can change the vacuum angle at will, and it will not drag heavy hosts like conventional vacuum cleaners. Secondly, it is precisely because of its high flexibility, and it can be easily cleaned at the gap of the corners of the headache.

If you encounter a gap that is not easy to clean or a deep corner, the Green Union also prepares the brush head and extension rod for the small koi vacuum cleaner, which can further expand the vacuum range to reduce the clean blind area. At the same time, the whole machine includes the extension rod, and there is no sharp point, and there is no need to worry about whether the bag will be scratched during use.

There is only one side button on the fuselage. The switching and gear switching are implemented through this button. The long press is the switching and the short press to the switching gear. Compared to the short pressing and shutdown of other vacuum cleaners, I prefer the way of long pressing and turning off of Green Lianlian, which can avoid accidentally pressing to wait.

The charging method of the Green Union Little Koi vacuum cleaner is charging the Type-C interface, but it is a pity that it supports 10W charging power, and does not have high power fast charging like a mobile phone. Fortunately, the same type of vacuum cleaner does not support high -power charging, so I don’t feel any problems.


Experience: It is convenient to use


Since it is the topic of vacuum cleaner, it is naturally inseparable from the topic of suction. The high -speed brushless motor in the Green Link Little Koi vacuum cleaner provides 13000Pa suction at a speed of 88000 rpm. At the same time, it can also ensure a small work noise and bring a longer motor life.

Perhaps 13000Pa suction will have no concept, but this is actually a relatively good data. Whether it is broken stone or melon seed shell, it can be absorbed without effort in ordinary gears. If you encounter things that are not well cleaned, you can easily deal with it to high -end positions.


Furthermore, if it is processed with the dirty things in the gap, it can sucked super clean with the brush head with a high -grade position, like a stuck potato chips on the co -driver’s seat, which can suck it with dust, hair and other things. In the same way, this method is also very useful to clean the keyboard, and the effect is much cleaner than using a brush.

Of course, if it has always been cleaned in a high -end mode, the battery life will be relatively short. Specifically, the low -grade position can be used for about 30 minutes after full, and the high -end position becomes a battery life of about 15 minutes.


I personally prefer to suck in high -end mode. On the one hand, it feels very cool to be absorbed away in dirty things, and after using more high -end mode, I always feel that the suction power is not enough to return to the low -grade position. It is 15 minutes to battery life enough to make me run in the car, and usually take it to the car to charge it.

After using the Green Union small koi vacuum cleaner each time, press the button to the fuselage button to pour out the garbage. However, if it is relatively dirty or wet, it is recommended to manually open the gray cover for cleaning, which can ensure the cleanness and prevent odor.


In addition, the built -in stainless steel filters and HEPA filters can be overwhelmed, which means that if it is very dirty, you can wash it directly. Do n’t worry about whether you can suck the dirty things with water and extend the service life of the vacuum cleaner. It should be noted that if the HEPA filter is watering after watering, it is recommended to dry it back to avoid the smell of stuffy in the dust cover.


Summary: It is recommended that you love the car with a car all prepare one


From trying the mentality to the present many times, it is not difficult to see that I am still satisfied with the green koi vacuum cleaner. The most important thing is that it can meet the clean needs of my car. In addition, the small and flexible fuselage also makes it not just clean in the car, like the company’s keyboard and the corner of the bedside head at home.


Of course, the small koi vacuum cleaner also has a point that can be improved. For example, whether it can be accompanied by an additional HEPA filter, so that the HEPA filter is broken, and there is a substitute. The cost of HEPA filter is also lower than the cost of buying individual purchases.

Finally, let’s talk about the value of this product worth buying. If it is a friend who loves the car, it is strongly recommended to start, because it can help you suck some places where conventional vacuum cleaners cannot suck. Brushless, strong suction, water filter, etc. are enough to make it have obvious advantages in similar products.

As for whether people who don’t like to engage in hygiene can buy it, this question is left to you in front of the screen ~

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