There must be these 4 bags in the spring and summer of 2022, so good back

The weather is like a roller coaster now,

The temperature is high and low


Yesterday, I was wearing a small skirt yesterday. Today I have to wrap myself with a thick coat.

The Northeast is still snowing, and the south has begun to swim … The temperature difference is so large, so how can I write and wear it! In this case, then I choose one

Don’t pick temperature single items -bags



For many sisters, the bag is directly determined

The texture of the whole body look

Essence And to a large extent, the style of the bag can still be determined

Your dress style

Essence Once it is wrong, fashion has nothing to do with you.


Today, you mi is here with everyone Amway

Four bags that are super suitable for spring and summer back

Now it is the 2022 Autumn and Winter Fashion Week, the most noticeable these days is

Bottega Veneta New Creative Director -Matthieu Blazy


The first show. This “flat -duty fish basket” bag also made everyone open. Is it designed to catch the sea?



BV classic leather weaving element

Still very eye -catching, bold guess, the woven bag in 2022 can still get angry!

The woven bag of leather, BV is an absolute leader. Under the former director Daniel, the woven texture is thicker, and it looks more

Simple and elegant

With thick chain and metal, the style will be more COOL, adding some


Essence There are also many similar styles of domestic products, which are worth starting this year!


And the new director’s woven bag


The texture is more fine

It looks more exquisite and more expensive.

He also ingeniously adds the original rough strip bag to add

Rivet element


, More recognition and more sharp style.

Straw woven bag


It will be more suitable for summer, there is a kind of light when you look at it

The atmosphere of the seaside vacation


Essence Celine and Loewe in this regard are really good! Too much explosion!


Picture of the picture on the right: Xiaohongshu@I

Wool woven bag

It ’s very ghost and horses. Many hot girls love it. Before that, she brought a batch of woven bags. The wife was too sweet and cute!

And the weaving bag can be woven by itself, and the clever sisters can woven themselves

A unique bag

I watched the recent show and found

Mini bag

The frequency of appearance is still very high, so this year can still be rushed!

For mini bags, everyone


Don’t pursue too much practicality

, Install a headset box, lipstick, key, after all, the real use of the mini bag is

Act cute



Well in spring and summer, it was



Many sisters are basically without a bag now, holding their mobile phones in their hands, and the keys in their pockets, so taking a mini bag just right

, Both lightweight and fashionable

Although the mini bag is small, it has a great effect.

More eye -catching than jewelry

, To better shape the style, it is easy to make daily costume interesting.

Hi, who has a few pieces yet


“Beautiful waste”

Intersection It is excellent to use the accessories, just to rush!


The three -dimensional geometric package sounds strange, but it has already started to get angry!


Picture source on the left picture source: Xiaohongshu@徐 lulu

Generally, the bags are flat, and the three -dimensional geometric package will

More “three -dimensional”

, Very stylish.

The entry style can be from



At the beginning, retro has a texture, and can also take into account both practicality.


Giant Giant Energy

It is very suitable all year round.

Photo picture source: Xiaohongshu@coconut sheep sheep sheep

“Put down” the bucket bag,

Cylindrical bag


It is also available, and it is very advanced to add some metal decoration.

Photo from the right picture source: Xiaohongshu@elaine

Advanced players can enter some “weird” styles,

Square, spherical, heart -shaped, irregular …


Although the practicality may be a little worse, but I like it!

This three -dimensional geometric bag recognition is super high, basically, basic

No one will hit the money with you

It’s so simple to be a cool girl!

Finally, the party and urban beauty Amway, the city who needs to commute, after all,

Pragmatic is yyds


Besides, big bags can be fashionable!

Look! Even the exquisite grandma has launched a large Twitter bag. The classic and simple diamonds plus logo.

Elegant and charming

(It’s not because it is Grandma incense!)


Dior’s Totbag is also a small explosion. Do not have too many imitation editions on a certain treasure, after all,

Hardness and difficult to deform

And many sisters will DIY in the bag, so that you can have a unique bag! Giving people is also very memorable.

Sisters who buy Totbags must be practical, so in the choice of materials,

Canvas, nylon

It will be much more cost -effective than the cortex, and it will be more durable.

Sisters who are not bad money can enter one

Big name classic

, LV, GUCCI, and Chanel have all made a large top bag,

It’s out of time for 10 years

Intersection And it is very preserved ~


Today’s Amway is here. It is relatively cheap for everyone to grow grass.








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