The man who can wear it will prepare a pair of trousers in spring and summer.

Is it important for men to wear in spring and summer? The answer is certain. For a high -quality man, the pattern is very important when wearing. It is necessary to ensure that the shape has a certain aura, but also to prevent the matching from being too cumbersome.


In fact, there is no need to choose a single single in spring. The man’s wardrobe must have this “trousers” in the wardrobe. The style is easy and comfortable.

“West Pants” with template


① Pants+suit jacket

In men’s wardrobes, suit jackets are indispensable. This type of single product can make your temperament more enough, especially for men in the workplace, which is particularly important. In the appearance, the gas field is more sufficient.

“Pants+suit jackets” Presumably everyone is no stranger. This kind of module is not uncommon in the fashion circle, and the popularity is quite high. In terms of styles and styles, these two items have the same wonderful work, which can effectively highlight the literary style and professional men’s style, which can be regarded as a good set of CP combinations.

If you want to match a suit and suit jacket, you can start with these three color schemes. The first is to light up and down, the other is light and dark, and the third is the combination of contrasting colors. It cleverly uses the dim color system to make the shape prepared, which is not easy to make errors, and the image is not monotonous.

The matching shape requires a certain degree of brightness, whether it is cold or warm, so that the overall image is more balanced. If you are busy and not good at matching men, you can also try the contrast set in spring. The unified color system can save you more time. Simple inner matching is low -key and advanced.


② West pants+thin jacket


At the time of spring and summer, the climate is the easiest to be overcast, especially in Guangdong, so it is necessary to choose an extra thin jacket when wearing it. The coat that is not losing, and then put on high -waisted trousers. The casual and generous men can complete it everyday.


③ trousers+shirts


Do you like to wear shirts? Fashionable men’s wardrobes are indispensable in shirts, and the appearance rate of shirts in spring and summer is also very high. It is used to wear a full sense of charm. The relaxed white system is not only versatile in color, but also more ways to wear. The trousers can be loose, so that the style of the pure college is lighter and easier.

④ West pants+T -shirt


When cross -seasons, the addition of short sleeves is essential. A suitable short sleeve can not only bring you a refreshing feeling, but also meets the needs of the season. The thin trousers with T -shirts are easy to be casual and age -reducing.


I suggest you choose a pure white T -shirt. First of all, this type of single product is easy to match. It can also be a relatively high -cold gray -tone series.

Men in the workplace should reduce their sense of leisure in summer, and choose more T -shirts led by POLO more likely to shape business casual style. The appearance of this type of single product will not make you feel very casual. With the overall shape of the trousers, it will have a high -level and successful atmosphere. The details are very mature men’s fan.

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