Less than 1.6 meters wearing loose suit? Learn these three tricks and see who you say you are short


After returning to work immediately, after two months of boring at home, do the girls do n’t know what to wear?

Since it is a re -work, the formal and casual suit is naturally indispensable in commuting.


In fact, the matching skills of the suit have been shared with you many times, and today’s content is a bit different.

I said to introduce a Asian stylist Vivid from San Francisco before, which is this girl who laughed and believed in cheerfulness. ▼


Like many girls, vivid is also an out -of -the -box “suicide”.


The following is to look at the picture guessing height ~ How high do you think she is? ▼


170cm? 165cm? NONONO, she is a small girl with less than 160cm. To be honest, I was “cheated” by her aura. So how do Vivid usually take a suit, and the little man must learn!


1. You can also wear oversize suit

I went to ask a few short friends around me (less than 160). They were very resistant to wearing too loose clothes, and said that they were short and would be lined up as Hobbit.

But, the suit is not like a sweater. It is a professional itself, and it will look more “solemn” when you slim. The slim suit is really neat, I can’t help but want to find you business … ▼


Looking at vivid, the word “self -cultivation” has never been her style. Wearing a black suit like the model above, but Vivid’s suit is several codes larger than her figure whether it is cut or version. Although it looks like a little unfjuitable, I have to admit that it is really fashionable! ▼

Small girls often have small skeletons and narrow shoulders, which also leads to “unable to support” no matter what we wear.

In fact, vivid also has this problem, so she has a lot of silhouettes with shoulder pads, which is the place I pointed out with arrows. ▼

So what are the advantages of shoulder -padding?

Simply put, the shoulder pads can make you a fake width. It can extend your shoulder and improve the proportion of head and shoulders to a certain extent.


Short -thin girls should have this trouble, because the shoulders are narrow, they will look large. If you look at it, you will have a feeling of heavy heads and feet, and this problem can solve this problem. ▼


The too slim suit and shoulder pad design will be too “business”, and the loose version can weaken the feeling of most of the professional dress.

In fact, the silhouette’s shoulder -shaped suit is more suitable for small people, because it can help everyone wear a powerful aura ~ ▼

Not only the suit likes loose, even the pants are loose. This girl who is less than one meter six puts a loose suit like a fan! ▼

Second, these three small Tips are even higher

How exactly does vivid make the small suit that dares to try, it is so good!


Could it be that he is lying about height? Not so … In fact, she has three tall tips!

1. Take the short and lower length inward

Everyone should know that the upper and low -length wearing methods should be that the shirt is short and the lower part is long, so as to improve the proportion of the figure.

Vivid also likes to wear it like this, the difference is that she is often reflected in it. Take the following set, the suit is still a loose -shoulder version, but the inner shirt is stuffed with high waist pants. It is difficult to think about it! ▼


This is why Vivid’s loose items can wear one meter and seven vision. As long as your pants are high enough, pull it up! What’s more difficult to add a thick sole shoes? Intersection ▼


There are also many selectivity in the inside, such as the popular V -neck sweater with jeans. It is also fashionable to take off the suit in the room.

2. High -heeled shoes are high and modified leg shape


The short -term and long method is also applicable to the suits when wearing a suit. High -heeled shoes are the simplest and most rude weapons of the small man. Not only is it high, the aura and temperament that high heels bring you can not replace sports shoes. ▼

The suit and skirts are simply matches. They have both the feminine of the suit and the skirt, and the loose version does not pick the figure. However, this has also led to the shortcomings without waistline. For small girls, high heels have become indispensable. ▼


High -heeled shoes are not only black. You can choose color according to a suit like vivid. For example, this cinnamon powder is matched with the same color high -heeled shoes, which looks harmonious and comfortable. ▼

3. Belt waist bags are indispensable

The outer side of the suit is very popular with a belt. Girls with thin legs can use loose suits to create a disappearance of the lower body. Add a bright belt Chic Fan full. Coupled with the high heels mentioned earlier, height is not a problem at all! ▼

Of course, in the early spring, the legs are still cold, and the girls should wait for the warmth of the day!


In addition to the belt, the waist bag is more fashionable, the set of vivid smoothly makes people look at the bag, the bright yellow also has a sense of existence, and the waistline is instantly raised. ▼


Third, bags are the strongest decorations


Now that I mentioned the bag, I have to think of those bags of vivid with everyone.

After watching so many photos of her, I found that her bag was hardly sampled … My real name is envious! My bag is used to install things, and people’s bags are used for decoration.

A set of black suit, except for the baseball cap without other accessories, the lemon yellow bag is in early hands, and the fashion sense improves instantly. ▼

Checked suit, white shirt, black wide -leg pants, very common matching, but the bags on your hands are too advanced!

It’s so good, I found an excuse for myself … ▼


To be honest, I was Amway, a glittering star bag in vivid. It feels very versatile. I can hold it in diligence.


Of course, ordinary girls will not prepare so many bags for themselves. I recommend the most versatile black chain bag for everyone.

Whatever clothes will not be abrupt, the black gold chain is also very textured, buy it! ▼

This is the vivid suit matching, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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