The “brown” of the fire this year, Sanmu is wearing this, versatile and high -level, so beautiful

What color is the hottest color this year? That is “brown”. This kind of coffee is a warm color of high -level atmosphere, which is very suitable for Asian women.

Showing white temperament

Then how to put this color out of color, not to look at fashion,

Blogger Sanmu

How to wear it, this autumn is dressed in high -grade coffee, super versatile.

This time, the fashion blogger Sanmu gave five different styles of “brown” wear. I believe that there is always a suitable fairy. Is it impossible to wait a bit?


Style 1: Retro Literature

Representative items: windbreaker jacket

How to create your own retro literary style, just one trench coat, the length of the trench coat with Sanmu is long,

It can be used as a skirt and can be used as a coat. The two ways of wear have different feelings.

The common windbreaker version belongs to H -shaped, not enough femininity,

Choose a waist like Sanmu to add a waist to bring decoration

Not only outline the waist, but also increase the proportion of the overall figure. The trench coat is tailored and generous, and the hard version is more powerful.

Pay attention to the way of wearing a trench coat as a coat. See how Sanmu is matched.

The color of the suit vest echoes the trench coat, and the tailoring at the tail of the vest has a sense of extension.

Modify the women’s curve lines perfectly.

If it is a pear -shaped figure, you can try the A -line model skirt, and the visually thinning is thin.

Choose a straight version of the skirt. The fabric is as strong as possible. The smooth texture fabric can enhance the high -level sense of the overall look.

Style two: Hong Kong style beauty

Representative items: leather jacket

When it comes to the Hong Kong style, I think of the handsome and handsome style,


In the coming, the Hong Kong wind returned to the fashion industry again. The most eye -catching item in Sanmu’s LOOK was this brown leather jacket.

The loose Oversize version is more tolerant of the body

And the color selected is a deeper brown tone, which is very suitable for the current season. What is satisfactory is the neckline design.

The three -dimensional and stylish shirt neckline gives the leather coat feel tough


Sanmu’s body is petite, but she knows how to use dressing skills to make herself look taller. She is always talking with the old -fashioned pants and mop jeans.

The loose pants legs are straight and slender, the length of the pants just cover the feet, and the effect of stepping on double high heels has the effect of stealth increase

The retro denim blue makes the dull autumn more playful and casual. This look is very good in dating or work.

Style three: capable and neat


Representative item: suit


In autumn, the temperature starts to become cold.

The blogger Sanmu’s body can meet these requirements.


Khaki sweater with the same color suit jacket, it is recommended


Some, it will not be bloated and procrastinating with a jacket.

The V -neck of the sweater is small, and the neck line can be lengthened

The exquisite necklace of the strip will be a good choice.

Sanmu chose to use silk scarf to improve the fashion of the upper body wearing


, The complicated and unique pattern pattern on the silk scarf makes the wear brighter

, Fairies need to pay attention to the role of accessories, such as brooch necklace bracelets, colorful accessories can improve fashion.

White cone pants remember to tie the top into the pants waist

, Not only can highlight the proportion of the waist, but also make the whole look even more

Neat and capable


The waist ratio is not perfect, and the high waist version is selected, and the small man can also have a powerful aura like a supermodel.


Style 4: gentle temperament

Representative items: knit sweater


Coffee color is very versatile, but it is also easy to step on the mine. The simplest method is to match white clothing items.

The combination of brown sweater and white shirt looks full of college.

Different from common styles, clothing items are trimmed to trim the arc on the hem, plus the small split design of knitwear, which improves the layers of effect while it is more feminine.

Sanmu’s wear pays attention to the waistline construction

Even the basic sweater, the belt is essential.


Many fashion bloggers also like to use belt, which can make the overall look look more neat and generous, but also improve the proportion of the waist.

Although the matching skirt is the same color, Sanmu pays attention to the use of the fabric

If the overall dress is soft knitted fabric, it will have less layered sense.

The collision between the fabric and knitted fabrics produced a wonderful spark,

The softness of the fabric of the pendant and the softness of the upper body

, A pleated skirt pressure marks avoid monotonous and boring. When walking, the skirt is swaying, which is super fan.


Style 5: Leisure vacation

Representative items: split skirt

I have introduced so many styles, how to lack the casual work style. The first thing that needs to be considered for the first time is comfortable.

Small belly

For women, you can choose a loose version of sweaters or sweaters,

The brown color is gentle and warm winter, suitable for Asian women with black and yellow skin.

The lower body skirt with the lower body is an almond -colored skirt with the same color system. I feel that there are some monotonous belts, simply knotting, and it is very colorful.

Girl -wide girl can choose a dark skirt with dark colors. Light color has a sense of visual expansion. If you are not careful, you will look fat.

Sanmu’s five different styles of “brown” dressing is introduced, and the one you like quickly, try different autumn to wear together!


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