Simple and efficient storage, there is enough to have this mobile hard disk

In the face of a large amount of data, I have also tried many methods, such as cloud disk, building a server or a large -capacity computer tablet, etc. Although there are many methods, it is a bit troublesome to actually use it. There is a mobile hard disk enough, it is convenient to use, and the price is affordable.

Speaking of mobile hard disks, we don’t have to tangled whether it is SSD solid -state hard drive or HHD mechanical hard disk. The speed of mechanical mobile hard disks is already fast enough, and the price can be much lower. It is the most practical choice. For example, I have been using the Seagate’s Ming series 2T to move hard disk recently. It has fast access speed, small size, lightweight and easy to get, plus cheap prices, I think it is the most cost -effective storage solution!


1. Design

The appearance of the Seagate 2T mobile hard disk is still necessary to take it out separately. Its overall volume and weight are well controlled, with outstanding texture, better than most similar products on the market. 114.8mm*78mm*11.7mm. The weight of 126 grams is excellent parameters. The storage capacity is large. The external “capacity” is small, which can improve the user experience.

In terms of appearance details, the Seagi 2T mobile hard disk provides a variety of colors to choose from, and fashion and business can hold it. Most of its surface uses a metal drawing process, which looks more advanced than ordinary plastic shells. Of course, it is not only visually improved, but also the feeling of picking up is better. There is a power signal lamp in the upper left corner of the fuselage, and the upper right corner is Seagate’s logo. The three -sided side is made of plastic. The overall value is pretty good.

2. Performance


Seagate 2T mobile hard disk is compatible with USB3.0 and USB2.0, which can fully meet our needs. After a series of tests, it can reach the transmission speed of 131MB/s under the 3.0 interface, and the maximum can still be close to 140 instantly. 2.0 can maintain the speed of more than 30 MB. This speed is more useful than most U disks. , And the transmission speed is very stable, it is also very friendly to the new and old computers. It is definitely more than enough to store large files for a long time.


3. Use experience

In addition to Windows computers, it also supports Mac, which is still very convenient to use. In addition to normal copy files, Seagate also provides a software called Toolkit. This software mainly has three functions, which are backup, restore and mirror images, which makes it not only the carrier of the data, but also better guarantee the security of the data. The software use is very simple. After opening, it can automatically identify and back up the data, so that the files that are accidentally deleted can be restored quickly. The mirror function can effectively interact the computer and the mobile hard disk. After the function is turned on, there is a mirror folder. The data will be updated simultaneously, which greatly improves the storage efficiency. The addition of the function makes the use of the hard disk more assured, effectively avoiding the risk caused by the sudden damage of the hard disk.

Fourth, summary


Now is the age of data, a lot of various things need to be saved, computer, mobile phones and other devices have been changed frequently. Indeed, everyone needs one of their own “databases”, and mobile hard disks are undoubtedly the most cost -effective and simplest use of use. that. As an old -fashioned storage equipment manufacturer, Seagate’s quality is very trustworthy. Take this Seagate 2T mobile hard disk, the appearance is good, easy to carry, and the stability and rate of transmission data have also performed well. This is for most people to come. It is absolutely enough. If you want to save the data, there is such a mobile hard disk!

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