Peach blossoms or peach seeds? Gold inlaid Peach Blossom Jade Carving Ring

“Peach Blossom Jade” is a very popular jade species in recent years. Because there have been blank pink jade species, the peach blossom jade has been favored by many parties.

Today, I borrowed this peach blossom jade ring and talk about this pink jade species that often confused.

Name: Gold inlaid Peach Blossom Jade Ring

Material: peach blossom jade, 18K gold, drilling

Weight: 5.71g (including inlay)


Size: 19*12.5*9mm (nude stones)

Peach blossom jade is also called peach blossom stone. It is a quartz rock jade species of rose pyroxin.

This is a type of jade with a hard jade, a certain luster, and a mineral jade rich in metal ingredients.

Although it is called peach blossom jade, its overall mineral performance is still stone. Some of these jade are closer to emerald, so there is also the saying “pink”.

Peach blossom jade has a certain light transmission. The lights can be seen in obvious dots or silk -shaped structures. This is very different from the fine felt structure of Hetian jade, which is very easy to distinguish.


The jade color of peach blossom jade is tender and moist, and the density and oily performance are acceptable. There are often many ribbons in large -scale original ore, and the elements of minerals are relatively complicated.

Therefore, there are few large works of peach blossoms, but there are often some colorful small products. Just like this peach blossom jade ring, the color is unique, the jade is soft, and it is quite interesting.

The selection of this peach blossom jade ring noodles is very clever. It avoids all mixed colors and stone patterns. Only the most delicate and proportioned parts are used for ingenuity.

In the carving, the characteristics of jade materials are fully used, and the carving method of Yang sculpture is used to design a very exquisite pink lotus.

The lotus should have been a faint pink, so it is not appropriate to use this jade carving.


Coupled with the warm surface of peach blossom jade similar to the scrub texture, it also increases the hazyness and beauty of the picture, creating a unique and quiet atmosphere.

The reason why the concept of peach blossoms is often confused, and profit -seeking may be the most direct motivation.


Because there is a very scarce peach blossom jade seed material, its color tone is very similar to this peach blossom stone. But as far as the price is concerned, the two are a hundred times different.


The huge profits in it, let some people who are not in their hearts deliberately mix the two to talk about the two, try to charges, and hide the sky.


The most direct way to distinguish between the two is to send it to the identification.


Peach blossom seeds belong to the straight shiny stone jade, and most of them are mainly fibrous intertwined structures.


Although it does not meet the requirements of Hetian Jade Platform, it is also considered a special broad -minded Hetian jade.


The peach blossom jade is also a kind of quartz rock jade, which is the most common in granular or silk -shaped structures.

It does not have any intersection with Hetian jade, both in the definition of mineral elements or the concept of regional division.

Although the material of this collection has reached the top of the peach blossom jade.


Although in many propaganda, this peach blossom jade will be caused by “peach blossoms”.

Although many businesses deliberately dilute the difference between peach blossoms and peach seeds.

But what should be!

Even if it is just a small thing, it should be used to face the world with the most authentic appearance.


This is the Nobunaga that practitioners should adhere to, and they are the greatest respect for these treasures.

Collection Valuation: Primary Four

Although it is not a rare peach seeds, the real beauty is always greater than false preciousness, and it is still an interesting game.

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