Make a casual high waist suit shorts. Attach a detailed production process and tailor map

This style I shared with you today was cut one month ago and has not been free. I saw the XL code above today, and I have wearing L code now. Hahaha. Essence Essence

Hurry up today and wear it for a few days.


Let’s take a look at the style renderings

The pocket of the back film is fake, and if you don’t want to do it, you can do not do it


Share the XL code scissors with you


This is a high waist style, and the waist can be used directly with straight waist. 80cm wide 4cm. You can adjust your own waist thin


Those who need other numbers can push the board with 4cm length (trousers long) 1cm in the fence (hip circumference, waist circumference).

If you want to learn more women’s clothing and push boards, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle to learn from the most basic women’s self -prototype.

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Sewing process and sewing process commentary


The choice of fabrics, general pants and fabrics, no special requirements, styles are loose styles, so if there is elasticity, it is possible to be elastic

After combining the above -mentioned cuts and your own body type, cutting according to different sewing processes is added, and cutting is cut.

Sewing process: cut cuts, waist, zipper stickers, pockets need to be lined and hot, spare


When the elastic fabric is opened after the pocket is opened, the pocket is opened after the pocket position is settled.


Pocket pocket


The pockets of the front film are also made first, and the practice of the pocket here is not repeated one by one. The previous articles and videos have been released.

I can’t go forward and see


After the suture is sutured, the lock is processed

Sewing the crotch seam, the crotch seam with a seam sewing process. The sewing process on the sewing side has an atlas and video

In front of the zipper stitching, the lower foot curls are treated

The stuffy sewing method is equipped with the waist, hand -locking the eyes.


The finished product is completed. Essence

Okay, this is here today’s sharing

If you like it, you can try it.

If you do n’t understand, you can go to the comment area to leave a message and discuss. I will summarize the question, and I will answer the answers to everyone later.

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Make a casual high waist suit shorts. Attach a detailed production process and tailor map

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