Rolls -Royce, Bugatti, McLaren, Tesla’s children’s toy car, have you seen it?

Many car brands have manufactured cars for their future potential customers and children. It is not just to simply design a children’s car, but to pour out its own car manufacturing technology. Especially recently, it has been used to show various cutting -edge technologies, and a model that has far beyond the “toy” level has appeared. So which large manufacturers have created high -end children’s cars? In this article, we will take a look.


【1】 Rolls -Royce SRH Children’s Car


Rolls -Royce SRH is the only children’s electric car produced under the leadership of the Rolls -Royce Bespoke department in 2017. This car was built for about 400 hours. In fact, most parts were manufactured by 3D printing, and then manually assembled and completed.

The structure is not much different from Rolls -Royce. The body combines carbon fiber and glass fiber, which not only guarantees the rigidity and the lightweight, and the seams are carefully welded by high temperature. The engine cover uses the same material as the actual Rolls -Royce engine cover. The seat is made of hand -processed wood and medical -grade ethylene. It also incorporates the design elements of Rolls -Royce, such as Happy Statue, Coach Line and Pantheon Grill.


The power assembly consists of a 24V battery pack and a motor. Rolls -Royce’s exclusive patented “mute driving” experience is also provided to children. According to the specifications, the highest speed is 16 kilometers per hour, but for safety considerations, it is limited to 6.43 kilometers/h.

Because there is only one model, it is also non -selling. Rolls -Royce donated to the pediatric ward of the British Chicedester Holy Chad Hospital. For children with children’s relaxation entertainment before entering the operating room. So far, more than 2,000 children have traveled more than 100,000m. It is said that Rolls -Royce also provided a special maintenance service to commemorate the driving of SRH 100,000m last year.


【2】 Bugydi Baby II


Bugatti BABY II debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It is a narrow version of the Bugatti Legend 35 sports car and inherited the primitive Bugy Baby built by Ettore Bugatti for his younger son in 1926.

This children’s car reflects the design structure of a type 35 sports car. The body is made of aluminum and an adjustable damping system is applied to achieve the control characteristics of close to the original model. The design of the four -spoke steering wheel, the oil pump handle, and the aluminum instrument panel is the same as the original design. It provides electronic differentials, hydraulic pressure braking, two driving modes, and regenerative braking systems.

Power assembly includes two types of replaceable lithium -ion battery packs, 1.4 kWh and 2.8 kWh, and an electric motor. The maximum output power equipped with a 1.4 kWh battery is 5.4 horsepower, the highest speed is 45 km/h, and the maximum output power equipped with a 2.8 kWh battery is 13.6 horsepower, and the highest speed is 70 km/h. The maximum continuing mileage of the two models is 25 kilometers and 50 kilometers, respectively.


The basic 1.4kWh battery is 30,000 euros, VITES with a 2.8kWh battery is 43,500 euros, and Pursang is 58,500 euros. The color of the interior and external materials is customized for customers. Baby II buyers have obtained membership qualifications of the Bugatti car owner club, and they are qualified to be invited to participate in major events.


【3】 McLaren Senna Ride-ON

Senna Ride-ON is a children’s electric car launched in 2020. The model is inspired by the ultimate series Senna, which aims to be the child of a racer to accompany them to grow.

The overall design element is the same as McLaren. The way the door opens and close is like McLaren’s own double door. When the start button is pressed, the real McLaren Senna engine sound will resonate. It is also equipped with an information entertainment system, so you can listen to music through USB or SD cards and add a model of remote control braking system to enhance security.


The five colors are the same as the actual McLaren Senna, including black, white, Mira orange, weaving girl blue and Memphis red. McLaren launched a limited edition Livery, with a mix of yellow and green, symbolizing the helmet of Elton Senna, while continuing to release a children’s train based on GT, 720S and P1.


[4] Modern car 45 children’s train

The 45 -child train, which was unveiled in 2020, is an improved model of the prototype of the same name concept car Ioniq 5 for children’s use. While consolidating the brand design logo, the research of modern automotive groups on emotional recognition technology was applied.


As for the appearance, the theme of the pixel theme in the concept car 45 and IONIQ 5 is applied. Dynamic images have geometric square dots, unique straight lines, diamonds, and clear character lines through the body.

Its core is the emotional recognition vehicle control technology under the research and development headquarters of Hyundai Automobile Group. The camera installed in front of the driver to record the child’s facial expression to identify the emotions, and install the heart rate sensor on the seat belt to check the health status of the occupant. Based on this, the Modern Plan will realize various functions in children’s trains in the future.


The maximum speed of the vehicle is 7km per hour. This children’s car is currently not sold publicly.

【5】 Tesla Cyber ​​QUAD

Cyber ​​Quad is a children’s four -wheeled bicycle, using the previously released Tesla Cyber ​​Truck design. Initially, with the release of Cyber ​​Truck in 2019, it was planned to release the Cyber ​​Quad that adults could enjoy, but first released the children’s model.

Its overall configuration is no less than ordinary casual ATV. The steel frame structure is adopted to ensure the rigidity of the body. The cushion -type seat can be used to achieve a comfortable ride experience even on the rugged road. The front and rear wheels use disc brakes, which improves the braking performance and is equipped with suspension and LED lights that adjustable damping force.

The power assembly consists of a lithium -ion battery pack and a single motor to support four -wheel drive. The maximum continuing mileage of a single charging is 24 kilometers, and the maximum speed is limited to 16 kilometers per hour. It takes 5 hours to fully charge, and the weight is less than 70 kilograms, and even adults can ride.

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