MediaTek invested in a MEMS microphone manufacturer

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Micro Mechanical and Electrical (MEMS) Mike Factory Yu Tai announced on the 25th that private equity cases will be handled and 11,000 private equity ordinary shares will be issued, of which 10,000 will be subscribed by MediaTek’s Xuda Investment and MediaTek. The proportion of MediaTek Group’s shareholding will be close to 20 %, which means that General Yu becomes a member of the Pan -Fanfa Group.

The legal person is optimistic that after this private placement case, Yutai will be expected to enter the design supply chain of MediaTek’s reference, and quickly rush to the market share of the MEMS microphone on the mobile phone.

Yutai Announcement will handle private equity shares and issue 11,000,272 private equity ordinary shares. Among them, Xuda Investment, a subsidiary of MediaTek, will subscribe for 7,000. It will be developed and subscribed by Ko Wenchang.

MediaTek announced on the same day that Xuda Investment will spend no more than 2.1 billion yuan, and MediaTek will invest no more than 900 million yuan to invest in Yuta Private Equity ordinary shares. At that time, the proportion of Yu Tai’s equity will be seen at 18.51 %. Representative Yu is expected to become a member of the Panlian Failure Group. The price of Yutai private equity ordinary shares must be officially determined until the shareholders’ meeting vote.

It is understood that in recent years, MediaTek’s operating tentacles have continued to extend. In addition to the Asian Xin and Jiuli, which had previously bought and held shares, MediaTek once again moved towards the MEMS microphone market again, showing that MediaTek is optimistic about the future human -machine interface. The amount of MEMS microphone will be obviously increased, and it will be expected to be shipped with Yutai’s MEMS microphone solution.

On the 25th, Yu Tai’s stock price immediately attacked all the way, and the daily limit was on the limit of less than 10 o’clock, and the closing price was 487 yuan and the closing price was a new high level in history. Essence Although the current KD of the technical line type has shown golden crossing up, it has reached a high -end water level. If it is corrected, it is expected to continue to rise along the five -day line.

Yu Tai’s consolidated revenue in January reached 2320 million yuan, a monthly increase of 8.8 %, and an annual increase of 10.6 %, writing a new high price in four months. The legal person is optimistic. In 2022, Yu Tai ’s operation continued to set up commercial machinery and narrow frame screen business opportunities to promote MEMS microphone shipments to climb the kinetic energy and drive high operating attacks.


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