The city work style inspection team urged the rectification, and the water pipe of the car washing on the street was finally shut down.

Changjiang Daily June 8 News

“Someone washed the car on the street, and the sewage flowed directly to the sidewalk. If it wasn’t for rectification, the sidewalk would be wet for a long time.” On June 8th, Mr. Xiao, a citizen who lived in a community in Xinhua Street, Jianghan District, told the reporter from the Yangtze River Daily that it started in November last year. He reported this problem three times to the relevant departments, and after the city’s style inspection of the second group to supervise the rectification, the water pipe was closed.

The faucet (standard red) in the United Real Estate Institute has been demolished and the water pipe is closed. City style inspection second group of picture confession

Mr. Xiao said that last year, he found that people often washed a car in the United States Real Estate’s house, and the sewage flowed to the sidewalk. From time to time, the stagnant water under the floor tiles splashed people, and the ground was frozen in the winter. Relevant departments reflected this problem. “


After receiving complaints from the masses, the second squadron directly affiliated to the District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau sent law enforcement team members to the scene to verify. According to the relevant person in charge of the District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, the United States Real Estate Institute is Yimei Plaza. The square is tightly located in the corner of Xinhua Palm Affairs. The driver of a few companies opened the faucet here without permission, and washed the vehicle with watering hoses, causing sewage to pollute the pavement. “

The district urban management law enforcement team members interviewed the leaders of the United States in the United States on the spot, requiring the property company to remove the flowering hose in time after the staff finished the flowers to avoid private car washing.

However, Mr. Xiao found that the problem was still not completely resolved. On January 21 and 29 this year, the situation reflected the situation.

After seeing the complaint in the second group of the city’s style inspection, he immediately visited the field and found that the problems reflected by Mr. Xiao were true, and quickly fed back to the relevant departments of Jianghan District, urging the relevant person in charge of the district government to supervise the front line and ask Xinhua Street to implement rectification.

On February 8th, the heads of the Xinhua Street Public Management Office, together with the District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, the heads of the second squadron directly affiliated by the District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, and the heads of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Center, etc., once again interviewed the person in charge of the United States of the United Real Estate Property and requested to implement the rectification immediately. On February 9th, after review, the faucet of the area had been demolished and the water pipe was closed.

The second group of city style inspections requires Jianghan District to “step forward to manage” in Jianghan District. Not long ago, the district urban comprehensive management committee forwarded the notice to the streets of the district, requiring “the problem of laundering on the street, and the streets should be carried out in depth, conducting a comprehensive investigation and rectification to ensure that similar issues are effectively eliminated.”

Recently, the district streets have conducted a comprehensive investigation of the car washing spots within the jurisdiction, strengthening publicity and control, and discovery of problems in time to ensure that the roadside environment is clean and tidy.

(Changjiang Daily reporter Huang Zheng correspondent Xia Li)

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