14 babies climbing pad evaluation: one detection of methylide, one detection of polygon aromatic hydrocarbons

The climbing pad (crawling pad) is a must -have household item in the growth process of the baby. From the beginning of the baby, learn to sit, climb, staggered, and play … This side of this side can effectively protect them.

How to choose a easy -to -use and safe climbing pad? In this issue, the stupid father evaluated the 14 high -sales overall climbing pads on the market.

(P.S. If you don’t want to read the detailed evaluation process, you can directly pull to the end of the text to see the general review. If you want to choose carefully, please be patient to read the full text.)

Routine statement

: In this issue, the climbing cushion test is rated as a neutral position. The stupid father does not accept advertisements and sponsorship trying to affect the fairness of the evaluation results.

Table of contents

1. Evaluation sample & evaluation indicators

2. Performance evaluation in the first round

①AAG odor is more obvious

② Lamore’s workmanship is poorly refined

③ The touch of Parkren, Beiyi, and Bangbang Pig is rough

④ It is not satisfactory to the non -slip test performance


⑤14 climbing cushion buffer effects all pass


⑥ Australia and You Chuangjia’s cleaning difficulty score at the bottom

3. Second round of safety testing

Good boy, Disney is deducted

4. Comprehensive recommendation


Evaluation sample

There are four main types of household climbing pads on the market:


Essence There are three main categories according to the form:

Stringing, overall, folding.


From the material point of view,



It is the hardest hit area of ​​the toxic substance metamamide. Long -term excessive contact will cause irreversible damage to the baby;



Softness, poor elasticity, and flammable;


The disadvantage is to absorb water. Once the internal water is water, it is difficult to discharge, and the price is more expensive;


The comprehensive performance is better, which is a little cost -effective than PVC.

From the perspective,


It is easy to storage and can be freely adjusted, but the gaps of its splicing are easy to hide dirt, and it is also easy to be removed by the baby;


There is no gap, it is not easy to hide the ash better, but it cannot be folded and cannot be stored;


The advantages and disadvantages are between the first two categories, and the current market is relatively niche.


Therefore, considering the sales of materials, forms, and e -commerce platforms, all 14 climbing pads that the stupid father are evaluated in this issue are all selected

XPE material, overall style


The following are the appraisal information of 14 sales and brand -awareness:

(▲ Sample map)

Sample description:

1, 14 climbing pads are made of overall and XPE.

2. In order to conduct more fair and objective evaluation and comparison, the 14 climbing cushion samples selected 2cm thickness (this is also the better protection thickness of the stupid father) and 200cm length. Except for the width of a good child is 160cm, the width of the other 13 climbing pads is 180cm.

3. The reference price of the 14 climbing pads is between 119 yuan and 488 yuan. Rando is the cheapest and Bayi is the most expensive.

Among them, there are two prices of less than 200 yuan (Rando, Youchuangjia); 3 prices of more than 400 yuan (Australia, Parkren, Bayi). The price of the other nine models is between 200 yuan and 400 yuan.

Sample prices may fluctuate in different periods.

4. The cost of evaluation is limited, and more samples are not selected, so stay tuned.

Evaluation indicator

The first round: use performance evaluation

① Smell ② workmanship ③ comfort ④ non -slip properties ⑤ buffer effect ⑥ cleaning difficulty

Second round: safety assessment

Based on the principle of consideration of evaluation costs and the selection of excellent selection, according to the results of the first round of evaluation, the stupid father will comprehensively select 5 climbing pads with high scores, and then conduct laboratory testing of the safety of its materials.


Safety testing indicators include:

Migration elements (heavy metals), methylide, phthalate (plasticizers), polygon aromatic hydrocarbons.

Finally, the results of the two rounds of evaluation will be made to buy recommendations for everyone.


Below, officially enters the evaluation session.

The first round of performance evaluation



Evaluation method

: Several irritating odors on the surface of each climbing pad.

Evaluation results:


1. The surface of the AAG climbing pad can smell a more obvious odor, similar to the smell of plastic.

Youbi, Australia, Good Child, Youchuangjia, Lamore, can smell a little smell.

2. The other 8 climbing pads did not smell obvious irritating odors.

(P.S. The newly bought climbing pad can be placed in ventilation for a period of time after the box is opened, and then used for the baby.)



: Check the exquisite workmanship of each climbing pad, including: whether the suture of the edge is loose, there is no extra line head, the surface covering is damaged, and there are traces of tied stagnation.

1. In the 14 climbing pads, Parkren, BABYGO, Bayi, Keyi, AAG’s edge sutures are relatively compact, easy to cut, and perform better.

(Example: Parkren, Babygo)

The stitching of the edge of the stick, the good boy, and the Lando are relatively loose, it is easy to be pulled away, and the sutures inside the edge can be seen.

(Example: Bangs Pig, Good Boy)

Whether the suture is sutured tightly will affect the service life of the climbing pad. If the suture is too loose, it may be easy to be pulled out and torn by the baby.

2. Manlong, Rando, good children, Disney, all found excess line heads:

Disney’s surface covering found a damaged place; Beiyi’s seal was stitched rough; there were excess wool edges of Rando’s bales that were not processed, and a small hole was found at the suture:

Although the above small flaws are not harmful, it reflects that the workmanship is not exquisite enough to a certain extent, and it may also affect the service life of climbing pads.

3, stick pigs, Ao Le, BabyCare, can be eccentric, AAG, You Chuangjia, and the surface of climbing pads leaves the traces of tied when packaging.


: Experience whether the touch of each climbing pad is relatively soft and comfortable, and simulate the baby crawling on the climbing pad.

1. BABYGO, Disney, good children, have a better touch, the surface lines are not obvious, smooth and comfortable.

2. Parkren, Bayi, and Bange Pig can touch the lines on the surface of the climbing pads are rough, even a bit of hands, and the comfort is average.

3. The other eight climbing pads have a touch comfort between the above 6 models.

Non -slip

: Put the climbing pad on a 40 -degree slope as a whole, and place the same mobile phone on the same angle at the top of the climbing pad to make it fall. Measure the gliding distance of the mobile phone, test twice each climbing pad to take the average value.


1. Manlong performed the best in non -slip testing. The average distance of mobile phones is 45cm, which is the shortest in 14 climbing pads.


The average gliding distance is within 50cm, and the performance is also good.

2. It is not good to have a good non -slip performance. The average distance between the two mobile phones is 89cm.

Buffer effect

: Put the climbing pads on the ground, from the height of 50cm and 1m, let an egg freely fall to the surface of the climbing pad to observe whether the eggs are damaged.

The 14 climbing mats are in this round of tests. The full scores have passed, and no eggs are damaged.

It shows that the buffer effects of 14 climbing pads have passed. The baby crawl on the climbing pad daily, or accidentally falls. The climbing pad can give a certain buffer protection.


(The thickness of the P.S. climbing pad directly affects the buffer effect. Choosing a thicker climbing pad can relatively protect the baby better.)

Washing difficulty


: Apply the tomato sauce of about 10 square centimeters on the surface of the climbing pad, place it for 10 minutes, and then wipe it with a rag to observe whether the tomato sauce can be wiped and whether the climbing pad is stained.

1. Parkren, Netease strictly selected, and Rando. You can use a rag to clean the tomato sauce without much effort. There is no residue at the gap, and it performs better.


Disney, premium, stick pigs, wipes are not troublesome, you can basically clean it with wet rags, and simply wipe with a dry paper towel at the gap.


At the gap between several other climbing pads, you need to wipe it carefully with a dry paper towel, otherwise the stains may be left.

(Example: babycare, Manlong)

2. Ao Le, Babygo, You Chuangjia, wiped off the tomato sauce, and the surface of the climbing pad was dyed.

The first round of evaluation summary

After completing the performance evaluation, the stupid father divided the weights of each evaluation indicator at an important degree, and performed a weighted average calculation. The total score and ranking of the first round of the first round of the baby climbing pads are as follows:

From the comprehensive score, the difference between the first round of the 14 babies climbing pads is very large, and the gap between use performance is not particularly obvious.

BABYGO, Parkren, Netease Yanxuan, Disney, and Good Child, eventually ranked the top five in the first round of performance evaluation.

Based on the principles of Youzhong Selection, the stupid father will continue to test the safety of the top five cushions.

Second round of safety testing

This safety testing indicator includes 4 items:

Migration elements, methylamide, phthalate, polygon aromatic hydrocarbon

, All are tested by third -party professional testing agencies.

Since China has not yet specifically developed a compulsory national standard for climbing pads, the standard for this test is that the current is relatively complete and strict

EU Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3: 2019, EU Reach Regulations (EC) NO 1907/2006 and Amendment Acts, German GS certification standards and revision standards.

The following is the safety test results of the top five climbing pads in the first round:

1. Migration element

During the use of climbing pads in the baby’s use of climbing pads, it can be migrated and can be accumulated in the body through sweat, saliva, etc., and may cause harm to carcinogenic, teratogenic, and nerve disturbances.

EU Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3: 2019 stipulates the limit of the following 19 migrated metal elements in different toys. (There are currently only 8 types of national standards)

The test results of the 19 types of migration elements of 5 babies climbing pads are:

not detected

2, methalmamide

The use of metamide in the climbing pad can play a role in foaming and increasing flexibility, but it has been listed as 1B of reproductive toxic substances by the European Union, and has carcinogenic risk. It can enter the baby’s body through the respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes, etc.

Amendments to the EU Toy Safety instruction (EU) 2015/2115, a clear limit on the metamide content in children’s foam toys:

Do not exceed 200 mg/kg.

The detection results of the 5 climbing pads show that the detection value of the metamide of the good child climbing the pad body is


, But not exceeding EU standards, do not worry as a whole.

The other 4 cammbrane test results are:

3. Diabenate


As a plasticizer, the elasticity and flexibility of climbing pads can be increased as a plasticizer. However, it also has reproductive toxicity, and long -term contact may cause harm to the baby’s endocrine and reproductive system.


The EU Reach Regulations and Amendment Act (EU) 2018/2005 limited the content of the following 7 types of phthalate in children’s toys.


The test results of the test results of the albate (phenyl acid ester of the 5 babies climbing pads are:

4. Multi -ring aromatherapy hydrocarbons

Multi -ring aromatic hydrocarbons may exist in plasticizers. It can be absorbed by the human body through the skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract, and has harm to carcinogenic and teratogenic.

At present, the most stringent German GS certification standard AFPS GS 2019: 01 PAK (PAH) is required to specify the limit of the following 15 polygon aromatic hydrocarbon compounds.

In this test, Disney climbing cushion body detected a polygon aromatic hydrocarbon compound-

Fei (PA)

, But the detection value does not exceed the limit of German GS, so you don’t need to worry.

The other 4 climbing pads of polygon aromatic hydrocarbon test results are:

Comprehensive recommendation

The two -round result of comprehensive use of performance evaluation and safety testing, the final score and ranking of the five babies climbing pads are as follows:

The final recommendation of the Stupid Dad in this issue is the following three climbing pads:


Reference price: 348 yuan

Material & style: XPE, overall style

Size: 200*180*2cm



: The evaluation performance of odor, workmanship, comfort, non -slip, and buffer effect is excellent, and the score is first. Dyeing has appeared in the difficulty of cleaning, and you need to pay attention when using it. The material is safe and excellent.

2. Parklen

Reference price: 468 yuan

: Smell, workmanship, non -slip, and buffering effect are tied for first, and the difficulty of cleaning is excellent. The surface lines are a bit rough, and the comfort is slightly poor. The material is safe and excellent. The price is more expensive.


3. Netease strict selection

Reference price: 299 yuan

: Smell, buffer effect, cleaning difficulty, three evaluations are fully scored, and non -slip, workmanship, and comfort are slightly inferior. The material is safe and excellent. The daily price is relatively affordable.

Special statement:

The detection samples are purchased randomly and independently, and the detection data of different batches of products may fluctuate. The test results are only responsible for the delivery of batch products, but the stupid father believes that the quality of responsible enterprise products should be as stable as possible.

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Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation results:

Evaluation results:

Evaluation results:

Evaluation results:

Evaluation results:







not detected


not detected

not detected

Material & style: XPE, overall style


Material & style: XPE, overall style


Size: 200*180*2cm


Size: 200*180*2cm




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