Beauty and beauty, new myth of French snails

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Skin care products such as snail soap produced by a snail farm in France.

[Global Times special reporter Li Houhe] How much does the French love snails? The French “Figaro” published an article entitled “Why is the Snail of Christmas”, which quoted the French Secretary -General of the French Pickle Products Industry Federation that the French consumed 424 million local snails per year. Although there are only 6.5 on each person’s head, considering that snail consumption is mainly concentrated in the eastern and northeast regions in France, this number is quite considerable.

Local snails only account for 1/30 of French snail consumption. Most of the French snails are imported from Poland, Turkey, Guinea, Angola and other countries. Among them, “Turkish snails” and “African snails” are relatively low in terms of price.

The French people only eat “Burgundy Snails”. This kind of snail is originally a French Burgundy local wild variety. It had a history of collected consumption as early as the Gaul. In the pure French restaurant, the snail 6 is only one. Adult Burgundy snails are about 40-45 mm long, weighing 25-45 grams, and 6 are half a catty. The chef will recommend it to be paired with Bling Di white wine.

Only Burgundy snails, big gray snails and small gray snails can be called “French snails”. Big gray snails and small gray snails can be cultivated artificially. France and Poland and other Eastern European countries are mostly produced, and their worth is relatively low. The real Burgundy snail is difficult to cultivate, and most of them can only be collected. Because there are too many guests, France has almost eaten Burgundy snails endangered. Therefore, the French government has stipulated since 1979 that snails can be collected only from April 1st to June 30th and July 1st to September 31st each year, and those who are only 3 cm in length are limited to more than 3 cm. The rules of 2017 emphasized that the collection of snails must be premised on the premise of ensuring that the Burgundy snail population is sustainable.


In recent years, the French snail has another new use: beauty and beauty. It is said that this concept comes from the “recipe” of the Mapche people in South America. This “beauty snail” mostly refers to small gray snails. Its mucus is rich in hyaluronate and antioxidants, which can stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastic protein, accelerate skin regeneration, and reduce wrinkles and scars. Although this “remedy” is reliable and the medical community has not been concluded so far, the “new myth of French snails” has a hit, and the snail -related skin cream, soap, mask and other emergence are emerging. A number of new French cosmetics ” “Brand” has become a new fashion for foreign tourists.

It is said that the snail mucus used as cosmetics mainly comes from the breeding of the small gray snails. It should not be as difficult as the Burgundy snail, but the new problem follows: each small gray snail only produces only 1-1.5 grams of snails in life. Smooth, collecting 1 liter of snail mucus, need to collect nearly a thousand snails for several days. Therefore, mucus collectors generally use the “electric shock method”, that is, a few minutes with 9 volts weak electric shock snails to increase mucus output and quality, but this approach is accused of “not implementing appropriate snailism” and has been attacked. As a result, some operators began to “show their magical powers.” For example, a snail farm located in the Wan Dynasty in France claimed that it invented a collection method that increased the mucus output by “tickling the snail”. As for the effect of increasing production, it is not known.

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