The desks are “inner rolls”.

Jinwo Yinwo,

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

Not as good as your own desk.

Love can only accompany you for a while,

The station is your forever home.

Have a high -quality desk of human beings,

Let you fall in love with work …

The desk is so important,

How can we not let the migrant workers worry about it.

You invite a God of Wealth

I’m here six

You put a few dolls

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

I put a bunch

You put a pot of green dill

I have a few bouquets of flowers

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

He’s whole botanical garden

You support the display

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

I let myself stand up

You are comfortable to sit and sit comfortably

I lay directly

There is a master inner roll,

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

There are anti -inner rolls.

The lively is someone else,

I have long been “insulting.”

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

There are only a small amount of office supplies and personal items on the table,

There is no excessive decoration.

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

The master of this desk,

It may be a practitioner of minimalism,

It may also be ready to leave.

Many workers are particularly attentive to the desk,

Because this is their last free space,

It is the part that can be controlled in the public area.

Various desks,

Incorporate the personality of the workers.

In this narrow self -retained land,

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

What to put, how to arrange, what style,

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

I have to say it myself.

There are thousands of desks in the world,

The best look.

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

Since it is time to earn a few shattered silver in the grid,

Why not make the grid more smoothly,

Follow your own preferences.

Even if you get get off work normally,

Life is still working for a long time.

For the workers,

The desk is another important venue,

On this place,

From the youth to middle age to the old age.

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

It is said that companionship is the longest confession,

Isn’t it worth laying well?

Create a comfortable office environment,

It also helps to solve the pressure of work.

The deployment of the superior leaders, the needs of Party A’s father to overwhelmed,

When I work hard,

You can look up at flowers and dolls.

From the perspective of employer,

Different units have different tones,

This also reflects the design and layout of the station,

Some pay attention to privacy, and some advocate openness.

Employee’s small atmosphere

Can’t do without the environment of employers.

No matter what,

For employees a certain operation space,

Let them play freely within the specified range,

For improving work efficiency and enthusiasm,

Encouraging morale must be greater than the disadvantages.

Young migrant workers are adapting to the rules of the workplace,

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

Also try to maintain myself.

Work hard,

Also enjoy life.

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了

It’s good to work happily.

It’s cool to stick to yourself.

We are happy to see the “inner volume” of the desk.

Finally, jump out of the office in the office,

Appreciate the true • facing the large sea -type station.

办公桌都“内卷”成这样了 也太好看了


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