Of course we wear plush pajamas in winter! Giant warmth

It’s been cold recently. We haven’t passed the heating here for the time being. Every day, we will continue to live with thick plush pajamas at home!

The female celebrities are no exception. Whoever reads Zhou Yutong’s plush pajamas is so cute!

Today I will arrange a wave of good -looking for everyone

Autumn and winter pajamas shop

There are thin long -sleeved trousers and fluffy styles! Come and see ~

Speaking of plush pajamas in autumn and winter, the fruit shell is definitely cute first! Last year, the sisters of the studio had several of the sisters who started her house

Snow White Palar

It is big and thick, and the quality is really not said.


Xiaohongshu blogger @Cy_ Lan Ji

Zhao Luxi, Zhou Jieqiong, Song Yanxuan and other female stars are their homes

Walking wild spokesperson


Winter studio is even more large

Fruit Shell Paper Show


The joint names of all kinds of flowers are flying, and the dream linkage with Disney is my childhood!

Mickey Minnie, Donald Dai Daisai, and Winnie Emuni

There are all kinds of childhood animation characters ~


After last year’s Snow White, it came out again

Mermaid series pajamas

, The mermaid on the pocket is full of playfulness!


And it’s about to be new

Christmas pajama


, Red and white color matching atmosphere, comes with it

“Merry Christmas”

Background music, squat decisively!

And her pajamas have a big advantage that each series has many styles,

Plasma model, long -sleeved long trousers


Carefully take care of the needs of different people!


In addition to pajamas, her plush slippers are also super beautiful,

The girl’s heart died of this piece.

The hair accessories are also cute and funny,

Every time I wash my face, I look up and see my own mood in the mirror ~

The pajamas of Ledicho’s family are really difficult to distinguish with the fruit shell this year.


Co -branded with Sanrio

I gave me sweetly!

Xiaohongshu blogger @nnzhllmy



Big Ear Jade Guidou Plasma Robe


, Mao Mao is thick and soft. After taking a shower, you can get into it, and you will never freeze your hands and your feet!


Xiaohongshu blogger@小 小@@小 小 小 小 ::

Although the price is a bit more expensive than last year, it is obviously thicker! Put on the real huge warmth!

Pink Melidi


It is also difficult to refuse. After putting on a hat, you can’t take a selfie with the mirror.

Xiaohongshu blogger@小 主 博 博


The sweet and cool Curomi, the black and purple color is a bit dark, and it is very resistant! This is still

Xu Yiyang same model


Oh ~ ~

Curomi also has a thin set, suitable for sisters with heating at home ~


And Zhao Lusi in the same model




, Careful Pocket Pocket is full of machine, my choice of phobia is committed!


Sisters who like the Disney series can also look at her house!


Sister Zhou, the same strawberry bear hugs the velvet pajamas

It makes people want to put on it to see Strawberry Bear!


Looking tired of cute plush pajamas, Xiaochi’s next shop is typical

French laziness

The original hand -drawn pattern is particularly exquisite! In summer, I like these sleeping skirts of her house, and I have a little sexy!


This tulip printing silk pajamas, the design of the retro court bubble sleeves is full of romantic atmosphere ~

and also


Pink purple contrast




Yellow purple contrast


Two options, put on it, no matter how cold it is, there is a feeling of spring flowers in the room ~

Xiaohongshu blogger@猪 小 小 小 小 小

This kind of original printing her family still has a lot of family styles, and the silk fabric is really very worn on her body.

Smooth and comfortable


Sisters are assured!

For a whole year

Chessboard element


You can also find it on her pajamas. The blue and white -colored Schonye pajamas have made the edge of the chessboard grid into

Biscuit grid


The shape and detail are full.

There is also a pink,

Plush buttons embellished with necklines and plush stitching at the cuffs and trousers

, Add a warm feeling! The lattice must not let it go!


And this one, interspersed in the element of chessboard grid


The brand of the brand is full of fun,


The green contrasting border and the buttons also echo each other


Like the pajamas that INS bloggers can wear!

It is also a plush pajamas, and her style is much simpler.


Pure white coral velvet robe

It looks very clean, wearing a white suspender skirt inside, there is a pure desire girl in the flavor ~


And this classic

Xiaoxiangfeng pajamas

The retro pearl buckle and the golden lace are sweet and retro. It is a lady in Nanfa nobles. It is also suitable for wearing outside!

But plush pajamas, I like to buy a robe most! It is easy to wear a split -style on the home.


The robe is more suitable for going out to take a courier and take a takeaway.


When it comes to the beasts, everyone will think of eternal flowers and aromatherapy products. In fact, his pajamas are made good now!

Many celebrities have the same model!

I still remember that when I watched “Running Man” last year, I was really amazing by Cai Xukun’s pajamas! I just woke up and was pulled out by the show group to wear pajamas and walked on the runway. I thought it was a lazy and handsome. At that time, I thought it was a big name for this pajamas!

Puppy printed wolf or milk,

It is the same model of many “boyfriends”!

Some time some time ago, the big star in the hit drama “You Are My Glory”

Qiao Jingjing also passed through

Beast -like striped pajamas, this is the same as the four -character brother!

In short, his family is you

If you buy one with you, you may accidentally hit the shirt with Aidou


Most of the pajamas of the beast school are simple, simple,


Striped element+small area embroidery printing,

Full of high -level sense, new ones

Little Prince Love Earth Series


, Precisely poke my aesthetics.

The cotton -made pajamas are soft and glutinous. There are also embroidery of the classic princes, foxes and roses on the clothes, exquisite and detailed!

There is also a feather yarn hooded pajamas in the same series.


Disappear in the lower body


Gong Jun

“Daily Entrusted Dou Jin” Little Milk Dog Palar

The 100%mulberry silk silk is slippery to take off at all, and the little milk dog print on it is also stunned. It is appropriate to get a couple money to wear!


Sisters with heating in winter are rest assured to buy his house.


Finally, I will give you a pressure box. Although the price is not very friendly, the style is really comfortable and beautiful!

Sleeper was founded by two Ukrainian fashion editors to create the first one

“Palar can be worn”

For the concept, “Party Pajama” was launched.

This is the most circled one

There is a circle of ostricch hair on the legs of the trousers

Pajamas, super many INS bloggers, cute and horses, there is no sense of disobedience!

Pink checkered this one at a glance! Even if you put it on, you feel that you are the most foreign cub!


Xiaohongshu blogger @elin_ 零 小

Pure black is also very fashionable. It is a sense of lazy and advanced to wear a full set.

Worked fashion get!


The other colors are also very distinctive. With a suit jacket outside, you can go directly to the dinner sisters!


Xiaohongshu blogger @Aarou

If you are worried that the ostrich hair of the hem is not easy to take care of, you may wish to look at this ruffled edge,

Put it on to participate in a pajamas party and the like!

Okay, today’s treasure pajamas brand sharing is here!



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