For the forced students to use paid hair dryers? Basic demand must be guaranteed

Author: Xunyu

On March 1, a student from Shanxi Media College reported to the surging news that the school issued a notice on February 28 to close the public free socket in the dormitory building on the grounds of electricity safety. can use. In response, the staff of the school’s propaganda department said that the school learned that students’ emotions would actively coordinate the matter from the perspective of the school and communicate with students.

Some people will ask, after the public free socket in the dormitory building is closed, why not use a hair dryer in the dormitory? The student said that because the dormitory voltage is unstable, the card is often disciplined. Therefore, blowing hair is prohibited in the dormitory, and the students use free sockets in the public areas of the washing room. In fact, it is not an example to prohibit using a hair dryer in the dormitory. Many college dormitories have clearly stipulated this. In addition to the unstable electrical appliances that are unstable and can not bear too much, there are also fires. Large -power electrical appliances such as carrying and using hair dryers are included in illegal acts, and they are binded first with evaluation.

Whether it is because of the aging of hardware facilities or reducing hidden safety hazards, students are prohibited from using hair dryers in the dormitory, and schools may consider them. Moreover, compared to the whole floor modification line, or sending personnel for regular safety inspections, it is obviously more “simple” to ban students’ private use. However, blowing hair is the most basic needs of students. Intersection

Take a step back, even if the school prohibits private use of high -power electrical appliances, if it is public guarantee, students can understand to provide students with sufficient sockets and hair dryers in public areas, and students can understand. However, it is confusing to allow students to use code -scanning a hair dryer to use code scanning. According to reports, shared hair dryers are a product of a company in Hangzhou. The charging standards are 1 yuan/6 minutes and 0.5 yuan/3 minutes. Some students said that “the price of hair can buy a hair dryer for a semester.”

If the situation reflected by the students is true, then the school is to close the public free socket while using electricity safety and introduce new products charging. High -quality choices, you don’t need to close the public free socket, not to mention, is paid use equal to “safe electricity”? In this way, you can only place the students in the binary choice: either spend money to blow their hair or do not use a hair dryer. This is to treat the basic needs of students as a “cash cow”.

At present, the students of the parties have reported that the school has stated that the free public sockets are not closed, and now free and charging scanning codes can be used. The school staff said that the current situation of the school is inconsistent with the situation reflected by the students, and it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation and understanding. It is hoped that the school will give the survey results as soon as possible. After all, the decision to be related to the legitimate rights and interests of students should be fully demonstrated from the perspective of the student.

To solve the problem of safe electricity consumption of students, it is better to block it, and it is not a long -term plan to rely on the disability of the hair dryer. Centered on students and protecting students ‘rights and interests is the responsibility of the school. Therefore, it is necessary for schools to spend their efforts and energy to protect students’ safety. For example, carry out electricity safety publicity, lectures, regularly check the dormitory, and change the power installation of the building. From the perspective of student perspectives, similar incidents can be avoided again.

In addition, the introduction of commercial activities such as shared hair dryers in colleges and universities should also be treated rationally, because legitimate business activities can create benefits to colleges and universities, and also provide students with more choices. However, it should be noted that all business activities must take the basic needs of students as the bottom line. Once the “payment content” is used as the sole option, the voluntary sale can only be reduced to mandatory transactions. (Xunxun)

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