Delivery torque solid construction technology application examples of large coal chemical project construction

Deliverative tightening solid construction technology

Application examples of large coal chemical project construction


The flange connection is a chemical pipe, and the equipment is used. It is often connected by the construction unit to connect. There is a problem of lower sealing rate, loss of bolt nut, and other problems in the construction unit. Trial pressure, airtight multiple times, the maintenance period is high, and it is easy to cause daily maintenance expenses to be high after operation.

In order to build a green non-leak factory, I have an investment in more than 10 billion yuan in large coal chemical projects as a major participant, refer to the successful experience of domestic refining and chemical integration projects, and the tendering introduced the professional flange fastening technology service unit, for high temperature and high pressure. Medium equipment, the flanged bolt of the pipeline, the scale use of flanged torque is fastened, and the professional unit is scientifically calculated according to the design document science, and the special hydraulic tool, the torque wrench is synchronized to synchronize the bolts, effectively avoids the tradition Hammering the wrench damage to the bolt, nut, and greatly improves the flange seal.

Of course, in the process of implementation, there is also a total package unit, the construction unit row and cooperation is not active contradiction. To this end, the project construction quality management department is coordinated. On the basis of analyzing the whole plant process pipeline, equipment process conditions, determine the need Using equipment and pipelines, the torque, the torque coordination group is established in each center (project department), and the implementation of the summary management will eventually realize the test pressure, airtight and test production. The quality objective, shorten the gas secrets of each device, the test time is at least two months, providing a powerful guarantee for the device smoothly tested trial, and continues to use the process construction to accumulate rich experience for the construction of the latter large project construction.


Delivery moment fastening large diameter flammable and explosive process gas pipeline

Delivery torque, high-voltage, easy to flammate, easy to explode

Written on September 24, 2021

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